A Health Sciences Cluster October 15, 2014

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A Health Sciences Cluster October 15, 2014
Health Sciences Cluster
October 15, 2014
01:15 -4 PM
ETA Room 159
Dr. Sooklall: Welcome
Item 1:
Veterans Day Celebration
Encourage faculty to give Veterans in their classes permission to attend campus events.
Data/Data Source:
o November 10: 09:30 – 10:45 AM, breakfast
 LW, PBG, BG Campuses
o November 13: Dinner (TBD)
 Boca Campus
Veterans must RSVP. A Flyer was distributed at Development Day.
Item 2:
Curriculum Updates:
Proposed changes for Nursing: Director Buddy Herrington
 Two changes must be made – one course to be added and one course to be removed.
GenEd – Three hours of math must be added and three hours must be removed from
another area.
 Statistics is proposed as the added math course
o Statistics is a requirement for the BSN program as well as the new “BSN
in 10” initiative.
o Statistics will foster critical thinking skills.
o Other health sciences courses require Statistics; good fit for students
electing to enter Health Information Technology careers
 Course to be replaced by Statistics will be Nutrition, objectives of which are
covered elsewhere in Nursing Program.
 Motion made to replace Nutrition with Statistics in the RN Nursing Program; motion
seconded; all present voted to approve with no oppositions or dissensions
 HSC1010, a prerequisite for NUR1024, must be removed from RN Nursing Program
since the college is required to drop the course. Motion made, seconded and approved by
all present. No oppositions or dissensions.
Dental Assisting Program
DES courses for DA program must be reconverted from credit back to clock hour due to new
Financial Aid guidelines. Cluster approval required for Curriculum Committee.
Ophthalmic Program: Dr. Sooklall announced the unanimous E-vote approval of ophthalmic
program change of sequence. No questions or discussions.
Item 3 - Other
Safe Haven: Professor Cindy Goegelman provided update on partnership with Safe Haven.
Plans to make modifications to website to be more user-friendly and provided feedback.
College to be recognized as sponsor on Safe Haven’s website; changes to website pending.
Info submitted to five boards regarding course for nursing, CNA, dental, ________ and mental
health counselor.
Students in nursing OBGYN rotation required to perform Safe Haven project.
Course will be CEU and will include the rules, regulations and community awareness education.
Plan to have certificate available for students to print and verification provided to faculty of
course completion.
Gala held once a year in Miami will include PBSC table this year.
HIM Program: Professor Colette Chiacchiero – AHIMA FIRE event on 11/18 open to any students
interested in nonclinical healthcare occupations. Interaction with students and professionals in
health information technology industries.
Community Health Fair: Request for faculty from each program to sign up and participate.
Professor Louise Aurelien noted it is a one-day symposium/career day in February to educate high
school students on healthcare professions. Students rotate through rooms for discussions. Best to
send faculty members as opposed to students.
Human Trafficking: Professor Peggy Holmes-DeGraw: Event coming up on 10/23 in NS 129 from
1 – 3 pm. Dean Rogers wants to develop a course for CEUs.
Dr. Sooklall: Request for motion to adjourn made and seconded.
Aurelian, Louise
Braga, Patty
Carracher, Elizabeth
Chiacchiero, Colette
Collins, Tina
Copeland, Deborah
Craven, Mark
Demarco, Shernett
DePalo, Hope
Duffey, Lydia
Fisher, Jane
Flynn, Kerry
Frieary, Debra
Gaylord, Cory
Goegelman, Cindy
Herrington, Buddy
Holmes-DeGraw, Margaret
Kalfin, Barbara
Kent, Leslie
Kershner, Robert
Latimer, Mike
Latimer, Nancy
McBrayer, Cheri
McCaughey, Marilee
McCauley, Judith
Miquel, Louise
Parlamento, Stephanie
Platt, Sheryl
Pleasant, Rebecca
Pryzby, Barbara
Pulido, Joanne
Roderigues, Elizabeth
Sipes, Ann
Sirota, Nadine
Sooklall, Raywattie
Steff, Julia
Urresta, Monica
Vassell, Winsome
Venereo, Jesus
Wallace, Ilse
Yale, Mindy
Zinser, Nancy
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