Retention Meeting Minutes TRF Room 545 and EGF Room 115

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Retention Meeting Minutes TRF Room 545 and EGF Room 115
Retention Meeting Minutes
TRF Room 545 and EGF Room 115
April 4, 2011
3:00-4:30 p.m.
Jason has been busy with Intrusive Advising and Maureen has been busy with Alcohol
Awareness Activities. The Alcohol Awareness will be on the EGF campus on April 27.
Also on the EGF campus there is a Student Life Activity for students on April 12 in the
commons called “MISSION IMPROVable”.
Immigrant Focus Groups
The Immigrant Focus Groups will be at the EGF campus on April 26 in room 115 from 24pm and on the TRF campus on May 4 in room 225 from 10-11am. The sessions are for
immigrant students. Gene will order refreshments from Taher.
GPS Lifeplan
The group met and the GPS LifePlan website found at
http://www.gpslifeplan.org/northlandcollege/ has been updated with the customized links.
Check out the custom tabs (Career, Education, Finance, Leadership, and Personal).
Professional Development
There are funds available for Retention Conferences. We should try to send a few
people once every couple of years. Contact Steve or Mary with any questions. Below are
a list of upcoming conferences.
NACADA "Advising Without Borders - A Global Approach" Think global... act local!” May 18-21,
2011, Winnipeg.
Noel Levitz: July 26-28, 2011 Denver, CO
Retention/ (Nic, Jeanine, and Maureen are interested in attending this conference).
NASPA Assessment & Persistence Conference: June-11 Las Vegas, NV
EPI International: June 12-14 San Diego, CA
Orange Point calls and emails
o Fine tune the timing
o Fine tune the message
o Continue for next terms
o Perhaps use a Google Doc to keep track of whom we talked to. We need
to keep track of the students who responded. Here is the link:
Each advisor that received a call manually documented the student that called
and should keep some kind of spreadsheet to document.
Access codes could be used for probation students.
Would having Financial Aid holds cause a bigger issue? Mary, Steve, and Rocky
will bring this up to Cabinet.
Next year we will have no more continued probation. “Probation” will now be
known as “Academic Warning”. Discussion on Academic Progress changes
needs to occur.
There was discussion on having Access Codes for students with Early Alerts.
Re: Probation Ideas
Talk to Gerald S. to see if direct deposits can be stopped? Or Aid Applied could
be stopped?
We need to get Students in and explain and educate them on what our
expectations are & explain where they are at and then sign off together that goals
have been discussed.
Place academic hold on all probation students & financial aid holds on those who
have aid
Incorporate something more into the online orientation, a game of some sort?
If we incorporate the Financial Aid Holds and holding of funds, we need to
develop an Action Plan to carry out the process.There was a group identified for
an action plan.(Lisa, Kelsy, Rocky, Pat, Barb, Steve, Mary, Jeanine, and Jerry)
New Business
Webinar “Understanding the Gender Gap” – NCTC may be a host site. Gene will check
on what the cost will be.
Next Meeting
May 9th – 3:00
Fly UP