Safety Committee

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Safety Committee
Safety Committee
February 18, 2009
3:00 – 4:00 PM, 545/306B
Becky Lindseth, Bob Gooden, Danika Braaten, Julie Fenning, Margarita Bracamonte, Rob Jung, Kent
Wagner, Lynell Wayne, Lynn McGlynn, Scott Fletcher (Guest) .
David Christian, David Hoefer, James Jesme, Jeanine McDermoft, Jesse Adkins, Kate Schmalenberg,
Renee Kringten, Nick Compeau, Sandy Bratvold, Trevor Ronholm, Anita Lizakowski, Clinton Castle,
Gerald Schulte, Shannon Boen, Tim Bergerson
1. Introductions – This meeting is the first college-wide Safety Committee meeting and began with introductions of
members and guest Scott Fletcher, the new Director of Aviation. Meetings will be scheduled monthly being the
third Wednesday of each month, September – April, 3:00 – 4:00 PM, via videoconference. Becky will alternate
between campuses.
2. Safety Inspection Update – MNOSHA Consult conducted a safety inspection in December. We have received
the report of items to corrected, and have submitted the 30 and 60 day items, along with several 90 and 120 day
items. The hazards have been posted on each campus and the airport site. The committee requested to see all
of the details from the safety inspection.
a. ACTION ITEM: Julie will create a folder on the N Drive called “Safety Committee” and post the
The OSHA consultant was not able to inspect the all the areas and buildings on both campuses. Bob and Clinton
will section the buildings off and conduct inspections on a quarterly basis with involvement from the committee.
On-going safety items discussed included purchasing safety glasses for employees and visitors in program areas
where safety glasses are required, creating one page handouts with safety ideas to keep safety in the forefront
of employees’ minds (ie. Office Do’s & Don’t’s, Flammable Cabinets), and eyewash station recycling planning.
The option of “Safety Hazard” has been added in GroupLink under Facilities for employees to report safety
hazards. This is now ready for employees to begin using.
b. ACTION ITEM: Julie will send an email to employees informing them of this new option for reporting
safety hazards.
c. ACTION ITEM: Julie will look into grant opportunities for safety supplies and wall mounted safety
glasses dispensers.
3. Injury Report - There are no reportable or nonreportable injuries. Becky shared that the First Report of Injury
form has been revised. This report is for employees or workstudy students who are working when injured and is
submitted to Diana Hermreck in Human Resources. If injured, non-workstudy students and the general public
complete the Incident Report form located in the Business Office.
4. WENS Update – Becky shared that there are currently only 135 enrolled in the WENS system.
a. ACTION ITEM: Julie will send another email to employees and students encouraging the use of this
5. Safety Drills – The question was asked regarding the schedule for the required annual safety drills.
a. ACTION ITEM: Julie and Becky will work to create a draft schedule coinciding with the “national safety
awareness” months. Becky will look into scheduling the lockdown drill during the April 10th In-Service.
6. Next Meeting: March 18, 2009
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