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School of Distance Education
FOR BA ENGLISH (2011 Admission)
1. The Interpretation process in Communication takes place in
a) Sender
b) Message
c) Receiver
d) Channel
2. The Hindu Newspaper was founded by G. Subrahmaniya Aiyer in the year …………
a) 1868
b) 1878
c) 1898
d) 1875
3. The Press Act passed by the British in 1878 to prevent Indian language press from
being critical of the British rule is …………….
a) Indian News Paper Act
b) Indian Press Act
c) Vernacular Press Act
d) Colonial Press Act
4. Which among the following publication is not associated with Gandhiji?
a) Young India
b) Harijan
c) Swarajiya
d) Navajeevan
5. The News paper founded by Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru is?
a) Indian Chronicle
b) Times of India
c) Indian Herald
d) National Herald
6. The first Newspaper in India, Bengal Gazette founded by?
a) Raja Ram Mohan Roy
b) James Augustus Hickey
c) Dr. William Carrey
d) Sir. Philip Francis
7. “When the Press was asked to bed, Most of them chose to crawl” who said this
about press during the emergency period?
a) Jaiprakash Narayan
b) A.B.Vajpai
c) L.K.Advani
d) I.K.Gujral
8. The FM Station owned by Malayala Manorama group is ………………
a) Best FM
b) Radio Mango
c) Club FM
d) Radio Mirchi
9. The first private television channel in India is………………..
Introduction to Mass Communication
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a) Asianet
c) Times New
d) Surya
10. The expansion of ABC is …………………………
a) Audit Bureau of Circulation
b) Account Bureau of circulation
c) Affidavit Bureau of Circulation
d) None of these
11. The mouth piece of Communist Party of India (CPI) Kerala chapter is ……………..
a) Jana Shabdam
b) Deshabhimani
c) Chinta
d) Janayugam
12. Kandathil Varghese Mappilai is associated with which among the following News
a) Malayala Manorama
b) Mathrubhumi
c) People’s Democracy
d) Pashchimodhayam
13. The first domestic news agency in India is …………………….
a) Press Trust of India
b) United News of India
c) Samachar Bharati
d) Associated Press of India
14. AFP stands for …………………..
a) Associated France Press
b) Agence France Press
c) Agence Far Press
d) None of these
15. Associated Press (AP) is head quarted at
a) Paris
b) Tokeyo
c) Moscow
d) Newyork
16. Tass-Har was the Official News Agance of …………………..
a) Cuba
b) Soviet Union
c) China
d) Barma
17. Who represented India in Mc Bride Communication?
a) Sam Pitroda
b) B.G. Varghese
c) A.G. Noorani
d) G.S. Subrahmanya Aiyer
18. The Press Council of India was constituted as per the recommendation of …………
a) Registrar of News Paper India
b) First Press Commission
c) Second Press Commission
d) Mathew Commission Report
19. The publication of an annual report which will contain the facts and figures relating
to the News Paper industry is the responsibility of ………………….
a) Press Council of India
b) ABC
c) Registrar of News Papers
d) Ministry of information and Broad casting
20. ………………… is the Modal Agency of the Govt. of India to disseminate
Information to the print and electronic media on government policies programmes,
initiatives and achievements.
a) Ministry of Information and Broad casting
b) Press information Bureau
c) Press Councils of India
d) None of these
Introduction to Mass Communication
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21. The Quarterly vidura is a journal published by ……………………..
a) Press Institute of India
b) Press Council of India
c) Press Trust of India
d) Vivid Bharathi
22. Advertorial is a ……………………………
a) Combination of Advertising and editorial
b) Advertisement is an editorial
c) Description is an advertisement
d) None of these
23. AAAI stands for ……………..
a) Audit Agencies Association of India
b) Advertising Agencies Association of India
c) Article Assessment Association of India
d) Accredited Advertisement Association of India
24. The two readership survey conducted in India are
a) NRS and IRS
b) ABC and IRS
c) NRS and ABC
d) IRS and CRS
25. Who said “Comment is free, Facts are sacred”
a) Walter Lipman
b) Oscar wild
c) C.P. Scou
d) G.B. Shaw
26. The first radio programme in India was broadcast by the …………………….
a) Radio Club of Calculta
b) Radio Club of Bombay
c) PTI
d) Doordarshan
27. Indian State Broad Casting Service (ISBS) was renamed all India Radio in the year
a) 1936
b) 1935
c) 1948
d) 1950
28. At the time of Independence, AIR Network hand only ………………. Stations
a) Three
b) Six
c) One
d) Four
29. Expand FM?
a) Face Modulation
b) Fidelity Magnificing
c) Frequency Modulation
d) None of these
30. AIR’s youth broadcasting service is titled as ……………………….?
a) Youth Brigade
b) Yuvavani
c) AIR Youth
d) Yuva
31. The first controller of broad casting in India was
a) Lionel Fieldan
b) B.G. Varghese
c) C.P. Scott
d) Anshumon Gupta
32. Loksabha passed Prasar Bharati (…………………..) Bill in the year?
Introduction to Mass Communication
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a) 1994
b) 1999
c) 2000
d) 1998
33. Door darshan Sail over to colour transmission on August is 1982 in connection
a) Olympion
b) Asian Games
c) Pun
d) National Games
34. The Flagship channel of Doordarshan is?
a) DD Metro
b) DD1
c) DD Loksabha
d) DD Rajya Sabha
35. Expansion of NDTV is ……………..
a) National Democratic Television
b) Nai Dainik Television
c) New Delhi Television
d) None of these
36. ……………………….. is the process of translation of the message into a code
suitable for transmission to the intended receivers.
a) Decoding
b) Replication
c) Transmission
d) Encoding
37. FM and …………are the two types of Radio transmission
a) FM
b) AM
c) SM
d) XM
38. The first Indian films to be nominated for Oscar Award is …………….
a) Salaam Bombay
b) Lagan
c) Slum Dog Millionaire
d) Mother India
39. The word ‘Tele’ means ………………
a) To see
b) Far
c) Screen
d) Moving
40. The CBFC Certificate of ‘U’ means
a) Under Exhibition
b) Unknown Exhibition
c) Universal Exhibition
d) Unrestricted Exhibition
41. BBC stands for ………………….
a) British Broad Casting Corporation
b) Broadened Broad casting Corporation
c) Bit-by-Bit Broadcasting Corporation
d) None of these
42. The Satelite Television Asia Region (STAR) is based in?
a) New Delhi
b) Banglore
c) Tokyo
d) Honkong
43. Manoramaonline.com is an example of …………………..
a) News Site
b) Social Site
c) Portal
d) Interactive Site
44. The ‘water gate’ scandal was associated with which US President?
a) Bill Clinton
b) Jimmy Carter
c) George W Bush
d) Richard Nixon
Introduction to Mass Communication
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45. The Mac Bride Commission was constituted by?
a) BBC
d) AFP & AP
46. Fourth estate refers to ……………………..?
a) The internet
b) The press
c) Whistle bloucers
d) Private media
47. Close encounter is and interview programme in which Malayalam channel?
a) India Vision
b) Reporter
c) Manorama News
d) Amrita TV
48. The Central information and Broad casting minister of India is ……………
a) Tasian Ramesh
b) Kapil Sibal
c) Ambika Soni
d) Sachin Pilot
49. ‘Your moment is waiting’ is the advertisement tagline of………………..
a) Coco kola
c) Kerala Tourism
d) Incredible India
50. Who introduced Printing Press in England?
a) William Canton
b) John Gutan Beeg
c) Thomas Marshal
d) Isaac Newton
51. ……………….. holds the record of congest and company in India
b) King Fisher
c) Amul
d) Boost
52. ASCI stand for …………………………
a) Advertising Standards Council of India
b) Advertising Scheme Council of India
c) Advertising System Corporation of India
d) Accounting System Council of India
53. The DAVP (Directorate of Advertising and Visual Publicity) is headed by a ………
a) President
b) Chaiman
c) Minister
d) Director General
54. K.P. Kesava Menon is the Founder editor of ?
a) Puschimodayam
b) Deepika
c) Mathrubhumi
d) Kerala Kaumudhi
55. The official News paper of BJP Kerala unit is?
a) Kesari
b) Samna
c) Janmabhoomi
d) Viveka
56. …………………… was India’s first Multi Lingual News Agency
a) PTI
c) Samachar Bharati
b) UNI
d) Hindustan Samachar
57. India and Easter News paper Society (IENS) now known as?
Introduction to Mass Communication
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a) North Eastern Newspaper Society
b) Indian News paper Society
c) Press Information Bureau
d) National Newspaper Society
58. IFWJ stands for…………………?
a) Indian Federation of Working Journalists
b) International Federation of Working Journalists
c) Intercontinental Federation of Working Journalists
d) None of these
59. Byline Means ……………………..
a) Text accompanying a Photograph
b) Name of the author
c) Place & Date
d) Edition of the News paper
60. The process of filtering a messages from source to receiver is……………
a) Filtering
b) Refining
c) Framing
d) Gate keeping
61. What is lead?
a) Headline of the story
b) Opening paragraph of a story
c) Closing lines of a story
c) Subhead lines of a story
62. Tabloid refers to---?
a) News paper half the size of a broad sheet
b) Periodicals
c) Table magazines
d) House Journals
63. News reporting that sensationalise or over emplacing soft writing, which is decided
by some editors is means as……………………….
a) Sensational Journalism
b) Black Journalism
c) Criminal Journalism
d) Yellow Journalism
64. When did AIR (All India Radio) come under the department of Information and
a) Oct 24, 1941
b) Sept 3, 1940
c) March 2, 1950
d) Dec 7, 1956
65. Satellite Instructional Television Experiment (SITE) programme was the
child of
a) Dr. S. Janardhanan
b) V.K. Saraswat
c) Vikram Sarabai
c) Sam Pitrocla
66. The Prasar Bharati Act came into force on …….
a) 1992
b) 1997
c) 1995
d) 1996
67. Which among the following is not a feature of Mass Media?
a) Transcient
b) Universal Access
c) Narrow scope
d) Gatekeeping
68. Indian Institute of Mass Communication (11 MC) is located at
a) Bombay
b) Bengalore
c) Kolkatta
d) Newdelhi
69. What is “Reuters”?
a) The first journal in South East Asia
b) A British based news blong
c) An economy based blog.
d) Internet technology chip
70. The First Press Commission was constituted in the year?
Introduction to Mass Communication
Page 6
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a) 1950
b) 1952
c) 1960
c) 1956
71. Which among the following pair is not correctly matched?
a) The Hindu
– Siddharth Varadarajan
b) India Today
– Arnab Goswami
c) Outlook
– Krishnakumar
d) The week
– Philip Mathew
72. In DAB, what does the letter ‘A’ stand for?
a) Asterisk
b) Audio
c) Antenna
d) Automatic
73. Deliberate application of light to achieve some practical or Aesthetic effect is
called ?
a) Lighting
b) Animation
b) Optimisation
d) Lenshood
74. ‘Rotoscoping’ is associated with?
a) Animation
b) Robotics
c) New media
d) Television
75. ‘Face book’ is an example of
a) Search option
b) Social Network
c) Online paper
d) Blog
76. The process of improving the visibility of a webpage/website in a search
engine is called?
a) Referral Marketing
b) Affliation
c) Search Engine optimization
d) Social Media Marketing
77. The scholar who coined the expression – ‘The Medium is the Message” is well
renown for his concept of “Global Village”.
a) Albert Bandura
b) Marshall Mcluhan
c) Leode Genero
d) Wilbur Schram
78. Prannoy Roy is associated with which among the following media?
b) Sakshi T V
d) IBN Lok Mat
79. Indian Foundation for Public Relations education and Research (IFPR) is based
a) New Delhi
b) Imphal
c) Bombay
d) Hyderabad
80. IPRA’s (International Public Relations Association) code of Athens was
adopted in the year?
a) 1970
b) 1962
c) 1988
d) 1965
81. Who was recently appointed as the Editor-in-chief of outlook magazine replacing
Vinod Mehta?
a) Rajiv Shukla
b) Pradeep Bhakshi
c) Krishna Kumar
d) Rajiv Ahir
82. Advertising Standards Council of India (ASCI) a voluntary organization of
advertisers is head quartered at?
Introduction to Mass Communication
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a) Bombay
b) Secunderabad
c) Kolkata
d) New Delhi
83. Directorate of Advertising and Visual Publicity (DAVP) is headed by?
a) Secretary General
b) Chairman
c) Director General
d) President
84. Which among the following activity is concerned with creating goodwill, and
providing better ambience for an organization of function effectively …..
a) Advertising
b) Public relations
c) Communication
d) Press release
85. ‘News and truth are not the same thing’- Who said these words?
a) Jerome.K.Taylor
b) Henry Ikaka
c) Watler Luppman
d) Ravel Mzoko
86. Wi-Fi Refers to
a) Width fixture
b) Wireless fidelity
c) Wireless fixture
d) Width figure
87. Reporter who covers a specific geographical or subject area is
a) Special Reporter
b) Subject Reporter
d) Beat Reporter
d) Correspondent.
88. A Newspaper’s first edition of the day is known as
a) Bull dog
b) Dummy
c) Hoax
d) Newshole
89. Associated Press of India (API) a domestic news agency was started by
a) Keval. J. Kumar
b) K.C. Roy
c) Govind Phule
d) Rama Raju Sinha
90. PTI (Press Trust of India) celebrated the Golden Jubilee of it’s inception in the year?
a) 1999
b) 2000
c) 1995
d) 1990
91. What does the Latin Word “Communis” mean?
a) Commute
b) Communication
c) Common
d) None of these
92. The film “Alam Ara” was produced by
a) Ardeshir Irani
b) Satya Charu
c) Gopinath Varma
d) Vipin Chandra
93. Expansion of CNN is?
a) Canadian News Network
b) Communication News Network
c) Cable News Network
d) Common News Network
94. The Regional office of Central Board of film certification in Kerala is situated at?
a) Kochi
b) Thiruvananthapuram
c) Thrissur
d) Kozhikode
95. ARPANET (Advanced Research Project Agency Network) was launched in
a) 1965
b) 1969
c) 1958
d) 1919
96. Goenka award for excellence in journalism is constituted by
a) PTI
b) Times group
c) Express group
Introduction to Mass Communication
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97. A whistle blower means?
a) A professional Musician
b) A crusader against corruption
c) Legal officer in a lower court
d) Chief of a news agency
98. The program Devil’s Advocate in CNNIBN is hosted by?
a) Karanthapar
b) Prannoy Roy
c) Arnab Goswami
d) Rajdeep Sardesai
99. Right to Information ACT (RTI) applies to all the states and UT’s of India except
a) Kerala
b) Jammu & Kashmir
c) Goa
d) Nagaland
100. Frequency Modulation (FM) Radio was invented by?
a) Edwin. H. Armstrong
b) Jacques Diouf
c) Andy Zeollick
d) Mckarthy wolf
101. The term ‘ Mockumentary’ is the portmanteau of?
a) Mockum + Documentary
b) Mock + Documentary
c) Motion + Documentary
d) Mog + Documentary
102. VJ stands for Video Jockey, what does DJ stands for?
a) Disc Jockey
b) Drive Jockey
c) Dude Jockey
d) Diffo Jockey
103. The expansion of ENG is?
a) Engineered News Generation
b) Electronic News Gathering
c) Electronic Nano Gathering
d) Engineered News Gadget
104. “Tilt” is a?
a) Internet based news gadget
Camera Movement
c) Term coined by Vincent ‘D’ Zouza
Protocol for print media
105. Who among the following is not a photo journalist?
a) Kevin Carter
b) Raghu Rai
c) Madhuraj
d) Cyrus Barucha
106. Headline across top of a page over the name plate is called?
a) Scoop
b) Skyline
c) Newshole
d) Lead
107. Request not to publish Information supplied in advance until specified
circumstance is
a) Feed back
b) Advocacy
c) Freelance
d) Embaego
108. The process of filtering messages from source to receive is called?
a) Hand out
b) Degeneration
c) Gate keeping
d) Kinesics
109. Olfactory communication refers to?
a) Communication by Smell
b) Communication by Sound
c) Communication by Fingers
d) Communication by Eyebrows
110. Opening paragraph of a news story is called?
a) Body
b) Lead
c) Scoop
d) Skyline
111. Second Press Commission was Constituted during the reign of ?
Introduction to Mass Communication
Page 9
School of Distance Education
a) P.C. Goswami
b) Indira Gandhi
c) Moraji desai
d) Jawaharlal Nehru
112. ‘The Time of India’ newspaper is owned by
a) Time Group
b) Arnab Goswami
c) S.K. Jain Group
d) UB Group
113. The line of a story that names the author is called
a) By line
b) Name plate
c) Sky line
d) Bull dog
114. Which among the following is component of Communication process?
a) Message
b) Channel
c) Decoding
d) Analysis
115. The Consequence of Communication is called?
a) Effect
b) Message
c) Source
d) Context
116. Which among the following is famed for Investigative journalism?
a) BBC World
b) Tehelka
c) Vidura
d) IBN Lokmat
117. Who among the following is the chairman of press council of India?
a) Just. Markanday Katju
b) Just. J.B. Koshi
c) Just. Harilal. J. Kania
c) Just. Ashok Ganguly
118. Doordarshan was delinked from All India Radio, in the year?
a) 1976
b) 1970
c) 1983
d) 1980
119. The fundamental Right of freedom of expression is guaranteed in constitution by
a) Article 19
b) Article 120
c) Article 91
d) Article 358
120. ‘Cutline’ is connected wise
a) A Web portal
b) Video Chip
c) DVD Write
d) Photograph
121. The Vehicle or Medium through which signals are sent are called
a) Culttu
b) Channel
c) Follow
d) Sowce
122. Who among the following is not a cartoonist
a) Vinod Mehta
b) R. Shankar
c) B.M. Gafoor
d) Toms
123. The teem ‘Broad band’ is connected with
a) Radio
b) Internet
c) Animation
………………… can be simply defined as ‘transmission’ of ideas.
a) Noise
b) Communication
c) Encoding
d) Decoding
The word communication was originated from the ……… word ‘communis’
a) Latin
b) Greek
c) French
d) English
Introduction to Mass Communication
Page 10
School of Distance Education
Whose model best explains the premise that communication has no beginning
and no end?
a) Lasswell
b) Frank E. X. Dance
c) David M Berlo
d) Wendell Johnson
‘Communis’ means …………...
a) Common
b) Information
c) Code
d) Communities
128. Advertisement is an example for …………….. communication
a) Propaganda
b) Persuasive
c) Personal
d) Permanent
129. The degree of similarity between individuals
a) Heterophily
b) Homophily
c) Synchrophily
d) Unophily
130. The degree of difference between individuals
a) Heterophily
b) Homophily
c) Synchrophily
d) Unophily
131. Which of the following is the idea generating component of communication?
a) Sender
b) Message
c) Channel
d) Receiver
132. The study of the way people approach others or the keep their distance from
a) Kinesics
b) Proxemics
c) Chronemics
d) Ocullesics
133. Communication between the equals
a) Temporal communication
b) Intrapersonal communication
c) Terminal communication
d) Lateral communication
134. Who is the Web Inventor?
a) Tim Berners-Lee
b) Bill Gates
c) Stallman
d) Charles Babbage
135. A newspaper library is called
a) Obit
b) NIB
b) Stack room
d) Morgue
136. Fonts are related with
a) Typography
b) News values
c) Shots
d) Camera
137. PageMaker is a
a) Video editing programme
b) News tracking programme
c) Audio editing programme
d) Desktop publishing programme
138. The organization of publishers, advertising agencies and advertisers for verifying
the circulation statements of member publications.
a) PNS
b) PTI
c) ABC
139. In newspaper terminology ‘ears’ means The upper corners of page one of a
Introduction to Mass Communication
Page 11
School of Distance Education
a) The upper corners of page one of a newspaper
b) The Left corner of page one of a newspaper
c) The lower corners of page of a newspaper
d) The Middle part of the page one of a newspaper
140. The process of editing photos by trimming off unwanted parts
a) Chunking
b) Correcting
c) Trimming
d) Cropping
141. Who is well known for his comment on communication :
’Who (says) What (to) Whom (in) What Channel (with) What Effect’
a) Frank F X Dance
b) Harold Lasswell
c) Marshall McLuhan
d) Joseph A Devito
142. Film and Television Institute of India (FTII) is situated at
a) Surat
b) Pune
c) Ahmedabad
d) Chennai
143. A defamatory statement made verbally is known as
a) Contempt
b) Slander
c) Libel
d) Backbiting
144. Which Article of the India Constitution ensures freedom of speech and expression
a) Article 3 (19)
b) Article 14
c) Article 17 (2)a
d) Article 19 (1) a
145. Gramophone was invented by
a) Isaac Newton
b) Marcony
c) Alfred Nobel
d) Thomas Alva Edison
146. The smallest unit in the sound system of a language
a) Phoneme
b) Word
c) Letter
d) Prepositions
147. Lionel Fielden is an important figure in the history of Indian
a) Newspapers
b) Radio broadcasting
c) Television
d) Satellite communication
148. India’s first multilingual news agency was
a) PTI Varta
b) Hindustan Samachar
d) PNB Hindi
149. The first Chairman of the Press Council of India
a) Prof. M G K Menon
b) L K Deshpande
c) Justice J R Mudholkar
d) M.V.Kamath
150. The Pioneer's special correspondent who exposed 2G spectrum scam
a) Venkitesh Ramakrishnan
b) T R Gopalakrishnan
c) Anand Parthasarathy
d) J. Gopikrishnan
151. Which of the following is a news writing style?
a) Mummy
b) Phoenix
c) Pyramid
d) Hourglass
152. A communication model developed by David Berlo
a) SMCR Model
b) Mathematical Model
c) Helical Model
d) Gatekeeping Model
Introduction to Mass Communication
Page 12
School of Distance Education
153. WWW stands for
a) World Wide Wisdom
b) World Wide Web
c) World Wide Wizards
World Wisdom Web
154. HTML stands for
a) Hypertext Markup Language
b) High Text Maker Language
c) Hidden Text Marker Language
d) Hyper Text Marker Language
155. The total number of copies of the newspaper distributed in one day.
a) Readership
b) Circulation
c) Tariff
Print Run
156. Proximity is a
a) News value
b) News type
c) News style
d) Intro type
157. News about lighter side of life is called
a) Soft news
b) Hard news
c) Scoop
158. Sting operation is a method of
a) Investigative journalism
b) Paid news
c) embedded journalism
Yellow journalism
159. Death news is called
a) Obituary
b) Morgue
c) Deadline
d) Dummy
160. infogragraphics related with
a) Factual information
b) Cartoon
c) Editorial
d) Letters to Editor
161. Internal critic of the newspaper is called
a) Sub Editor
b) Leader
c) Back bench
d) Ombudsman
162. Times New Roman is a
a) Serif Font
b) San Serif Font
c) Decorative Font
d) None of the above
163. Inverted Pyramid is a
a) News writing style
b) News collection method
c) News corporation in Egypt
d) None of the above
164. PTI is a
a) News channel
b) News portal
c) Magazine
d) News agency
165. Publication activities in India are specifically regulated by
a) PRB Act
b) RTI Act
c) IT Act
d) IPC
166. Ariel is a
a) Serif font
b) Sans serif font
c) Decorative font
d) None of the above
167. Social media is a term related with
Introduction to Mass Communication
Page 13
School of Distance Education
a) Newspapers
b) Web
c) Radio
d) Television
168. Page 3 news means
a) Death news
b) Hard news
c) Entertainment news
d) None of the above
169. Editor of the Hindu
a) N Ram
b) Sidharth Varadarajan
c) V Raman
d) None of the above
170. AP is a
a) Newspaper
b) News portal
c) News channel
d) News agency
171. The Indian Institute of Mass Communication is headquartered in
a) Hyderabad
b) Mumbai
c) New Delhi
d) Kolkatta
172. Who is considered as the inventor of television?
a) Charles Babbage
b) John Logie Baird
c) Thomas Alva Edison
d) None of the above
173. Who introduced the concept of global village?
a) Marshal McLuhan
b) Wilbur Schramm
c) Noam Chomsky
d) Henry Luce
174. Expansion of SMS
a) Short Message System
b) Short Message Service
c) System for Message Service
d) Service Message System
175. The Prasar Bharati is related with
a) Broadcast media
b) Print media
c) Web media
d) Folk media
176. The ability to remember specific information content is called
a) Retain
b) Recall
c) Dissemination
d) Selective exposure
177. Expansion of PTI
a) Private Television Institute
b) Protocol for Transferring Information
c) Press Trust of India
d) Publicly Trusted Information
178. The founder editor of the Mathrubhumi newspaper
a) K Sukumaran BA
b) K P Kesavamenon
c) M T Vasudevan Nair
d) Sukumar Azheekode
179. The first full-length motion picture in India was produced by
a) Dhundiraj Govend Phalke
b) Satyjit Ray
c) Adoor Gopalakrishnan
d) None of the above
180. Expansion of RNI
a) Rapid News Initiative
b) Registrar of the News Institute
c) Registrar of Newspapers India
d) None of the above
181. SFX denotes
a) Sound effects
b) Visual effects
c) System with Extra Fittings
d) None of the above
Introduction to Mass Communication
Page 14
School of Distance Education
182. Al Jazeera is a
a) Newspaper
b) News portal
c) News channel
d) News agency
183. The source of social responsibility theory
a) McBride Report
b) Chadda Committee Report
c) Hutchins Report
d) Varghese Report
184. The term prime time is related with
a) Television
b) Print media
c) News agency
d) Folk media
185. Who authored the book “ Medium is the Message”?
a) Sein McBride
b) Wilbur Schramm
c) Marshall McLuhan
d) George Gerbner
186. Asian Age was s started under the editorship of
a) Khushwant Singh
b) N Ram
c) Salman Rushdie
d) M J Akbar
187. AFP is a
a) Newspaper
b) News Agency
c) News Portal
d) Ad Agency
188. Wikileaks is run by
a) Julian Assange
b) Robert Cull
c) Prannoy Roy
d) None of the above
189. Mark Zuckerberg is the inventor of ……………
a) Facebook
b) Orkoot
c) Google
d) Yahoo!
190. Communication though touching is called
a) Tactile communication
b) Olfactory communication
c) Auditory communication
d) Signals
191. Developer of SMCR model
a) Marshall McLuhan
b) Harold D. Lasswell
c) Dance
d) David Berlo
192. Idea generating component of communication is called
a) Source
b) Receiver
c) Channel
d) Message
193. Famous question formula to define communication was developed by
a) George Gerbner
b) Harold D. Lasswell
c) Noam Chomsky
d) David Berlo
194. A two-person unit
a) Monad
b) Triad
c) Clad
d) None of the above
195. Communication with the self
a) Interpersonal communication
b) Intrapersonal communication
c) Transpersonal communication
d) None of the above
196. CNN-IBN is a
Introduction to Mass Communication
Page 15
School of Distance Education
a) News agency
b) Wire photo service
c) News channel
d) Internet service provider
197. The act of interpreting message is called
a) Decoding
b) Encoding
c) Coding
d) None of the above
198. Mixing various media options on one device
a) Media convergence
b) Media explosion
c) Media implosion
d) None of the above
199. The science of signs
a) Semiotics
b) Communicology
c) Ethnography
d) Anthropology
200. Opinion of the newspaper is reflected in
a) Follow up
Writ up
c) Feature
201. Morgue means
a) Death news
b) Newspaper library
c) Byline
d) Dummy
202. Pictorial representation of information in newspapers
a) Feature
b) Infographics
c) Acknowledgement
d) Imprint line
203. News stories in serious tone
a) Hard news
b) Soft news
c) Editorial
d) None of the above
204. Newspapers ensure consistency of language style in their content through
a) Syntax
b) House style
c) Layout
d) None of the above
205. A report should answer
a) 5 Ws and 1 H
b) 6 Ws
c) Who, Why and What
d) None of the above
206. Which of the following is a news writing technique?
a) Inverted pyramid style
b) Question style
c) Liberal style
d) House style
207. PRB Act regulates
a) Newspaper publication
b) Web maintenance
c) Television channels
d) FM Radios
208. Vlogging is term related with
a) Newspapers
b) Web
c) Radio
d) Television
209. Obit page contains
a) Soft news
b) Hard news
c) Death news
d) None of the above
210. …………….. is the news source a reporter regularly contact
a) Beat
b) Primary source
c) Secondary source
d) None of the above
Introduction to Mass Communication
Page 16
School of Distance Education
211. The INS is headquartered in
a) New Delhi
b) Bombay
c) Chennai
d) Kolkatta
212. Who launched the Bengal Gazette
a) James Augustus Hicky
b) William Bolts
c) James Silk Bukingham
d) Raja Ram Mohan Roy
213. The publications started by Mahatma Gandhi
a) Miraatul Akbar
b) The Harijan
c) Times of India
d) Hindustan Times
214. The publication started by Lokmanya Tilak
a) Kesari
b) The Young India
c) Amrit Bazar Patrika
d) Bombay Chronicle
215. The publication started by Mohamed Abdul Rahiman Saheb
a) Al Ameen
b) Al Ahram
c) Al Hind
d) Miraat Al Akbar
216. The former name of All India Radio
a) India Radio Service
b) Indian State Broadcasting Service
c) Indian State Radio
d) Prasar Bharat
217. PCI stands for
a) Press Committee of India
b) Press Council of India
c) Press Censorship Insitute
d) None of the above
218. Expansion of DTH Television
a) Direct To Home Television
b) Digital Technology Home Television
c) High Definition Technology Television
None of the above
219. The Copyright Act was enacted in
a) 1927
b) 1937
c) 1947
d) 1957
220. A Persian publication launched by Raja Ram Mohan Roy
a) Al Hilal
b) Miraatool Akbar
c) Zindagi
d) Samachar
221. Expansion of INS.
a) Indian News Service
b) Indian Newspaper Society
c) International News Service
d) International Newspaper Society
222. The first press commission was set up in
a) 1975
b) 1952
c) 1987
d) 1999
223. Areopagitica was written by
a) Milton
b) Keats
c) Abraham Lincoln
d) De Lolme
224. The First Amendment of American Constitutions is related to
a) Rights of the slaves
b) Freedom of the Press
c) Fundamental Rights
d) Contempt of Court
225. Defamation through spoken words is called
Introduction to Mass Communication
Page 17
School of Distance Education
a) Libel
b) Slander
c) Breach of privilege
d) Contempt
226. The Act that empowers people to get access to public documents
a) Official Secrets Act
b) Freedom to Information Act
c) Right to Information Act
d) Information Technology Act
227. Which of the following comes under the purview of the Press Council of India?
a) Newspapers and news agencies
b) Newspapers and electronic media
c) Radio and Television
d) Websites
228. Expansion of PIB
a) Press Information Bureau
b) Press Information Bulletin
c) Press and Information Branch
d) None of the above
229. News about lighter side of life is called
a) Soft news
b) Hard news
c) Scoop
d) Exclusive
230. Sting operation is a method of
a) Investigative journalism
b) Paid news
c) embedded journalism
Yellow journalism
231. Verdana is a
a) Serif Font
b) San Serif Font
c) Decorative Font
d) None of the above
232. Asian Age was s started under the editorship of
a) Khushwant Singh
b) N Ram
c) Salman Rushdie
d) M J Akbar
233. Who of the following was the editor of the earstwhile ‘ the Illustrasted Weekly’?
a) Khushwant Singh
b) Thomas Jacob
c) Shaji Jacon
d) N Ram
234. The founder editor of the Kerala Kaumudi newspaper
a) K Sukumaran BA
b) K P Kesavamenon
c) M T Vasudevan Nair
d) Sukumar Azheekode
235. Director of Appu Trilogy
a) Mahesh Bhatt
b) Satyajit Ray
c) Adoor Gopalakrishnan
d) None of the above
236. Presenter of ‘Kannadi’ programe in Asianet
a) N K Raveendran
b) T N Gopakumar
c) Sreekandan Nair
d) None of the above
237. The Free Press Journal was headquarted in
a) New Delhi
b) Bombay
c) Chennai
d) Kolkatta
Introduction to Mass Communication
Page 18
School of Distance Education
1) c
32) d
64) a
95) a
2) b
33) b
65) c
96) c
3) c
34) b
66) b
97) b
4) c
35) c
67) c
98) a
5) d
36) d
68) d
99) b
6) b
37) b
69) b
100) a
7) c
38) d
70) b
101) b
8) b
39) b
71) b
102) a
9) a
40) d
72) b
103) b
10) a
41) a
73) a
104) b
11) d
42) d
74) a
105) d
12) a
43) c
75) b
106) b
13) d
44) d
76) c
107) d
14) b
45) c
77) b
108) c
15) d
46) b
78) c
109) a
16) b
47) b
79) a
110) b
17) b
48) c
80) d
111) c
18) b
49) c
81) c
112) c
19) c
50) a
82) a
113) a
20) b
51) c
83) c
114) d
21) a
52) a
84) b
115) a
22) a
53) d
85) c
116) b
23) b
54) c
86) b
117) a
24) a
55) c
87) c
118) a
25) c
56) d
88) a
119) a
26) b
57) b
89) b
120) d
27) a
58) a
90) a
121) b
28) b
59) b
91) c
29) c
60) d
92) a
122) a
123) B
30) b
61) b
93) c
31) a
62) a
63) d
94) b
Introduction to Mass Communication
Page 19
School of Distance Education
Serif Font
News writing style
Frank E. X. Dance
News agency
Serif font
Entertainment news
Sidharth Varadarajan
News agency
New Delhi
Lateral communication
John Logie Baird
Tim Berners-Lee
Marshal McLuhan
Short Message Service
Broadcast media
Desktop publishing programme
Press Trust of India
K P Kesavamenon
Dhundiraj Govend Phalke
Registrar of Newspapers India
Sound effects
News channel
The upper corners of page one of a
Harold D. Laswell
Hutchins Report
Article 19 (1) a
Marshall McLuhan
Thomas Alva Edison
M J Akbar
News Agency
Radio broadcasting
Julian Assange
Hindustan Samachar
Justice J R Mudholkar
Tactile communication
J. Gopikrishnan
David Berlo
Harold D. Lasswell
SMCR Model
World Wide Web
None of the above
Hypertext Markup Language
Intrapersonal communication
News value
News channel
Soft news
Investigative journalism
Media convergence
Factual information
Newspaper library
Introduction to Mass Communication
Page 20
School of Distance Education
Miraatool Akbar
Hard news
Indian Newspaper Society
House style
5 Ws and 1 H
Inverted pyramid style
Freedom of the Press
Newspaper publication
Right to Information Act
Death news
Newspapers and news agencies
Press Information Bureau
New Delhi
Soft news
James Augustus Hicky
Investigative journalism
The Harijan
San Serif Font
M J Akbar
Al Ameen
Khushwant Singh
Indian State Broadcasting Service
K Sukumaran BA
Press Council of India
Satyajit Ray
Direct To Home Television
T.N. Gopakumar
Introduction to Mass Communication
Page 21
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