MEETING MINUTES eLearning Advisory Committee

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MEETING MINUTES eLearning Advisory Committee
eLearning Advisory Committee
Friday, October 16, 2015
1:00pm – 3:00pm
CBP 103
Three Possible Strategies for Future of eLearning
Prior to the meeting, Sid distributed documents to each of the committee
members. These documents detailed information that was previously written to
inform the President of past eLearning initiatives. Additionally, members received
information on topics (or strategies) for the group to discuss. Sid summarized the
documents to begin the discussion. He urged everyone to keep in mind the “Iron
Triangle” of cost, access, and quality that will come into play in the committee’s
Three Strategies to discuss:
1. Simplify and focus on quality
2. Continue to grow as we have been
3. Expand services offered
Discussion centered on the idea that the committee should consider what we want
for eLearning – the “ideal.” Ginger explained that the President is giving us this
opportunity to present our perspective and recommendations to her. Sid
mentioned that the committee’s proposal will be given to the President in January.
Additional topics were introduced, including:
 the mentality that the College is “one” entity
 seeking the ultimate goal for the future eLearning strategy
o increased enrollment?
o improved courses?
o improved student readiness and success?
 the fact that nearby colleges have created virtual campuses
o have different campus policies formulated for online course
 evaluating other college models, and
 endorsement for the scheduling of more hybrid courses.
SWOT Analysis on the three strategies and the components/services that would
be included. Sid will email the committee.
Members should plan to break into subgroups at the next meeting to perform
SWOT analysis of three ‘basic Models’ – keeping in mind that the Models are
defined by services and a scope of responsibilities that can be shifted from one
model to the next, and other services/responsibilities will most likely be identified
and added to a Model serving the purpose for the Proposal.
Next meeting to be held on Friday, October 23 @ 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM
Carolyn Allen
Robbie Allen
Sidney Beitler, Chair
Gary Brown
Emma Chow
Tracy Ciucci
Eugenia Cox
Eva Cruz Pedraz
David Gossman
Anne Guiler
April Harris
Patricia Hoyle-Robinette
Submitted by: Sidney Beitler
April Harris, Scribe
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