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Calicut University P.O.PIN 673635.
Calicut University P.O.PIN 673635.
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The Registrar
University of Calicut
Sub: Details / activities of chairs in the varsity – called for
Ref: your letter No. 17796/GA-V-B3/2013 CU dated 13-01-2015
Referring to the above, I would like to furnish the following for updating
the page in the university website
The chair for Islamic studies and Research had been instituted in
the University Campus in the year 1988 consequent to the initiative taken by
the Federation of Muslim Colleges with an endowment in the university fund.
Today it is functioning as a platform for intellectual exchange of all those who
are interested to study and appreciate the final revelation of God, the Quran
and varied branches of knowledge emerged from it and other sciences
developed in the civilization history of humanity
The chair organizes seminars, symposia on different topics related to
the study of Islam in a way that helps the pursuit of academic interest and
cross cultural sharing of knowledge to promote social integration and
communal harmony. The Chair also conducts study classes on the Holy
Quran, the Hadith (the sayings of the Messenger of God, Muhammed, peace
be upon him)
The chair organizes different cultural exchange programmes and
festivals like Eid social, Milad meet Hijra celebration, Independence Day get
together, as the chair invites eminent scholars of different disciplines for
conducting open forum speeches.
The chair also plans to different short term courses, like Diploma in
Arabic and English DTP, Diploma in Arabic for Tourism and Travel and to
conduct coaching classes for B.A and MA courses in Islamic Studies and
Islamic Finance and Islamic economics.
Research Centre
The chair also wishes to conduct researches on Islamic history,
tradition of the prophet and the disciples, philosophy, culture, civilization
heritage of Islamic communities, it also wishes to conduct advanced
researches in Islamic studies leading to the award of Ph.D degree if approved
by the university authorities.
During the recent past, many eminent personalities and reputed
scholars visited the chair and offered their highly informative speeches. They
include Prof. Dr. Amina Wadud of USA, Dr. V.P. Ahmed Kutty of Toronto,
Canada, Panakkad Sayyid Rashed Ali Shihab Thangal Chairman of Kerala
Waqf Board.
Very noted programmes of last year include the 10 days Teachers
training programme conducted at Farook College during the month of March
2013, weeklong camp work shop on Modern methodology of Quran teaching
for English medium teachers conducted during 21 to 27 December 2014
Islamic study circle and weekly Quran class
Islamic study circle is a subsidiary wing of the chair run by the students
and research scholars of the campus for conducting regular classes on varied
topics and organizing different get together programmes like Iftaar and Eid
socials and other academic activities
A weekly Quran learning class is being conducted regularly at the chair.
The class is taken by the visiting professor of the chair himself. Besides this,
study classes on varied topics are conducted as and when experts are found
The present visiting professor of the chair is Dr. Ahmed Ibrahim
Rahmathullah, the professor and Head of the Dept. of Arabic of the
University formerly.
Governing Body (presently)
1. Vice chancellor Dr. Abdul Salam (chairman)
2. The Registrar
3. The Finance officer
4. Advocate M. Mohammad
5. Sri.C.P.Kunhi Mohammad
6. Sri.N.K. Mohamad Ali
7. Sri.P.K. Ahmed
8. Sri.K.V.Kunhahamed Koya
9. Adv.P.V. Zainudheen
10. Dr.P.K.Hussain Madavur
11. Prf. K.K.Syed Abid Husain Thangal(syndicate member)
12. Dr.A.I.Rahmathullah(visiting professor Islamic chair)
Reception to new chairman, Kerala state wakf board Sayyid Rasheed Ali
Shihab Thangal, panakkad. Vice chancellor Dr.M.Abdul Salam presents the
Dr.Amina Wadud, professor from USA speaks at the chair hall and the visiting
professor presides
File Ref.No.17797/GA - IV - B3/2013/CU
Chair for Islamic Studies & Research - Governing Body - Reconstituted with Adv.P.V.Sainudheen &
Sri.T.P.Abdullakoya Madani as nominees of the Wakaf Board to the Governing Body of Chair for
Islamic Studies & Research - .Approved-Orders Issued.
G & A - IV - B
U.O.No. 3484/2015/Admn
Dated, Calicut University.P.O, 01.04.2015
Read:-1. U O No .GAI/B1/8266/01 dated 12.07.2005
2. U.O.No. GAI/B1/6515/08 dated 25.06.2008
3. Minutes of the meeting of the Governing Body of Chair for Islamic Studies &
Research held on 08.10.2009
4. U.O .GAIV/B1/270/2012 dated 03.08.2012
5. Letter No.6038/04/SWS dated 23.02.2015 from the Convenor, Kerala State Wakaf
Board, Kochi
6. Orders of the Vice Chancellor in the file of even No. date 26.03.2015
Vide paper read first above, orders were issued to constitute the Governing Body for all
Chairs instituted in the University with unifrom rules as resolved by the Syndicate at its meeting held
on 30.06.2005, with the Vice Chancellor as the Chairman.
Vide paper read second above, orders were issued to include the Visiting Professor as exofficio member of the Governing Body of all Chairs instituted in the University.
Vide paper read third above, the Governing Body of the Chair for Islamic Studies &
Research held on 08.10.2009 Vide item No. II(3) resolved to request the Wakaf Board to nominate
two members to the Governing Body.
Vide paper read fourth above the Governing Body of the Chair for Islamic Studies &
Research was constituted for a period of three years w.e.f 03.08.2012
with Sri.P.V.Sainudheen,Advocate,Member,Kerala State Wakaf Board,Thalassery and
Madavur, Member Kerala State Wakaf Board,Prinicipal,RUA College Kozhikode as nominees
of Kerala State Wakaf Board among other members.
Vide paper read fifth the Convenor, Kerala State Wakaf Board,Kochi has requested to
nominate Adv.P.V.Sainudheen & Sri.T.P.Abdullakoya Madani as nominees of the Wakaf Board to
the Governing Body of Chair for Islamic Studies & Research .
Vide paper read sixth above,Vice Chancellor has accorded sanction to issue
orders reconstituting the Governing Body of the Chair with Sri.T.P.Abdullakoya Madani as member
in the place of Dr.P.K.Hussain Madavur, along with Adv.P.V.Sainudheen as nominees of Kerala
state Wakaf Board to the Governing Body of the Chair.
Orders are therefore issued reconstituting the Governing Body of Chair for Islamic Studies
& Research with the following members;
The Vice Chancellor (Chairman)
The Registrar
The Finance Officer
Nominees of the Donor
Adovate M. Mohamad
Manager, Farook College
19/1993, M.N.Road, Calicut- 673 002Usha K
5. Sri.C.P. Kunhi Mohamad
Secretary,J DT Islam
Executive Director, Kerala Road Ways
Calicut - 673 001
Sri. N.K. Mohamad Ali
Managing Director
Parisons, Cherroty Road
Nominees of the Vice Chancellor
Sri.P.K. Ahamad
Chairman. P.K.Steels
Nallalam, Calicut - 673 003
8 Sri. K.V. Kunhahamed Koya
P.I.Sons, South Beach Road
Calicut, 673 001
Nominees of the Kerala State Wakaf Board
9 Sri. P.V. Sainudheen, Advocate
Member, Kerala State Wakaf Board
10 Janab T.P.Abdullakoya Madani
Member, Kerala State Wakaf Board
Thayyil, Kadalundi.P.O.
Calicut - 673 302
11 Prof. K.K.Syed Abid Hussain Thangal (M ember, Syndicate)
12 Visiting Professor (Ex-officio M ember)
U.O.GAIV/B1/270/2012 dated 03.08.2012 stands modified to this extent.
Usha K
Deputy Registrar
1. The Member of the Governing Body of the Chair for Islamic Studies & Research
2. The Secretary,
Federation of Muslim Colleges
MES Office, Calicut
Copy to;
PS to VC/PA to Reg/PA to FO/Finance/Budget/JDLFA
Forwarded / By Order
Section Officer
17797/GA - IV - B3/2013/CU (Page : 79)
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