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Document 1713522
Ph: 0494-2407469,2407356, 2400288
Calicut University P.O. 673 63 5
No.SDE/T1/MBA/Gen 2014
Dated: 30.12.2015
hnZqchnZym-`ymk hn`mKw aptJ\ 2014 Â {]th-i\w t\Snb Fw. _n. F hnZymÀ°nIÄ c­mw ska-ÌÀ Syqj³ ^o ]ng IqSmsX AS-bvt¡
Ah-km\ Xo¿Xn 07þ-01þ2016.
\qdv cq] ]ng-tbm-Sp-IqSn AS-bvt¡ Ah-km\ Xo¿Xn 12þ01þ2016. ]qcn-¸n¨ At]-£bpw
Nem\pw (P\-tk-h\ tI{µw, Fkv.-_n.Sn F¶n-hn-S-§-fn Cþ-s]-bvsaâ v hgn AS-¨-Xp-IbpsS) H¶m-w ska-ÌÀ ]co-£-bpsS lmÄSn-¡-änsâ tIm¸n-bpw (lmÄSn¡äv e`n-¡m-¯-hÀ
]co-£bv-¡v cPn-ÌÀ sNbvX hnhcw Fgp-Xp-I) kv¡qÄ Hm^v Un̳kv FUyq-t¡-jsâ
Hm^o-kn e`n-t¡ Ah-km\ Xo¿Xn 16þ01þ2016. H¶mw ska-ÌÀ ]co-£bv¡p cPn-ÌÀ
sNbvX-hÀ am{Xta c­mw ska-ÌÀ Syqj³ ^o AS-bvt¡ -Xp-ffq. \nÝnX iX-am\w
lmPÀ D mbn-cp-¶n«pw ]co-£bv¡v At]-£n-¡m-Xn-cp-¶-hÀ tSm¡¬ cPn-kvt{S-j\p At]£n-¨-Xn-\p-tijw Syqj³ ^okv AS-t¡-- XmWv. A¯cw hnZymÀ°n-IÄ tSm¡¬ cPnkvt{S-j³ ^okmb 1750 + ]co-£m-^o-kmb 2840 F¶nh AS¨v ]g-b-co-Xn-bn-ep-ff
At]£m t^mdw bqWn-th-gvknän sskän \n¶pw Uu¬temUv sNbvXv ]qcn-¸n¨v Nem³
ckoXv klnXw kv¡qÄ Hm^v Un̳kv FUyq-t¡-jsâ Hm^o-kn F¯n-t¡ X
-- m-Wv.
At]-£m-t^m-d-¯nsâ apI-fn FtâmÄsaâ v \¼À hyà-ambn Fgp-Xn-bn-cn-¡-Ww. ^okm\p-Iq-ey-¯n-\p-ff At]£ kaÀ¸n-¨n-«p-ff Fkv. kn./Fkv. Sn/H.-C.kn hnZymÀ°n-IÄ Syqj³ ^okv AS-btv ¡ X
-- n-Ã. ]t£ At]£m t^mdw ]qcn-¸n¨v \ÂtI-­X
- m-W.v At]£m
t^mdw bq\n-th-gvknän sskänepw e`-y-am-Wv.
c­mw ska-ÌÀ Syqj³ ^okv:
At]£ Ab-t¡
kv¡qÄ Hm^v Un̳kv FUy-t¡-j³,
bqWn-th-gvknän Hm^v Imen-¡-äv,
Imen-¡äv bqWn-th-gvknän ]n.H þ 673 635, ae-¸p-dw.
E/CC4-Sh/T SN/T1/MBA/Notice-30-12-2015
Tuition Fee - For the II Semester MBA (SDE)
Name and Address
Telephone No. with STD Code
and Mobile No.
Enrolment Number
Name of the Course with subject of
study and Optional/Elective
Centre of previous examination
Examination Registration No. (Hall
Ticket No.)
Amount of Tuition fee remitted
Name of Treasury/Bank
Chalan No. and Date
Whether eligible for fee concession
Specify whether SC,ST,OEC or Blind
Place :
Signature of the Candidate :
Date :
Name of the Candidate :
E/CC6/C Sn/Tuition Fee 2013-14
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