Northland Community & Technical College Retention Committee Meeting Minutes

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Northland Community & Technical College Retention Committee Meeting Minutes
Northland Community & Technical College
Retention Committee Meeting Minutes
TRF Room 545 and EGF Room 115
March 22, 2010
2:00 – 3:30 p.m.
Retention Members: Barb Forrest, Brenda Olson, Dean Dalen, DeLoris Larson, Ellen Brehmer, Eugene Klinke, James Jesme, Jason
Pangiarella, Julie Olson, Kate Schmalenberg, Kelsy Blowers, Linda Samuelson, Lisa Bottem, Mary Fontes, Maureen O’Connell, Nicki Carlson,
Nicolas Thompson, Norma Konschak, Pam Schorsch, Rocky Ammerman, Steve Crittenden, (Recorder) Jennifer Donarski
Student Members: Patti Hunter, Mary Kuske, Gene Casterlin
Members Absent: Ellen Brehmer, Eugene Klinke, Gene Casterlin, James Jesme, Julie Olson, Linda Samuelson, Maureen O’Connell, Nicki
Carlson, Nicolas Thompson, Norma Konschak, Joshua Stortroen, Patti Hunter
Responsible Party
Stop outs
Update: There will be discussion to decide what quantity of surveys that needs to be ordered
and Steve will call ACT to see if the surveys are good for more than a year. Steve, Mary,
Rocky, and Lisa will decide on which version of the Withdrawing/Nonreturning Student
survey to purchase.
Retention Parking Lot Ideas
The following ideas were great suggestions and the following will be kept on the Retention
Committee Radar:
Low ACCUPLACER scoring students
o Mandatory course
o Mandatory developmental courses first
Discussion: Need to send to the Developmental Education committee for discussion.
IR part of ISRS (queries)
Discussion: There may be statewide progress on ISRS queries for tracking students
who may be close to graduation but don’t complete the paperwork or complete a
few final requirements.
Graduation Application message to students
Discussion: A graduation message has been sent out to students two times from the
Registrar’s office.
Professional Development/Communication
Discussion: Please refer to your email from Julie Fenning regarding professional
development options.
Freshman Experience Class
Discussion: A couple years ago having a mandatory freshman experience class was
brought up to Academic Affairs with no success.
Spring Retention Projects
ELL Group – March 25, 2010 Meeting: If you are a part of this meeting you have received an
Open Forums – March 23 and 24, 2010: Kent Hanson will be facilitating these meetings at
both EGF and TRF. Hope to have an update at the next Retention Committee meeting.
Web and Program Planner Info on Web (Academics): When changes are made through AA
the Northland website gets updated right away prior to MnSCU approval. It makes it difficult
when dealing with current students who are already in a program and the new curriculum is
the only curriculum that is posted. Mary and Rocky will bring the items of posting current,
future, and MnSCU approved curriculum to our website to the next AASC meeting.
Focus Groups: The next focus group will be on May 3rd at both campus locations and Jason
and Pam will be the respective campus facilitators. There will be pizza and soda for the
students who attend. There will be a general topic for the focus group discussion.
CCSSE completed: Thanks to everyone who helped administer the survey. The surveys have
been shipped off and we should have results in a couple of months.
CCFSSE Email to faculty with online survey week of March 22, 2010: The faculty will be also
completing a survey on student engagement.
Need a volunteer to assist with data compilation: It was suggested that Scott Godfrey help
with the compilation. Ellen was going to approach Scott regarding his assistance with the
CCSSE Data Sharing
MSEI Short-term Action Plan strategy (Attachment): The results were distributed and
conveyed a few weeks ago at different group meetings. There are 5 benchmarks in which we
received scores which will be in aggregate for the MnSCU Student Engagement Dashboard.
Active and Collaborative Learning
Student Effort
Academic Challenge
Student-Faculty Interaction
Support for Learners
We were compared to a 2008 cohort (all 2 year colleges) as well as a consortium group
(other colleges similar to Northland). Northland’s area of focus will be student effort. We will
look further into the data and conduct sessions on how each department may assist with
improving student effort within the college.
Retention Strategic Plan progress
toward goals
Refer to Retention Strategic Plan document (Attachment): We reviewed our plan to see if
anything needed to be added or updated.
Perkins is ok at this point
Access & Opportunity Grants-The students are doing better in TRF and the cohort is
doing well and will go above meeting their goals.
Success week-Jason had one in November. It went well although it is hard to get
students to see the immediate benefits.
Early Alerts have been up in TRF and down in EGF
Tracking a cohort group who completed the ESL ACCUPLACER-Kent called Open
Forums for the ELL groups within the college to identify areas where we could
improve. There will be an update at the next meeting.
Lisa will finish the modifications for the handout for online students. We should have
it available on the web and just print some as needed.
Some teams are implementing grade checks for improving athlete eligibility.
The complete and accurate information on the web will need to be updated by June.
Supervisors and areas will be asked to review web pages and update as needed.
Review of policies-There was a group of committed people who attended the 2000
series review. There is another group meeting this Friday regarding the 3000 series
policies. Please attend if interested in policy analysis.
We will be taking a look at the SENSE results at a later date when those become
available to institutions.
Kelsy has conducted a few group career planning sessions in TRF and Kate has
conducted sessions for individuals who are interested in exploring career options.
Timely topics have been going out every 2-3 weeks. If you have any suggestions on
additional topics please email Rocky.
The self-advising tool is halfway complete. This will be an amazing way for the
students to plan program completion.
Mary will request a meeting to discuss the issues of Email as the official form of
communication and Faculty office doors not opened during office hours – faculty
available when needed with Kent and the Academic Deans.
Meeting Dates
April 19th, 2010
May 17th, 2010
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