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a! The figute below represents an experiment performed to demonstrate a
particular aspect of photosynthesis. Study tbe same carefirlly and answer
the questions that follow:i) What is the aim of this experiment?
ii) What is the special condition inside the flask
for this experiment?
iii) In what way will the three leaves (A,B and C)
differ at tl.e end of the experiment, when te
with iodine solution?
iv) What is the chemical substance numbered 2 ?
v) Write the overall chemical equation for the proceSS
b) Briefly explain the following terms:ilAntibiotics
iilActive immunity
iii) Puberty
iv) Identical twins
v) Tropic hormones
af Complete the follonring table by
in the blanlrs
I to 1O with
Effect on body
Stimulates the breakdown of glycogen into glucose
nfl ue nces carbohydrate, prote i n,
fat metabol ism
Posterior pituitary
b) Give scien
i) Insulin should be given intravenously but not orally to a diabetic patient.
ii) A person moving from a bright light area into a dark room, the person get blinded
for a while.
iii) Person having once suffered from measles will not normally suffer from it again.
iv) In sllmmer tJ:e urine passed is slightly thicker and. less in quantit5r when
compared to winter.
v) Dicot leaves have thick green upper surface and pale green lower surface
a! The diagram below shows a human embryo in the uterus.
and answer the questions that follos:i) Name tJ'e part marked A. What structures does
A contain?
ii) Name the structure marked B. Does it develop
from the mother or from the embryo or from both?
State its two important functions?
iii) Name the fluid that fills the space labelled D.
State the functional role of it.
iv) Name the part E. v/hat is its functlon during child,s
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