Rolls Royce Marine implements a Supplier Development Program with help from TCS

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Rolls Royce Marine implements a Supplier Development Program with help from TCS
Rolls Royce Marine implements
a Supplier Development Program
with help from TCS
The role of quality in Supply chain efficiency is very important and
has the ownership of materials from incoming to finished goods and
extends post delivery covering warranty.
Global corporations realize that collaborating with the supplier
community is a business imperative. Rolls Royce Marine, a world
leader in marine solutions, wished to implement a Supplier
Development Program in order to improve selected existing supplier
performance with regards to Delivery and incoming quality.
We helped the company draw up a list of suppliers to be targeted for
focused supplier development and quality improvement objectives.
Rolls Royce Marine has been able to achieve significant benefits from
this program, such as improved quality, timely and reliable delivery
and reduction in inventory-carrying costs.
About the Client
Rolls Royce Marine AS is a world leader in marine solutions, providing products,
services and expertise to more than 30,000 vessels in the offshore, merchant, naval
surface and submarine markets. It designs ships, and the product range includes
power and propulsion systems featuring diesel engines and gas turbines, propellers,
thrusters and water jets. The company is a subsidiary of Rolls Royce and has its main
production sites in Nordics.
Rolls Royce Marine
Supplier Development
Business Challenge
TCS’ Solution
In today’s uncertain economy, companies are realizing
the importance of good supplier performance and its
critical impact on company’s market competitiveness.
A strong and collaborative relationship with suppliers
can help companies reduce costs, streamline operations,
and minimize defective products.
TCS assembled a team of supply chain experts led by an
experienced domain knowledge consultant to conduct a
supplier management process quality assessment.
Using industry standard tools, we identified existing
lacunae and created non-conformance reports (NCRs).
We did a spend analysis and Pareto analysis on the NCRs
and prioritized those that needed to be closed on
priority. In addition, we also laid down mechanisms to
prevent the occurrence of defects. We also identified
key suppliers to be included on priority in the supplier
development program (SDM). The SDM covered:
Rolls Royce Marine, a world leader in the marine engine
market, faced several incoming quality issues with its
suppliers. Commodities were shipped to the company
without proper inspection, and there were many
instances of incorrect quantity and wrong parts being
received at the company stores. Some of the suppliers
were not ISO-certified, and there was a low awareness of
the company’s quality requirements among the
Rolls Royce Marine wished to adopt a suitable supplier
development program to improve the quality
orientation of its key suppliers and hence optimize their
performance. It wanted to identify and prioritize
suppliers for the program and develop a mutually
beneficial long-term relationship with them.
The company chose TCS to help in this effort because of
our understanding of supply chain practices, and our
quality consulting capabilities.
Educating suppliers on ISO quality systems and its
Implementing an enterprise-wide plan of ISO
certification for the suppliers
Improving manufacturing processes at suppliers ,
including change of process sequence, new
processes, with new jigs/fixtures
Implementing corrective action in the form of process
improvements for the existing NCRs after thorough
root cause analysis
Implementing a 100% defects’ containment program
Educating suppliers on prevention methods based
on TQM, Kaizen, MSA and Gage R & R
“TCS’ performance in the implementation of the Supplier development
program was absolutely outstanding. The knowledge and experience
that was brought into this project, did not only contribute but also shape
the planning and execution of the project. All in all, TCS was
instrumental to the exceptional results the project delivered. ”
Wiggo Eriksen
Supplier Quality and Development Manager,
Rolls Royce Marine
Experience certainty
True certainty of success comes from working with a partner you trust to provide
the insight, support and expertise that will propel your business forward. Experiencing
certainty with TCS means you can count on results, partnership and leadership.
TCS managed the intense, high impact exercise well to
provide Rolls Royce Marine a comprehensive supplier
development program.The company has been able to
establish a closer, more collaborative relationship with
its key suppliers, leading to higher supplier product
quality. Importantly, by creating a quality orientation
within the extended enterprise, TCS has ensured that its
intervention will have a sustained impact.
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