A Day in the Life of a Close Up Participant this trip

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A Day in the Life of a Close Up Participant this trip
A Day in the Life of a Close
Up Participant
What to expect of your children who are on
this trip
Trip Details
Depart 11:15pm (Saturday)
Return 7pm (Friday)
Sunday –Whitehead Walk around the National mall Area,
Monday-Tuesday in Washington DC
Wednesday in Williamsburg
Thursday-Antietam Battlefield and Harper’s Ferry
Friday – Possibly Frederick Douglass House and Travel day
Living Arrangements
• Normal Hotel Rooms
• 4 Students to a room with two queen size
• No internet access
• Limited TV
• Curfew at 10pm
Daily Activities-morning
• 6:30 am Wake up at (remember they feel like it
is 3:30am for the first two days!)
• 7-7:30 am Breakfast
• 8 am Daily Briefing and workbook assignment
• 8:30-9am Board Buses-a moving classroom
(Activities onboard buses – daily question i.e
What does “freedom” mean?)
• 10-noon Activities around DC – workbook
(monuments/Capitol Hill related to daily
Daily Activities-afternoon
• 12-1pm lunch and group meetings
• 1 – 3pm Continued activities around
DC related to the Daily Question (big
• 3 – 5pm small group activities either
around DC or at the hotel – work on
• 5 - 6pm dinner around DC (Union
Station) or at hotel
Daily Activities-evening
• 6:30 – 8:30pm small group activities (2030 students)
• 8:30 – 9:30pm large group activities
wrapping up the day (project based
• 9:30 – 10pm time to get snacks and get to
your rooms for curfew
• 10pm Close Up security check and
teacher check (sometimes due to night
activities we are out later than this!)
Our students will be paired with:
students from numerous other
What is it appropriate to expect
students to do?
• All current work and make up work given
two weeks prior to the trip.
• An assignment that pairs with what they are
doing in DC/Williamsburg (i.e. Social Studies
– Great Depression and FDR, PE – major
exercise as they walk 8 hours a day!)
• An assignment that complements the trip
(i.e. Science- recycling assignment)
What is difficult for students to
• Assignments given the day of the trip
requiring textbooks or internet access.
• Assignments requiring massive amounts
of time during the trip.
• Assignments that require them to work in
groups with classmates not going on the
trip (any group assignment).
Fremont Goes to Washington
• Is a wonderful opportunity for Fremont
• Is a chance for students to live history.
• Is an opportunity for them to engage in
PLC in a national forum.
• Is a chance for teachers to engage
them cross-curricularly.
Thank you for supporting our students
and for your support of this program.
Fly UP