Course Number: Palm Beach State College Course Syllabus – Classroom/Hybrid Class

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Course Number: Palm Beach State College Course Syllabus – Classroom/Hybrid Class
Palm Beach State College
Course Syllabus – Classroom/Hybrid Class
General Class and Course Information
Course Number: MCB 2010 Course Title: Microbiology
Term/Dates: 08/23/2016
Reference Number: 218767 Credit Hours: 3
Clock Hours: 48
Days: M,W
Time: 9-10:45
Room: CRA 212
Course Description: This course is a survey of the structure, physiology, genetics and control of microorganisms. The
course includes an overview of the medical importance of bacteria, viruses, protozoa, and multicellular parasites with
examination of host-microorganism interactions, including non-specific and specific immunity. In a lecture science
course where there is a required co-requisite lab, students may withdraw from the lab class, but stay in the lecture class.
(Students may also choose to withdraw from both). Students will not be allowed to withdraw from the lecture and
remain enrolled in the lab.
Distance Learning Class Information
This course is a combination (hybrid) of classroom and online instruction. Some courses may require students to take
examination(s) in a proctored lab setting. Before you decide to take the course with some online delivery of instruction,
it is recommended that you:
Visit – www.palmbeachstate.edu/elearning/online
to obtain Detailed Facts & Information about
Blackboard Access
 Access to your Online Course is AVAILABLE each term on the FIRST DAY OF CLASSES
 Access to your Online Course will NOT BE AVAILABLE unless the course tuition is FULLY PAID
Blackboard Orientations
 How to Register for the Free Online Orientation Course: ELO1000
 Where/When to Attend On-Campus Orientation
Blackboard Tips & Tutorials
 How to Ensure your Computer is Compatible
 Ensure you Understand Examination and Assignment Rules
 Learn the Functions of Blackboard
Then Proceed To – https://palmbeachstate.blackboard.com
to Login to your Course (not available before the first day of class) using the same
USERNAME and PASSWORD you used to register for classes.
For Additional Information and Notices Visit – http://www.palmbeachstate.edu/elearning
Gordon Rule Class
This class has been designated as a Gordon Rule class for writing. This means that the course has significant writing
requirements. Please see the web page at:
(this section must be deleted if the course is not a Gordon Rule writing class).
Professor’s Information
Name: Dr. Vetaley Stashenko
Template Date - July 2013
Office Location: TEC 217
Palm Beach State College
Course Syllabus – Classroom/Hybrid Class
Telephone: 561-993-1451
Faculty Web Page:
Email: [email protected]
Office Hours: Posted online on my Web Page
Information on REQUIRED Textbooks:
Edition Author
K. Talaro
Other Information on Textbooks and Materials needed for class:
Course Learning Outcomes: As a result of taking this course, the student will be able to:
Describe the uses and the main differences among several types of microscopes, including the electron microscope and
how they relate to clinical use.
Compare microorganisms (bacteria, viruses, fungi, protozoans and helminthes) by cell type, reproductive methods,
metabolism, genetics, pathology, nutrition, and structural differences.
Describe the major differences between Gram positive and Gram negative bacteria and the different methods to isolate
and identify those microorganisms.
Explain the different methods currently used to control microbial growth, including categorizing and describing antimicrobial drugs, their general targets, modes of action, and the development and challenges due to drug resistance.
Describe the major groups of viruses, with emphasis on pathogenic viruses and their modes of entry and exit in the host.
Describe the major advances and techniques currently used in molecular microbiology and genetic engineering.
Explain the relationship between microorganisms and disease, emphasizing in both, the host mechanisms of defense
and the virulence of pathogens.
Identify the etiology and epidemiology of selected infectious diseases.
Critically analyze growth, metabolism, patterns of infection using graphs, charts and other data.
Describe non-specific and specific defenses and how they relate to pathogens including allergic responses and
Full Course Outline - Click on the following link: Course Outlines and enter the course number (no space between the
prefix and the number).
Class Information
Please, if you have any questions at all regarding course material, procedures, or grades--see me.
I can't help you unless I know the problem. Do not be reluctant to ask -- that is why I am here! I also check my
email daily and I will get back to you as soon as possible if you have questions.
Template Date - July 2013
Palm Beach State College
Course Syllabus – Classroom/Hybrid Class
Academic Dishonesty Policy and Penalty for Violation:
Unfortunately, we have had some prior problems with cheating during some exams. The competitive nature of some of
the programs in which Anatomy and Physiology students are enrolled, we assume, gives rise to this problem. Any
cheating will be dealt with according to the student Code of Conduct. This may result in receiving an “F” for the exam,
and “F” for the course.
After grades have been assigned, no grade will be changed except in the case of a clerical error. Each year professors
have several students with hard-luck stories such as: "the coach will throw me off the team" or "I will lose my financial
aid", or "I can’t get into Nursing School." While I can sympathize with your plight, you must realize that THIS IS YOUR
PROBLEM, please understand that if I make one exception, dozens of others in the class will feel they have a good
reason too.
Assignments, Tests, Quizzes and Final Exam Schedule, with percentage/points of grade:
The course grade will be as follows:
LECTURE: There will be 16 multiple choice lecture examinations of equal weight. Each exam
will cover only the lecture material since the previous exam. Each exam will be approximately
20 min long with 20 questions. The last lecture exam is NOT a comprehensive final, but rather a
16 th., a one hour exam.
Dr. V. Stashenko exam questions are prepared primarily from his lecture notes and text book
although you are responsible for reading the material in the book.
Students who fail to take any exam will receive an "F" grade, regardless of their
performance in the rest of the course.
I'm sorry but NO EXCEPTIONS. I will not discuss or consider any grade change. I will not
debate the "fairness" of any particular question or answer. If you are having trouble in this
course—contact me before the exam so that I can help you before it's too late. Do not wait until
after the exam to tell me you are having a problem. We really do want you to do well in the
course (no kidding!) and will provide any help we can to facilitate the learning process.
Each year students ask whether they can see my lecture notes. My lecture notes are the PowerPoint’s which you
will find online. Thus, you also have the outline of my lectures.
Your grade will depend on:
16 x 10 = 160
16 x 10 = 160
Letter Grade
Template Date – July 2013
Percentage (if applicable)
Palm Beach State College
Course Syllabus – Classroom/Hybrid Class
Letter Grade
Percentage (if applicable)
Class Policies
Attendance: Professors are required to take attendance.
Please do not miss an examination!!! Anyone missing one of these exams will have a zero recorded.
All course material posted online, also all class activities are done online.
All the tests and any other examinations are taken online (you need hih speed dependable internet connection).
Students do not need to go to a testing center (you need relialable internet connetion)
Electronic Device Use and Email Policy:
Please, TURN OFF YOUR CELL PHONE! If your phone rings during lecture, it is my policy to answer your cell phone if it
rings. Repeated offenders will have their cell phones donated to charity.
Late Assignment Policy:
No late assignments are accepted, except previous arrangements (check your Bb calendar)
Make-up Exam Policy:
No make-ups, unless previously arranged
Withdrawal Policy:
Check your College Catalog for dates and regulations.
We expect professional demeanor and language, as well as mutual respect among students
and between students and faculty. We expect your goal in this course of study to be to
learn and retain knowledge of microbiology, not simply to score a great grade. Your
future patients and colleagues will not profit from your grades, but they will profit
greatly from your knowledge and ability.
I am often inquired what would be the one thing that a student could do to advance his or her
performance in the class. I invariably respond with the same answer. It is very simple: read,
read, read. I cannot say it enough: READ, READ, READ and MEMORIZE. If a student
reads the material PRIOR to the lecture, a very fascinating phenomenon occurs. As former
anatomy and physiology students you should appreciate the following. The brain cannot process
new information for more than 30 minutes at a time without "shutting down". If you are hearing
the information for the first time in a lecture class, you also have to concentrate on collating the
information, prioritizing it and writing it down. As the brain is busy with these peripheral tasks,
very little of the new information is actually "stored" into your short-term memory. If the
Template Date – July 2013
Palm Beach State College
Course Syllabus – Classroom/Hybrid Class
information that is stored in short-term memory is not reinforced within 24-48 hours, it is lost. If
it is reinforced within this time, the brain moves the information from short-term memory to
long-term memory in a process we call "learning". Once in long-term memory, the student will
be able to recall the information and repeatedly reinforce it with additional information. Within
24 hours of your next lecture, read the information that is to be covered. You do not have to
study it; you only need to read it. It should be done in any environment that is comfortable for
your particular needs. (Some do it best with a television on, the stereo blasting music or the kids
screaming through the house. I need to have it fairly quiet, or with some soft music on the
Just make sure you can concentrate on what you are reading. Do not read more than 30 minutes
at a time when you are seeing the information for the first time. If you cannot get all of your
reading done within 30 minutes, do something else for several hours (sorry, you can read
physics, Shakespeare, previously learned anatomy and physiology or anything else but the new
material. The brain only burns out on one new subject at a time!!!) Then return to finish your
Before your next lecture, your brain will be receiving the information for the SECOND time. As
you listen the lecture, you will actually be learning and will be able to recall the material at a
later date much easier and fairly painlessly. (During subsequent study sessions, you can read and
study as long as you want. It is only when you are learning something for the very first time that
should you limiting your exposure to 30 minute per segment).
I have repeatedly told students this, yet only a few have taken me up on it. Many start and then
quit. It takes a tremendous discipline to force yourself to read a little bit every day. What a
shame! Those who did as I suggested, learned much easier, more efficiently, gained confidence
with the material and consistently received a higher grade.
YOU, YOURSELF, ARE THE BEST TEACHER! One learns by teaching oneself. Your professor is here to
facilitate this process, but you alone can teach yourself the information. I am here to answer your questions and
help you with difficult concepts, but you will ultimately be the teacher in this process we call “learning”.
College Policies and Web Information
Academic Dishonesty
Academic dishonesty includes the following actions, as well as other similar conduct aimed at making false representation with
respect to the student's academic performance:
(1) Cheating on an exam, (2) Collaborating with others on work to be presented, if contrary to the stated rules of the course,
(3) Submitting, if contrary to the rules of the course, work previously submitted in another course, (4) Knowingly and intentionally
assisting another student in any of the above actions, including assistance in an arrangement whereby work, classroom
performance, examination, or other activity is submitted or performed by a person other that the student under whose name the
work is submitted or performed, (5) Plagiarism.
Please refer to the Palm Beach State College Student Handbook (www.palmbeachstate.edu/current for link to the student
Classroom Etiquette and Student Behavior Guidelines
Students will demonstrate respect for professors and fellow students. Behavior that is disruptive to a positive learning environment
reported by the professor will result in a warning on the first instance; the second instance might result in expulsion from the course
or campus.
Computer Competency Component
Template Date – July 2013
Palm Beach State College
Course Syllabus – Classroom/Hybrid Class
Each student will, to the satisfaction of the professor, demonstrate a fundamental understanding of basic computer operations
through various professor-determined exercises and/or assignments.
Disability Support Services
Students with disabilities are advised, in compliance with federal and state laws, that accommodations and services are available
through the office of Disability Support Services (DSS). It is the student's responsibility to contact Disabled Student Services Advisors
and to submit appropriate documentation prior to receiving services. Please see the website at www.palmbeachstate.edu/current
for web address for Disability Support Services.
Eating, Drinking and Smoking
Eating and drinking are confined to areas designated on the campus. Smoking is not permitted in any College building and only in
areas designated at each campus.
Final Course Grade Appeal
The evaluation of academic work is the responsibility of the faculty member/instructor. The method for assigning the final course
grade is established by the faculty member/instructor. Per Board Rule 6Hx-18-3.191, faculty/instructors shall communicate the
grading policy of the course to their students in writing. If this policy changes during the term, students should be notified of any
changes in writing. The method to determine final course grades must be given to students in a course syllabus at the beginning of
the class. Should a student have a question about a final course grade, please follow the procedures as outlined in the student
handbook: www.palmbeachstate.edu/current.
Mid-Term Grade Reporting
Within one week after the close of the mid-term grading period, mid-term grades will be made available to all students for each
class by either written notification or individual conference.
Student Responsibility Policy
When a student attends the College, s/he becomes subject to its jurisdiction. Students are expected to conduct themselves in a
responsible manner, in all areas of campus life. By enrolling, they pledge to obey the rules and regulations of the College and are
responsible for observing all College policies and procedures as published in the student handbook, the College catalog and other
College publications. The student will be responsible for preparing for class, participating in class, and completing assignments on
Palm Beach State Websites of Interest
Please see this web page (www.palmbeachstate.edu/current) for a list of web addresses for students.
Withdrawal Policy for Individual Courses
The last day to withdraw from a College course with a "W" grade in this course is (Check your college academic calendar for
withdraw dates). It is the responsibility of the student to use the PantherWeb system or visit a campus Registrar’s office to
withdraw. An official withdrawal entitles the student to a grade of "W" in the class.
Department Contact Information
Name: Dr. Roy Vargas
Telephone: (561) 993-1134
Job Title: Dean
Template Date – July 2013
Office Location: CRA 105
Email: [email protected]
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