Proven Results Customer Challenge

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Proven Results Customer Challenge
Proven Results
Supercritical Coal Fired Power Plant
A supercritical coal fired power plant with a total capacity of 890 megawatts had an issue
with their feedwater pump recirculation flow control valve to condenser. The application
required a high pressure drop of 4200 lbs.
The existing valves were eroded and plugged up by entrained particles. The maintenance
team at the power plant found that they were replacing the valve trim on an annual basis at
a cost of $40,000 + labor per year. Though the customer made various attempts to rid the
entrained particles, valve replacement and associated costs were beginning to increase
in frequency.
A solution was needed that could accommodate high pressure drop and the associated
cavitation as well as entrained particles.
The customer assessed two options. Though the competitive option was offered at a much
lower price, the decision was made to pursue a Fisher solution.
The customer was familiar with the best-in-class resilience demonstrated by Fisher brand
products. They were pleased with the ability of the Fisher DST to allow pass through of ½"
particles and assurance that the control valve could operate efficiently for up to 5 years
without requiring trim replacement.
There have been 2 Fisher DST’s installed and operating at the plant for over one year
without requiring replacement.
Downtime associated with the annual replacement of valves plugged with entrained
particles has been eliminated, increasing both the reliability and availability of the plant.
Additionally, installation of the DST’s has eliminated the costs associated with annual valve
replacement, saving the customer at least $40,000 per year plus labor costs.
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