One day Motivational Program was ... departments of Kings College of Engineering on 20

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One day Motivational Program was ... departments of Kings College of Engineering on 20
One day Motivational Program was organized for the First year UG students of all
departments of Kings College of Engineering on 20th January 2014. There were different
sessions that were handled by resource persons from various disciplines.
The Session started with the importance of Time Management for the younger
generation delivered by Mr.Thendral Ravi, Motivational Speaker of Spark Learning
Centre. He emphasized that one of the biggest
challenges in meeting any goal, whether it be
related to productivity,
ity, waking early, changing a
habit, exercising, or just becoming happier, is
finding the motivation to stick with it. He insisted on
prioritizing the work and to avoid procrastination.
The students were encouraged to chart down their
progress to build on their Success.
The program continued with an interesting session by
Mr.Natesan who gave an inspirational talk on
“Contribution of Engineers to Save Nature “.He also
explained the alarming situation the earth is facing
because of the chemical Manure that are being used in
Agriculture. He motivated the students to be cautious
about preventing
eventing the environment for the betterment
of the future generation.
Dean, Research & Development Ms.J.Arputha Vijaya Selvi presented with the innovative
ideas of how to engage in research and the need for the research for the present
generation. She encouraged
ouraged the students to get them involved in real time mini projects
to gain more practical exposure towards research in their respective fields.
Vice Principal Mr.S.Sivakumar delivered informational speech on career Guidance,
difference between Job & Career, different tools for a successful Career. He explained
that the various options that are available for the Engineers apart from Core Industries,
recruitment of Engineers in Bank
Banks.. He insisted the students to have their vision to reach
the ultimate Goal.
Mr.Amudhan, Librarian presented the importance of Education & Research. He quoted
the words of Abdul Kalam to dream India as the super power at the end of 2020.He
advised the students to focus towards the civil services like IFS, IAS, and IPS. He
concluded that Ambition should be based on interest and not money-Driven.
Mr.J.Radhakrishnan Asst.Prof of English Department shared his valuable thoughts on the
role of English as a Global Language. He emphasized on the influence of English over
education and career. The steps to enhance the language skills encouraged the students
to take the further initiative in improving their English skills.
Ms.D.Susan Felix, Training & Placement Officer shared her thoughts on “Attitude”. She
motivated the students to self examine one self, since the most incredible architecture is
the architecture of self, which is ever changing. She also quoted examples like Buzz
Aldrin, Neil Armstrong, and Henry Ford where the small decision at the right time made a
great difference.
Students felt encouraged and were energized to take up the forth coming days with the
possibility to attain their desired destiny.
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