Collaborative Multidisciplinary Design Optimization Edris Safavi

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Collaborative Multidisciplinary Design Optimization Edris Safavi
Linköping Studies in Science and Technology. Thesis No. 1585
Collaborative Multidisciplinary
Design Optimization
A Framework Applied on Aircraft Systems and Industrial Robots
Edris Safavi
This thesis presents various methods that can be used in the design of
complex products in order to increase the engineer knowledge in the
conceptual design phase.
In complex products, different systems from several engineering disciplines have to be tightly integrated. Collaborative design is defined
as a process where a product is designed through the collective and
joint efforts of domain experts . Thus, a Collaborative Multidisciplinary
Design Optimization (CMDO) process is proposed in the conceptual
design phase in order to increase the likelihood for more accurate decisions taken early on.
To enable CMDO, it is a necessity to validate the tools and models utilized. This can be done with so-called low cost demonstrators which
can also help to reveal many unknowns and thus further increase the
engineering knowledge.
The performance of the presented methods is demonstrated with two
industrial applications, aircraft conceptual system design and industrial robot design.
Division of Machine Design
Department of Management and Engineering
Linköpings universitet
SE-58183 Linköping, Sweden
Linköping 2013
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