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ts a TCS Joins Banking Industry
Industry-Leading BillionAccount Benchmark
TCS Joins
Banking Industry
Architecture Network
Ernst & Young measures online
Asian financial institutions
poised to be early beneficiaries
transaction processing speed in excess
of 17,000 transactions per second
At Sibos Osaka, TCS became a member of BIAN, a member-driven
organization offering a SOA-based business service model for the
In November 2012, TCS engaged Ernst & Young to observe
a benchmarking exercise of the Core Banking application of
banking industry.
Asian banks are in an excellent position to implement the flexible
TCS BaNCS. The benchmark data, a 29-terabyte database, was
architectural model, suggests Hans Tesselaar, Executive Director of
provided by State Bank of India, a TCS BaNCS client. Tests were
BIAN. “Asian financial institutions are embarking on a wave of core
conducted for batch processing and for online transaction
system renewals and upgrades, as new foreign entrants are forcing
processing to simulate actual usage.
domestic enhancements,” said Tesselaar. “Celent predicts spend on
core systems in APAC to exceed US $2 billion in 2013. Integration
costs can be as much as triple the purchase cost of software, meaning these banks could be spending up to $6 billion on integration,
which is in this moment of time, unnecessary. It is imperative that
Key result of the benchmark for batch processing:
n The time to execute month-end processes for 1 billion
accounts (loans plus deposits) was 88 minutes.
n This result is a significant improvement over a similar
Asian banks collaborate with their international peers when plan-
performance benchmark conducted in 2007 by Ernst &
ning these core banking projects and adopt open standards for
Young, also using with account data from State Bank of
India. In that earlier test, TCS BaNCS was shown capable of
R. Vivekanand, Vice President & Global Head – Product Delivery,
TCS Financial Solutions commented on the announcement: “We
are pleased to be joining BIAN. TCS has always been committed
to adopting standards and influencing them where possible. We
believe BIAN offers the potential for further standardization and
gives banks the tools to rationalize and simplify their businesses.
processing 500 million accounts (loans plus deposits)
in 108 minutes.
processing time
(in minutes)
Number of
accounts processed
(in millions)
We see BIAN as a vehicle to contribute to help deliver these open
business standards in a collaborative manner, for the benefit of
all financial institutions.”
Upcoming Events
Washington, DC, USA
n 2-5 June 2013
Key results of the benchmark for online transaction
processing (OLTP):
n In a simulation of 570,000 tellers posting 278 million
Dubai, UAE
n 16-19 September 2013
transactions, the run time was 4 hours and 48 minutes.
n Over a peak period of one hour, TCS BaNCS averaged
BAI Retail Delivery
Denver, USA
n 5-7 November 2013
17,154 transactions per second (TPS).
Go-Live at BNP Paribas
for TCS BaNCS in the US
Genweb2 Named
TCS BaNCS Business Partner
TCS BaNCS supports local custody
operations for all major asset classes
In January 2013, TCS announced the go-live in the United
States at BNP Paribas Securities Services, a leading global cus-
Bangladesh-based IT provider to offer
TCS BaNCS in local market
todian and securities services provider backed by BNP Paribas
In October 2012, Genweb2, an IT services and solutions provider based
directly to the US Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation (US
in Bangladesh and TCS BaNCS business partner, organized a panel
Group. The platform is used for post-trade services for local custody of all major asset classes in the US market and connects
discussion on “Leveraging Technology in Emerging Markets Banking
Alain Pochet, Global Head of Clearing and Custody Services,
Sector” in Dhaka. The panelists included N. Ganapathy Subramanian,
BNP Paribas, said, “The launch of our custody operations in the
President – TCS Financial Solutions; Mr. M B N Rao, managing director of
US means that we are now our own local custodian for more
BRAC Enterprises and Investments; and Mr. Muhammad A (Rumee) Ali,
than 80 per cent of our clients’ domestic market assets. It was,
former Chairman of BRAC Bank. Mahmood Sattar, Managing Director of
therefore, important for us to go on working on the world’s
Bangladesh-based The City Bank, moderated the discussion. More than
leading equity market with one of our major IT partners.”
40 senior executives from several local banks were in attendance.
N. Ganapathy Subramaniam, President, TCS Financial Solu-
At the event, Genweb2 and TCS announced a partnership, under
tions, said, “In addition to demonstrating TCS BaNCS’ proven na-
which Genweb2 will represent financial services software products
ture in the US custody space, this deployment showcases how
under the TCS BaNCS brand name in Bangladesh. This alliance, which
firms can have complete end-to-end control from a regulatory
is part of the TCS BaNCS channel partner program, will combine TCS’
and operational perspective. We are glad to be considered a
internationally-proven banking suite (TCS BaNCS) and implementation
preferred partner at BNP Paribas and will strive to solve their
track record with Genweb2’s existing strengths in the local market.
Strate Selects
for Market
TCS BaNCS to power fixed
income depository operations
for South Africa CSD
Strate, the licensed Central Securities
pressing technology problems globally.”
The solution will provide Strate with the
over the years and delivered with certainty.
ability to adopt multiple BIS settlement mod-
Their product fits into our landscape and fu-
els along with a flexible framework to cater
ture strategy. We aim to raise the efficiency
to market-specific requirements designed to
bar, post this deployment for Fixed Income
maximize settlement efficiency. In line with
Depository Operations.”
global trends, the solution provides compre-
N. Ganapathy Subramaniam, President, TCS
hensive support for both nominee and benefi-
Financial Solutions said: “TCS has played a
ciary accounts, thereby providing Strate with
strong role in the evolution of the settlement
the ability to smoothly transition to an SOR
infrastructure in the South African market
(Securities Ownership Register) market model.
since the inception of Strate and in making
As part of the implementation, the interfaces
it world class. The selection of TCS BaNCS at
for the Bond Market System will also be re-
Strate further vindicates our commitment to
freshed with ISO standard messages.
the market and to our solution being best in
Depository (CSD) for the electronic settlement
Commenting on the selection of TCS
class, in alignment with the strategic direc-
of financial instruments in South Africa, will
BaNCS, Ms. Monica Singer, CEO, Strate, said:
tion of our key customers. We look forward
deploy the Market Infrastructure solution from
“This choice was a natural outcome of a long
to taking our strong relationship with Strate
the TCS BaNCS product suite to replace its cur-
partnership with TCS, as they have demon-
to the next level in value delivery with this
rent legacy Bond Market System, UNEXcor.
strated deep understanding of our business
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