Palm Beach State College Corporate & Continuing Education Course Syllabus Course Title:

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Palm Beach State College Corporate & Continuing Education Course Syllabus Course Title:
Palm Beach State College
Corporate & Continuing Education Course Syllabus
Course Title:
Course Number: HIO0004
Reference #:
Course Dates:
Summer 2016
Course Days:
Completely on-line
Contact Hours:
Instructor Name:
Dr. Peifer
[email protected]
Email and/or Phone
OPTIONAL: CPHQ Exam Practice Questions (2013) Mometrix Test Publications
ISBN:10:1627332111/ISBN-13:978-1627332118 This textbook is recommended but not required.
Course Content:
Module 1 -Introduction, general information, and guide to test taking
Module 2- Patient safety
Module 3 - Performance/Quality measurement and improvement
Module 4- Information management
Module 5- Management and leadership
Module 6- Structure, process and outcome
Module 7- Healthcare Organization, Healthcare Delivery Systems, Managed Care
Module 8-Interactive Class Session
To effectively complete all assignments and discussions through interaction with the instructor and students in
the class, using the required textbook and resources provided in the course.
Learning Outcomes:
Understand the concepts of patient safety to provide high quality care within the health care system.
Examine the standards of performance/quality measurement and improvement in the health care delivery system.
Illustrate the role of information management within the health care system.
Apply and share with the classroom the central principles of management and leadership in health care.
Recognize the role of structure, process, and outcome within the structure of healthcare.
Compare and contrast effective and ineffective examples of healthcare organizations and delivery systems.
There are 8 modules in the course. Modules 1-7 each contain reading assignments, written assignments and
interactive discussions. Module 8 is an interactive module requiring on-line participation in the classroom.
Course Requirements:
Internet computer access. No required book for this course.
Grading/Attendance Procedures:
Courses taken through Corporate & Continuing Education graded on (S) Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory (U)
basis. Students are expected to attend all classes and class activities for which they are registered. Students
Palm Beach State College
Corporate & Continuing Education Course Syllabus
must work in conjunction with the instructor regarding any missed classes. Excessive or unexcused absences
will result in an unsatisfactory or (U) grade.
Disability Compliance Statement:
Students with disabilities are advised, in compliance with federal and state laws, that accommodations and
services are available through the office of Disability Support Services (DSS). It is the student’s responsibility to
contact Disabled Student Services Advisors at this location and to submit appropriate documentation prior to
receiving services. For assistance please contact the college-wide coordinator, Susan Lang at (561) 868-3375.
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