Course Number: Course Title: Palm Beach State College Course Syllabus – Classroom Course

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Course Number: Course Title: Palm Beach State College Course Syllabus – Classroom Course
Palm Beach State College
Course Syllabus – Classroom Course
General Class and Course Information
Course Number: EDF 2085
Course Title: Diversity in the Classroom
Term/Dates: Aug 23 - Dec 19
Reference Number: 216083 Credit Hours:
Clock Hours: 48
Days: Thursday
Time: 6:30-9:15
Room: SS 105
Course Description: This course provides the opportunity to explore issues of diversity, including an understanding of
the influence of exceptionalities, culture, family, gender, socioeconomic status, religion, language of origin, ethnicity,
and age upon the educational experience. Students will explore personal attitudes toward diversity and exceptionalities.
Students will be provided exposure to the Florida Educator Accomplished Practices, Sunshine State Standards, and the
Professional Educator Competencies. A minimum of 15 hours of field-based experience working with diverse
populations of children and youth in schools or similar settings is required.
Professor’s Information
Name: Jeanne Langford
Office Location: SS 105
Telephone: 561-504-4247
Email: [email protected]
Faculty Web Page:
Office Hours: 30 minutes before class or by appointment
Information on REQUIRED Textbooks:
Human Diversity in Education
Edition Author
Kenneth Cushner,
Philip Safford,
Averil McClelland
McGraw Hill
Course Learning Outcomes: As a result of taking this course, the student will be able to:
Compare and contrast differences and similarities among cultures.
Analyze and discuss how multiculturalism impacts students, teachers and schools.
Research and identify methods and benefits of culturally-responsive teaching, including recognition of the needs of
special education students and of English Language Learners.
Define the characteristics of the various classifications of student exceptionalities and will identify how the
exceptionalities may impact student learning and achievement.
Identify and outline federal and state laws affecting students from diverse populations.
Review instructional practices appropriate for students with exceptionalities and delineate the typical accommodations
to make in the classroom by type of exceptionality.
Use case studies to determine and explain the influence of family and community upon the needs of diverse students in
the schools.
Examine and describe how one's personal value system, attitudes, sterotypes and prejudices can shape the teaching and
learning process.
Research and analyze the effects of discrimination, bullying, alienation, and violent acts on students and the learning
Full Course Outline - Click on the following link: Course Outlines and enter the course number (no space between the
prefix and the number).
Template Date - July 2013
Palm Beach State College
Course Syllabus – Classroom Courses
Class Information
Aug 25
Introductions; syllabus review; overview of class;
discussion of Field Observation requirements; most
memorable person assignment
Sept 1
Lecture; using objective language; Quote sharing
and discussion; review field observation
Lecture; Journal Article done in class;
Observing: what do I look for?
Lecture; Current Events summaries and discussion
Lecture; best practices discussion; Group
Lecture; Group Presentations; Journal Article due
Lecture; Group Presentations
First Journal Check; Presentations; Midterm
Lecture; behavioral management
Sept 8
Sept 15
Sept 22
Sept 29
Oct 6
Oct 13
Oct 20
Lecture; Journal Article due
Lecture; Diverse learning assignment done in
Lecture; Field Observation Presentations; Journal
Nov 10
Article due
Lecture; Field Observation Presentations
Nov 17
No Class – Thanksgiving Break
Nov 24
Lecture; Field Observation Presentations
Dec 1
Lecture Field Observation Report Due;
Dec 8
Final turn in; discussions; reports returned
Dec 15
This is a tentative schedule for EDF 2085
Oct 27
Nov 3
Fill out online Field Observation
forms and submit. Read Chapter 1
Bring an inspirational quote for next
Read Chapter 11
Read Chapter 2; Bring a current
events article from a newspaper
Read Chapter 3
Read Chapter 4; complete a Journal
summary and reflection
Read Chapter 6
Study for midterm
Read Chapter 7
Read Chapter 8; complete Journal
Review Chapter 10
Read Chapter 11; complete Journal
Read Chapter 12
Enjoy your Thanksgiving holiday
Read Chapter 13
Complete the take home final exam
Academic Dishonesty Policy and Penalty for Violation:
Any student who cheats on an exam, submits work previously submitted in another course, knowingly and intentionally
assists another student in the actions listed above, or engages in plagarism will receive a zero for that assignment.
Please refer to the College Student Handbook for more information pertinent to academic dishonesty.
Assignments, Tests, Quizzes and Final Exam Schedule, with percentage/points of grade:
There is a 500 point scale for this class. 451-500=A; 401-450=B; 351-400=C; 301-350= D; 300 or below=F. Assignments:
Students will complete two written exams, participate in a group presentation, review journal articles and current
events, and submit a Field Observation Report and present a best practice from the Field Observation experience.
75 Points
Quote activity
10 Points
Group presentation
55 Points
Article Review (4 @ 30)
120 Points
Diverse Learning activity
20 Points
Field Observation Report
60 Points
Field Observation Presentation
60 Points
Two Exams
100 Points
500 Points
Template Date – July 2013
Palm Beach State College
Course Syllabus – Classroom Courses
Letter Grade
300 or below
Percentage (if applicable)
Class Policies
Attendance: Professors are required to take attendance.
Due to the interactive nature of the class, students are expected to attend class regularly and be on time. Five
participation points are earned for each class attended. If a student must miss class for any reason, he/she should notify
the instructor prior to the missed date or as soon as possible following the absence. More than 2 unexcused absences
will result in the grade being lowered one letter grade.
Electronic Device Use and Email Policy:
The use of any electronic devices during class time is prohibited, with the exception of laptop computers for notetaking.
Students are asked to turn any devices off, or to silent mode, and PUT THEM AWAY before class begins. Use of these
devices for non-class-related purposes during class time may result in the loss of participation points.
Students may email the professor with questions regarding course content, assignments, policies, attendance, etc.
Students may also email completed assignments (in Microsoft Word as a .doc or .docx or in Adobe as a pdf file) to the
professor at the email address provided on the first page of the syllabus. However, it is the student's responsibility to
ensure that the emailed assignment has been received by the professor and can be successfully opened. If a student
sends in an assignment that cannot be opened becaused it is in an alternate format, it will be the responsibility of the
student to provide the instructor with a printed copy of the assignment.
Late Assignment Policy:
Late papers will not receive full credit and late assignments will only be accepted up to 2 weeks after the due date.
Make-up Exam Policy:
Make up exams will be given to students who have paper documentations for their absence. Make up exams must be
taken in the testing center within one week of the exam date.
Withdrawal Policy:
The last day to withdraw from a College course with a "W" grade in this course is November 4, 2016. It is the
responsibility of the student to use the Panther Web system or visit a campus Registrar's office to withdraw. An official
withdrawal entitles the student to a grade of "W" in the class. If a student is considering withdrawing from the course,
please discuss any concerns with the instructor prior to withdrawing.
Template Date – July 2013
Palm Beach State College
Course Syllabus – Classroom Courses
College Policies and Web Information
Academic Dishonesty
Academic dishonesty includes the following actions, as well as other similar conduct aimed at making false representation with
respect to the student's academic performance:
(1) Cheating on an exam, (2) Collaborating with others on work to be presented, if contrary to the stated rules of the course,
(3) Submitting, if contrary to the rules of the course, work previously submitted in another course, (4) Knowingly and intentionally
assisting another student in any of the above actions, including assistance in an arrangement whereby work, classroom
performance, examination, or other activity is submitted or performed by a person other that the student under whose name the
work is submitted or performed, (5) Plagiarism.
Please refer to the Palm Beach State College Student Handbook (www.palmbeachstate.edu/current for link to the student
Classroom Etiquette and Student Behavior Guidelines
Students will demonstrate respect for professors and fellow students. Behavior that is disruptive to a positive learning environment
reported by the professor will result in a warning on the first instance; the second instance might result in expulsion from the course
or campus.
Computer Competency Component
Each student will, to the satisfaction of the professor, demonstrate a fundamental understanding of basic computer operations
through various professor-determined exercises and/or assignments.
Disability Support Services
Students with disabilities are advised, in compliance with federal and state laws, that accommodations and services are available
through the office of Disability Support Services (DSS). It is the student's responsibility to contact Disabled Student Services Advisors
and to submit appropriate documentation prior to receiving services. Please see the website at www.palmbeachstate.edu/current
for web address for Disability Support Services.
Eating, Drinking and Smoking
Eating and drinking are confined to areas designated on the campus. Smoking is not permitted in any College building and only in
areas designated at each campus.
Final Course Grade Appeal
The evaluation of academic work is the responsibility of the faculty member/instructor. The method for assigning the final course
grade is established by the faculty member/instructor. Per Board Rule 6Hx-18-3.191, faculty/instructors shall communicate the
grading policy of the course to their students in writing. If this policy changes during the term, students should be notified of any
changes in writing. The method to determine final course grades must be given to students in a course syllabus at the beginning of
the class. Should a student have a question about a final course grade, please follow the procedures as outlined in the student
handbook: www.palmbeachstate.edu/current.
Mid-Term Grade Reporting
Within one week after the close of the mid-term grading period, mid-term grades will be made available to all students for each
class by either written notification or individual conference.
Student Responsibility Policy
When a student attends the College, s/he becomes subject to its jurisdiction. Students are expected to conduct themselves in a
responsible manner, in all areas of campus life. By enrolling, they pledge to obey the rules and regulations of the College and are
responsible for observing all College policies and procedures as published in the student handbook, the College catalog and other
College publications. The student will be responsible for preparing for class, participating in class, and completing assignments on
Palm Beach State Websites of Interest
Please see this web page (www.palmbeachstate.edu/current) for a list of web addresses for students.
Withdrawal Policy for Individual Courses
The last day to withdraw from a College course with a "W" grade in this course is November 4, 2016. It is the responsibility of the
student to use the PantherWeb system or visit a campus Registrar’s office to withdraw. An official withdrawal entitles the student
to a grade of "W" in the class.
Template Date – July 2013
Palm Beach State College
Course Syllabus – Classroom Courses
Department Contact Information
Name: Colleen Fawcett
Telephone: 561-868-3349
Job Title: Education Department Chair
Template Date – July 2013
Office Location: SS 118
Email: [email protected]
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