New Items in the EGF Library / 2~3~2016

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New Items in the EGF Library / 2~3~2016
New Items in the EGF Library / 2~3~2016
The following items have recently been added to the library collection.
New books will be on the ‘New Books’ shelves for approximately six-eight weeks.
The ‘New Books’ shelves are located near the library staff offices.
Always feel free to ask for assistance if you need help finding something!
New Books
* Item with an asterisk were donated to the library and are new to our collection
153.4 Bro
Brotherton, Rob
Suspicious minds: why we believe conspiracy theories
158.2 Far
Faria, Dr. Miguel
The Buddah pill: can meditation change you?
170.44 Bis
Bishop, Michael A.
The good life: unifying the philosophy and psychology of well-being
213 Mar
Marshall, Perry
Evolution 2.0: breaking the deadlock between Darwin and design
303.483 Aga
Agar, Nicholas
The sceptical optimist: why technology isn’t the answer to everything
303.484 Bur
Burrough, Bryan
Days of rage: America’s radical underground, the FBI, and the forgotten age of
revolutionary violence
305.48 Sil
Silverman, Jacob
Terms of service: social media and the price of constant connection
305.5 Put
Putnam, Robert D.
Our kids: the American Dream in crisis
305.6 Bay
Bayoumi, Moustafa
This Muslim American life: dispatches from the war on terror
347.776 Stu
Sturdevant, Lori
Her Honor: Rosalie Wahl and the Minnesota women’s movement
362.1 Fle
Fletcher, Sally N.
Cultural sensibility in health care: a personal & professional guidebook
362.173 Pag
Pagana, Kathleen D.
The nurse’s etiquette advantage: how professional etiquette can advance your
nursing career
362.86 Ban
Bannerman, Stacy
Homefront 911: how families of veterans are wounded by our wars
362.883 Kra
Krakauer, Jon
Missoula: rape and the justice system in a college town
363.325 Ste
Stern, Jessica
ISIS: the state of terror
363.738 Bur
Burch, Sarah L.
Understanding climate change: science, policy, and practice
364.134 Shu
Shuler, Jack
The thirteenth turn: a history of the noose
373.1262 HiS
Mometrix, ed.
HiSET secrets study guide: your key to exam success: HiSET test review for the
High school equivalency test
610.73 CAN
Mometrix, ed.
CNA exam secrets study guide: CNA test review for the Certified Nurse
Assistant exam
610.73 Hob c.2
Mometrix, ed.
HOBET secrets study guide: HOBET exam review for the Health Organization
Basic Entrance Exam
Lippincott manual of nursing practice (10th ed.)
610.73 Lip
610.73 NCL
Mometrix, ed.
NCLEX-RN secrets
610.73076 Sil
Silvestri, Linda Anne
Saunder’s comprehensive review for the NCLEX-RN examination
610.73076 Sil
Silvestri, Linda Anne
Saunder’s comprehensive review for the NCLEX-RN examination
612.64 Mai
Maienschein, Jane
Embryos under the microscope: the diverging meaning of life
612.68 Ant
Anton, Ted
The longevity seekers: science, business, and the fountain of youth
612.76 Gil
Gillen, Christopher M.
The hidden mechanics of exercise: molecules that move us
612.8 Doi
Doidge, Norman
The brain’s way of healing: remarkable discoveries and recoveries from the
frontiers of neuroplasticity
615.7827 Cas
Casarett, M.D., David
Stoned: a doctor’s case for medical marijuana
615.82 NPT
Mometrix, ed.
NPTAE secrets study guide: your key to exam success: NPTAE exam review for
the National Physical Therapy Assistant Examination
616.025 EMT
Mometrix, ed.
EMT exam secrets study guide: EMT test review for the NREMT emergency
medical technician exam
616.85 Mor
Morris, David J.
The evil hours: a biography of post-traumatic stress disorder
616.89 Rol
Rolls, Geoff
Classic case studies in psychology
650.1 Kra
Kramer, David
Entering the real world: timeless ideas not learned in school
658.3 Tul
Tulgan, Bruce
Bridging the soft skills gap: how to teach the missing basics to today’s young talent
658.802 Hia
Hiam, Alexander
Marketing for dummies
694.2 Fra
Fine Homebuilding, ed.
Framing floors, walls & ceilings (Taunton’s)
700 Cum
Cumming, Robert
Art: a visual history
709.2 Arn
Arnaktauyok, Germaine
My name is Aranktauyok: the life and art of Germaine Arnaktauyok
709.94 Llo
Lloyd, Christopher
Paul Cézanne: drawings and watercolors
921 Ste*
Hennessy, James Pope
Robert Louis Stevenson
973.0497 Nab
Nabokov, Peter
How the world moves: the odyssey of an American Indian family
Fic Irv
Irving, John
Avenue of mysteries
Fic See*
See, Lisa
Snow Flower and the secret fan
302.545 Sec, DVD
Secrets of the wild child: the revealing story of Genie
Fly UP