Initiative 3.1.1 – Ensure affordability for all

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Initiative 3.1.1 – Ensure affordability for all
Initiative 3.1.1 – Ensure
affordability for all
students (financial
literacy ONLY)
Briefly summarize your initiative efforts to date:
Financial Aid office and related work committees have worked closely with students and parents
over the past year to better educate them about financial aid opportunities and costs. Increased
group meetings are impacting financial aid borrowing and better educating students before they
Worked to develop a broad-based donor list for identification of key contacts for major gift
planning. Foundation board has set in motion the process for strategic planning. MnSCU $1.1M
grant approved October 21st for a student housing project near TRF campus. This will generate an
affordable housing option for Northland students. Cultivation of leads for building scholarship
capacity is ongoing.
Indicate your initiative status:
 Not started
X Initial progress made (up to 25%)
 Reached project mid-point (up to 50%)
Identify key activities and
milestones accomplished this
quarter (Oct-Dec)
 Default rate has been
reduced due to recent work
from the financial aid office
and work group at the college
(started last year)
 New software was installed
through the Foundation that
makes online application for
all grants and scholarships
easier. Increases in
 Project near completion (up to 75%)
 FY 16 project tasks completed (100%)
 Project paused
Identify key activities and
milestones planned for next
quarter (Jan-March)
 Financial Aid people will go
the road to 21 regional high
schools and meet with
parents and students to
discuss financial aid
application and management
 Hold financial aid night for
any interested people at
college. The focus is on the
Identify issues/concerns (if any)
applications have already
been noted for the spring
2016 semester. This will
reduce financial aid
financial aid process and
costs not necessarily NCTC.
Annual Fund Drive Letter
 Follow-up with major
corporate donor
Visited with a Major
Corporate Donor
 Launch housing project
website, leasing applications
 Executive Director attend a
one-day fundraising
 Hiring of Housing Manager
 Award spring scholarships
 Establishment of a new fully
and initiate fall scholarship
funded ($10,000) scholarship
 Significant addition ($10,000)  Co-host alumni basketball
to an existing scholarship
tournament. (donor
 Total donations received
Oct.-Dec. 2015 total $75,064.
Scholarship campaign work will launch spring 2016 and will be reported on in April 2016
College recognizes
foundation staff shortage and
has taken steps to help solve
- Hiring Housing Project
manager ASAP
Exec. Director will go full-time
in the next few weeks.
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