Getting Started with Kaltura MediaSpace 1

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Getting Started with Kaltura MediaSpace 1
Getting Started with Kaltura MediaSpace
For best playback performance, audio and video files should be located on our Kaltura streaming server.
See related tutorials for information about non-audio/video files and using Kaltura in Blackboard.
Features of Kaltura Media Space
Add Media
 Upload audio/video files
 Record from a webcam
 Record computer screen
Edit Media
Share/Organize Media
 Modify name, tags,
 Allow/Disable all or
new comments
 Link to Media Page (URL)
 Embed code
 Create playlists
 Create channels
Delete Media
(permanent deletion
from Kaltura)
To Access:
Go to: http://palmbeachstate-elearning.mediaspace.kaltura.com
To Login:
1. Click on Guest and choose the option Login.
2. Sign in with your College username and password.
Add New Media
1. Click the button Add New, then select:
 Media Upload,
 Webcam Recording, or
 Screen Recording
You will be prompted to login if you have not already done so.
2. Follow the promptings to upload or record your media.
Please know that you cannot upload a file over 2GB.
3. Enter a name, and optionally a description and/or tags.
4. Select whether the new media should be set to Private, Unlisted, or Published.
5. Click Save.
View, Edit, Delete, and Share Media
1. Select your name and choose My Media.
A list of all media that you are the owner of will appear.
2. To edit or delete, click the appropriate option next to the specific media.
3. To view, click the name of the media.
4. When viewing a specific media file, click the Share button to copy the link or
embed code.
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Getting Started with Kaltura MediaSpace
Create a Playlist
1. Select your name and choose My Media.
2. Place a checkmark to the left of the media you want to
include in the playlist.
3. Click the Actions button and select Add to playlist.
4. To add to an existing playlist, place a checkmark next to the desired playlist.
Or, to create a new playlist, enter a name in the field provided.
5. Click Add.
6. Click the Manage Playlists button to view your new playlist.
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Need more information?
Contact eLearning at [email protected] or call (561) 868-3762.
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