Emily McClung de Tapia Investigador Titular C Laboratorio de

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Emily McClung de Tapia Investigador Titular C Laboratorio de
Emily McClung de Tapia
Investigador Titular C
Laboratorio de Paleoetnobotánica y
Instituto de Investigaciones Antropológicas
Universidad Nacional Autónoma de
Circuito Exterior S/N, Ciudad Universitaria
Delegación Coyoacán, México, Distrito
Federal, 04510
TEL: +52 55 5622 9503
FAX: +52 55 5849 0140
[email protected]
[email protected]
Emily McClung de Tapia is an archaeologist/paleoethnobotanist with field work
experience in Britain, eastern Massachusetts and Central Mexico, with a major focus on
the Basin of Mexico, particularly the Teotihuacan Valley. Her research interest in
paleoethnobotanical studies gradually turned towards problems surrounding human
adaptation and alteration of the landscape as a consequence of resource use and
agricultural production and then towards the development of suitable methodologies in an
attempt to explore ways of reconstructing past landscapes in order to evaluate change
through time. In 1976 she developed the Laboratory of Paleoethnobotany and
Paleoenvironment at the Institute for Anthropological Research, National University of
Mexico, and has served as coordinator of the laboratory’s activities since then. She taught
at the National School of Anthropology and History between 1980-96 and is on the
faculty of the Postgraduate Program in Anthropology at the National University of
Mexico since 1991, with courses in Ecology, Paleoethnobotany, Origins of agriculture
and sedentary communities, GIS, Stratigraphy, Soils in Archaeology and
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