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Course Number: General Class and Course Information
General Class and Course Information
Course Number: BSC 2945C Course Title: Biotechnology Internship
Term/Dates: Fall 2016
Reference Number: 217627
Credit Hours: 2
Days: MTWR
Time: 2pm – 5pm
Room: SC 205
Course Description: This is a practical application of procedures in the real world settings with biotechnology and closely
related disciplines. This experience will allow the student to perform hands-on work and observation of biotechnology in
institutions directly or indirectly related to the field, which includes but is not limited to academic, governmental, private
industry or research oriented institutions and others with similar experiences.
Professor’s Information
Name: Becky Mercer, Ph.D.
Telephone: 561-207-5059
Faculty Web Page:
Information on REQUIRED Textbooks:
Spiral-bound Carbon-Copy Laboratory
Notebook (www.labnotebooks.net)
Suggested Supplementary Books/Materials
Edition Author
Basic Laboratory Calculations for 2008
Seidman L.A.
Office Location: SC 205 (inside Office Suite SC 204)
Email: [email protected]
Office Hours:
By appointment
Hayden McNeil Specialty Products
Pearson Education, Inc. publishing as 978-0-13-223810-6
Pearson Benjamin Cummings
Other Information on Textbooks and Materials needed for class:
This course does not have a required textbook. All experiment protocols and necessary files/information can be found on
the Internship course website on the Biotechnology Program page.
Please Note: Some students find that they need to purchase a second notebook because they fill the first one.
Other Required Materials:
• Lab coat and goggles (obtain from bookstore, Booksmart, medical supply store or uniform store)
• Calculator, Black pen, Ruler, Clear tape
• Access to a computer containing Microsoft Office with connection to a printer
• Materials for storing hand-outs
• Digital camera is strongly recommended but not required
• USB Flash drive.
• Other materials, as assigned by your site supervisor
Course Learning Outcomes: As a result of taking this course, the student will be able to:
Develop an individual career plan. Write a resume and successfully interview for an internship position. Demonstrate safety skills
in the workplace. Maintain positive relations with others through teamwork and supervision. Maintain a work notebook, turn in
timesheets, author an SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) of work performed during the internship, prepare a presentation
describing the internship (see Internship Checklist for list of assignments).
Full Course Outline - Click on the following link: Course Outlines and enter the course number (no space between the
prefix and the number). http://www.palmbeachstate.edu/programs/biotechnology/courses/internship-course.aspx
Template Date – July 2013
Class Information
Pre-requisites: BSC2427, BSC2427L, CHM2210, CHM2210L (with a grade of C or higher);
Co-Requisites: CHM2211, CHM2211L (with a grade of C or higher)
Note: Students who fail to meet the Co-Req requirements will receive a grade of Incomplete (I) for the Internship course. This I
grade will be converted to a final course grade upon successful completion of the Co-Reqs. Failure to complete any course or
Co-Req requirements will negatively impact graduation eligibility.
Class Schedule:
This is an internship course to be conducted in a bioscience company or research institution. The student will conduct 320 hours
of research/work during the term (minimum 20hr/week for 16 weeks). The training schedule will be determined by and agreed
upon by internship supervisor and student. Student will submit timesheets on a WEEKLY basis. In addition, the class shall be
required to meet periodically with professor on an as needed basis. Professor will contact students via email and/or Blackboard
for meeting times and locations.
Academic Dishonesty Policy and Penalty for Violation:
Academic dishonesty is not tolerated in any capacity [blatant copying of work, sharing your own answers, taking credit for
other people's work (i.e. plagiarism), etc]. If you are suspected of cheating or assisting another with cheating then you will be
issued a grade of zero for that assignment/exam/task along with a written and/or verbal warning. If you are suspected of
cheating or assisting another in cheating a second time, then you will be removed from the course permanently and receive a
grade of "F" for the course grade. The Dean of Student Services will be notified and further action by the college may be taken
against you and anyone else associated with the incident(s). Please be advised that if you are a student within the
biotechnology program and undergo disciplinary action by a professor for academic dishonesty, you may forfeit your
opportunity for an internship position.
Assignments, Tests, Quizzes and Final Exam Schedule, with percentage/points of grade:
It is required that the student meet with the Biotechnology Director prior to starting the internship. At this meeting the
requirements of the course will be reviewed, and the student and Director will populate the Internship Checklist form. The
Checklist details all of the academic assignments and responsibilities, including due dates for the internship activities
Assignments include (see Checklist for comprehensive assignment list): Resume, Interview Preparation, Project Summary Video,
Technique Video or Photo, Mentor & student Evaluations, SOP, Testimonial, and Seminar Presentation. Details of each assignment
and course will be provided at the initial meeting with the College Internship instructor. On time completion of tasks will configure
into the final grade. See LAST PAGE for specific assignments
Grading: There is no curve.
Letter Grade
P, N, S, U
Percentage (if applicable)
≤ 59
Class Policies
Attendance: Professors are required to take attendance.
Attendance to the first day of class is Mandatory. Failure to do so will result in the student being dropped from the course.
Students will be expected to obtain all necessary lab materials from the Blackboard course website and participate in course
Template Date – July 2013
discussions on the Blackboard website. Students are expected to post valid/relevant comments and participate in discussions
related to course materials. Students are required to access the course website at least two times per week to read the required
lab materials, check the discussion board and course email regularly. Students are expected to attend ALL class-related
sections/events. 100% attendance and participation is expected. Students are required to sign-in on the attendance sheet
immediately at the start of class-time. Failure to do-so may result in you being considered absent for the day.
Electronic Device Use and Email Policy: As deemed appropriate by your site supervisor. Please limit phone use and texting
while at your internship.
Late Assignment Policy:
All required assignments are expected to be completed on time. If, due to an emergency, a student cannot meet the due date,
s/he is to request an extension from the professor. Documented evidence from a doctor/emergency room etc. will be
necessary for extension requests. Assignments turned in late will have points deducted from them. It is at the Professor’s
discretion to either accept or deny a late assignment. If an assignment is accepted late, points will be deducted. All pre labs
and lab reports are due immediately at the start of class; failing to turn-in a lab report at class start time may result in the
professor deducting points or granting a grade of zero for the assignment.
Make-up Exam Policy:
Not tolerated. There are absolutely NO make-up lab experiments.
Withdrawal Policy:
Students who fail to comply with the initial course requirements (i.e. attending the first day of class and logging into the
Blackboard course website by midnight of the first day of class) will be required to drop/withdraw from the course. After the
first day of class, any student finding themselves in a situation where they are required or chose to withdraw from the course
should notify the instructor and also follow the prescribed college procedures for withdrawing from a course. Students should
be mindful of the final date to withdraw for each term. Any student failing to properly withdraw from a course will receive a
final (possibly failing) course grade issued by their instructor.
Email Policy: Weekends and holidays are not official email check days for Instructors. The instructor will do their best to
respond to all emails within 24 – 48 hrs. However, response time may vary due. Note that due to FERPA laws, grades cannot
be revealed via email.
Professor’s Expectations: The student is expected to participate in 100% of the lectures and laboratories along with
completion of all assignments, quizzes, and exams on-time. Students are expected to conduct themselves in a mature,
respectful manner at all times.
Methods of Instruction: Online web-component for distribution of laboratory materials along with communication and oncampus laboratory experiments. In-class laboratory experiments will be performed during the scheduled class time.
Unique Requirements of the Class: Following the online content of lab material, plus attendance and participation of the
weekly lab sessions on campus, plus all exams/quizzes/assignments/course-related material.
Ensuring Success
Read and Understand this Syllabus
Perfect attendance
Completion of exercises/reading assigned to complete before class;
Asking questions one of the most important skills you can learn in a college course. (Not the ones you may have to ask
because you were not paying attention or didn't do the reading.)
Template Date – July 2013
Ask if I use a word you are not familiar with
Ask for me to explain why, or how, or when etc. when needed
Ask when you want a deeper understanding of a concept
Use text book, library, provided CD-ROM, and internet extensively
Ask for help if you are unsure about anything; many things in the lab are more expensive than you would believe;
shyness is not an excuse
Because of the nature of the course, there is virtually no way that everything you need to know can be written into class
notes - pay attention and add extra notes of your own when necessary. (I will not test this extra-knowledge, though – it’s
just that, if you are serious about this career, you have to be able to ‘pick up’ on bits of trivia.)
Internship Environment
- Clean up after yourself-failure to do so will result in deduction of points from lab reports
- Behaviors which will result in grade reduction:
• "Disappearing" from class for an extended time
• Not keeping/leaving a clean work space
• Negligence and/or abuse of equipment
• Questions or actions that indicate you are not prepared
• Non-participation
• Disruptiveness (interfering with teaching and learning)
• Academic dishonesty
• Disrespectful behavior towards classmates/professor
College Policies and Web Information
Academic Dishonesty
Academic dishonesty includes the following actions, as well as other similar conduct aimed at making false representation with
respect to the student's academic performance:
(1) Cheating on an exam, (2) Collaborating with others on work to be presented, if contrary to the stated rules of the course,
(3) Submitting, if contrary to the rules of the course, work previously submitted in another course, (4) Knowingly and intentionally
assisting another student in any of the above actions, including assistance in an arrangement whereby work, classroom performance,
examination, or other activity is submitted or performed by a person other that the student under whose name the work is submitted
or performed, (5) Plagiarism.
Please refer to the Palm Beach State College Student Handbook (www.palmbeachstate.edu/current for link to the student
Classroom Etiquette and Student Behavior Guidelines
Students will demonstrate respect for professors and fellow students. Behavior that is disruptive to a positive learning environment
reported by the professor will result in a warning on the first instance; the second instance might result in expulsion from the course or
Computer Competency Component
Each student will, to the satisfaction of the professor, demonstrate a fundamental understanding of basic computer operations
through various professor-determined exercises and/or assignments.
Disability Support Services
Students with disabilities are advised, in compliance with federal and state laws, that accommodations and services are available
through the office of Disability Support Services (DSS). It is the student's responsibility to contact Disabled Student Services Advisors and
to submit appropriate documentation prior to receiving services. Please see the website at www.palmbeachstate.edu/current for web
address for Disability Support Services.
Eating, Drinking and Smoking
Eating and drinking are confined to areas designated on the campus. Smoking is not permitted in any College building and only in
areas designated at each campus.
Final Course Grade Appeal
The evaluation of academic work is the responsibility of the faculty member/instructor. The method for assigning the final course grade
is established by the faculty member/instructor. Per Board Rule 6Hx-18-3.191, faculty/instructors shall communicate the grading policy
of the course to their students in writing. If this policy changes during the term, students should be notified of any changes in writing.
Template Date – July 2013
The method to determine final course grades must be given to students in a course syllabus at the beginning of the class. Should a student
have a question about a final course grade, please follow the procedures as outlined in the student handbook:
Mid-Term Grade Reporting
Within one week after the close of the mid-term grading period, mid-term grades will be made available to all students for each class
by either written notification or individual conference.
Student Responsibility Policy
When a student attends the College, s/he becomes subject to its jurisdiction. Students are expected to conduct themselves in a responsible
manner, in all areas of campus life. By enrolling, they pledge to obey the rules and regulations of the College and are responsible for observing
all College policies and procedures as published in the student handbook, the College catalog and other College publications. The student will
be responsible for preparing for class, participating in class, and completing assignments on time.
Palm Beach State Websites of Interest
Please see this web page (www.palmbeachstate.edu/current) for a list of web addresses for students.
Withdrawal Policy for Individual Courses
The last day to withdraw from a College course with a "W" grade in this course is November 4, 2016. It is the responsibility of the
student to use the PantherWeb system or visit a campus Registrar’s office to withdraw. An official withdrawal entitles the student to a
grade of "W" in the class.
Other Information from your Professor:
Students who fail to meet the Co-Req requirements will receive a grade of Incomplete (I) for the Internship course. This I grade
will be converted to a final course grade upon successful completion of the Co-Reqs. Failure to complete any course or Co-Req
requirements will negatively impact graduation eligibility.
Holidays & Important Dates
College will be closed:
Labor Day
Sept 3-5, 2016
October 19 (no classes, Development Day)
Veteran's Day Nov 11, 2016
Nov 24-27, 2016
Winter Break
Dec 21, 2016 - Jan 2, 2017
Department Contact Information
Name: Robert Van Der Velde, esq.
Telephone: 561-207-5416
Job Title: Associate Dean
Office Location: SC 160
Email: [email protected]
BSC2945C Assignments
Internship Resume
Points (Late assignments
receive an automatic 10%
grade deduction)
Completed during Biotech 2. Must be submitted to Internship Instructor prior to registering for
the Internship course.
Hire Paperwork
LinkedIn Profile
Weekly Timesheets
Template Date – July 2013
Student can submit the signed form to Instructor via email or in person. Form must be signed by
Intern, Instructor, and Site Supervisor.
Intern must meet all requirements set forth by the Human Resources department at their
internship site.
Student must create a linked profile indicating they are a PBSC Biotech student and connect with
Internship Instructor, plus 3 people related to their internship or career goals.
Submitted to Instructor every Friday by 5pm. File should be created in Excel and the file name
should be LAST NAME-TIMESHEET-WEEK#. Timesheet must have these columns: Day/Date/ #
Hours Worked/ Description of tasks/ Hour Total (Sum). Each Row should be a new day.
BSC2945C Assignments
Project Scope
Points (Late assignments
receive an automatic 10%
grade deduction)
This is a 1-2 paragraph overview of what you will be doing for the internship. Approved by and
written with the assistance of your Site Supervisor.
Flyer for Classroom
You will receive a draft version. Please edit the draft to provide: 1) 3-4 photos or diagrams
relevant to your seminar (not photos of you); 2) 4-5 bullet points listing what students will learn
by attending your seminar; 3) 3 sentences describing your Internship company or institution.
PBSC Classroom
Seminar Rehearsal
PBSC Classroom
Seminar (20 minutes
+ questions)
Rehearse with Internship Instructor 1-week prior to seminar date.
Seminar is given by intern to students at PBSC. Typically scheduled to take place during the Biotech
2 course. Your talk must follow this general structure and take about 20 minutes. Please insert
the page number at the bottom right of each slide.
Slide 1: Title Slide (include talk title, your name, your PBSC Biotech affiliation/degree sought, name
/logo of the intern site, PBSC logo, interesting images relevant to your talk, and the date).
Slide 2: Outline of the talk.
Slide 3-4: Background description of your internship institution and lab supervisor (can show
screenshot of website, lab member photos, Supervisor’s educational background and projects,
date founded, location, number of employees, etc. Make it relevant and interesting to students).
Slide 5-6: Description of your project(s) & hypothesis to be tested (as appropriate).
Slide 7-15: Methods / Technical slides. Provide background on what techniques and reagents were
used. Explain your project (the problems and approaches you used). Show and explain your data.
Include graphs, charts, photos.
Slide 16: Scientific Conclusion. What did you discover? What was learned from the data?
Slide 17: Project future directions. Where will the project go once you leave?
Slide 18: Skills learned in the Biotech Program that were helpful for the internship.
Slide 19: New skills acquired during internship.
Slide 20: Describe some of the best and worst parts of the internship experience. These don’t have
to be scientific.
Slide 21: Your future plans (education, career)
Slide 22: Acknowledgement / thank you to lab & PBSC faculty.
Slide 23: Questions?
Photo of intern working at their internship site. Photo must not show student drinking alcohol,
wearing headphones or inappropriate or suggestive clothing or poses.
Video of student working in their internship site. Video must identify the student as a PBSC
Biotech student, their internship site and supervisor name, and describe both their project and
what they are doing in the video. Video must be from 2-5 minutes long and must be sent to
directly to the Internship Instructor or posted to YouTube and the hyperlink sent to the Instructor.
Rules apply as for Photo.
Photo of Work in
SOP Assignment
Standard Operating Procedure normally used by the student during their internship. SOP must be
detailed enough to allow another person to repeat the procedure. SOP must list Materials and
itemized (numbered) Protocol steps with pictures as appropriate. Must be written by the student.
Written Testimonial
A 1-2 paragraph summary of the student's experience with the Biotech program and the
LSSF Abstract Form
LSSF Poster (or 10minute Talk with
Powerpoint slides)
Preparation and
Student Evaluation
Completed form sent to Instructor, indicate whether you want to do a talk or a poster
presentation. Must be approved by Site Supervisor and Lab PI. Must follow LSSF guidelines.
Poster or talk must be approved by Instructor, Internship Supervisor, and Internship Site PI. Poster
must be sent for Printing to [email protected] with the words ‘Biotech
LSSF Poster” in the subject line. Indicate you would like a 48x36 inch full color poster on glossy
heavy weight paper, not mounted, and cc your PBSC Instructor on this email. After the LSSF
conference, give your poster to the PBSC faculty instructor to post for the make it available for
viewing by PBSC students at the Biotech Poster Symposium held in May and December each year.
Form will be sent to the Supervisor by the Internship Instructor. Once completed, the form will be
returned directly to the Instructor.
Completed by the student and submitted to the Instructor.
Template Date – July 2013
BSC2945C Assignments
Professional Resume
Points (Late assignments
receive an automatic 10%
grade deduction)
Near the completion of the Internship the student is to update their existing resume with all of the
new skills, presentations, any awards, and references gained during the Internships. Submitted
directly to Instructor.
Total Points Possible
for Course
Template Date – July 2013
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