Franklin Jr High    Social Studies 8th Grade Procedures  Ms. Long   

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Franklin Jr High    Social Studies 8th Grade Procedures  Ms. Long   
Franklin Jr High Social Studies 8th Grade Procedures Ms. Long [email protected] 480­472­2689 Daily Procedures ● ​
Entering the room​
: ○ If the door is not open please line up in a single file line next to the building next to the stairs and wait for the teacher to open the door. ○ When you come in, quickly find your seat and pull out your planner, notebook, and any homework/assignments. Make sure your pencil is sharpened. Begin filling in planner. ● ​
: ○ Students are required to fill out their planner every day. Please write your homework assignment upon entering the room, if there are no homework assignments you must write the objective of the day. ● Bell work​
: ○ A bell work question, or task will be listed on the board every day. You are to begin bell work once you have completed filling in your planner. Bell work is to be completed by the end of the period each day. ● ​
: ○ ​
If you use any supplies in the room be courteous and return them to their designated place when you are finished. ● ​
Turning in Assignments​
: ○ ​
Assignments should never be turned in early. Your assignments should be placed in the bin for your class period when instructed to do so. ● ​
Expectations for labeling your work: ○ Students must write their first and last name, class period, and date on their assignments. When there is not a labeled place to do this it should be written in the upper right hand of your paper. ○ Students should write with pencil, or a pen. Pens should be blue or black ink for most assignments. (You must use a pencil when taking tests). ○ You may use highlighters or different color ink to write on your notes, or chapter timeline as long as it does not become a distraction from getting your work done. ○ Highlighters are not to be used as a ​
writing instrument ​
for assignments, summaries, or tests. ● ​
No Name papers: ○ ​
If you turn in an assignment without your name it will be placed in the no name bin. Students who fail to put their name on assignments will be docked 10% from their overall grade on the assignment. Students are responsible for claiming no name papers and turning them in to the appropriate bin. The no name bin will be cleaned out at the end of each month. ●
Restroom/ Water: ○ Students who need to use the restroom should go in the first 5 minutes or last 5 minutes of class. Please limit your trips to the restroom as you only have ten bathroom passes for each quarter. ○ Once all passes are used if a student must use the restroom during class they will receive a lunch detention. ○ Students must fill out their pass for the restroom and bring it to the teacher to be signed before leaving the room, with their pass. ○ Students should have a water bottle with them in class to avoid leaving class to get water. Pencil Sharpening: ○ It is expected that you will sharpen your pencils at the beginning of class. If you need to sharpen your pencil during class and do not have a handheld sharpener, please quietly get up and walk to the pencil sharpener when it is appropriate for you to sharpen your pencil I will let you know. Quickly sharpen your pencil and return to your seat. Please do not form a line at the pencil sharpener during a lesson. Using facial tissue: ○ Should you need to blow your nose during class please quietly get up and do so. The tissue is located next to the pencil sharpener and trash can. ​
Trash/recycle: ○ When assignments are passed back please wait until the end of class if you would like to recycle them. If you have any other trash please wait until instructed to throw it away. Using the phone: ○ If you need to call home during class, please make sure you ask to call early in the class period. Students should not wait until the last minute to ask to use the phone. ​
Preparing to leave the room: ○ The teacher will let you know when you may pack up your belongings, this will generally be only one minute before the bell rings. Please make sure you have all of your belongings, and that you have placed your textbook back in its designated area before you leave the room when the bell rings. Passing Period: ○ Students have four minutes to travel between classes. Students should move quickly, but respectfully to their next class. Assignment Types/Grades ● Your grade in Ms. Long’s Social Studies class is comprised of four categories. They are listed below along with the percentage of your grade. Franklin Jr. High has a zero tolerance policy when it comes to late assignments, meaning if it is not done when the assignment is being checked you will receive a zero for the assignment. ○ ​
Homework: 10% (Usually a study guide that will pertain to the assigned reading or geography assignment.) ○ Test: 30% (Given at the end of a chapter, or over geography, will comprise of multiple choice, matching, fill in the blank, multiple response and essay questions.) ○ Assignment: 30% (Various assignments from writing, posters, vocabulary, mapping, and presentations.) ○ Notebook: 30% You will be required to keep your composition notebook organized as it will be modeled to include daily bell work, chapter timeline, summaries, vocabulary, presentation notes, and primary source reflections.) Communication: ● Please contact me with any questions you may have. I prefer email communication as I can respond quickly and at any time. I will respond within 24 hours, but usually will be much faster than that. ○ Email: [email protected] ○ ​
Phone: 480­472­2689 ● ​
Weekly Updates: ○ Please go to​
and subscribe to my newsletter. I will post a short weekly update of assignments and review of what we have been working on in class. Miscellaneous items ● Tardy Policy: ○ Franklin Jr. High’s policy is that you will be in your seat when the bell rings. If you are not in your seat you will be marked tardy, after three tardies you will be assigned a detention, after the third, every tardy after that will result in a detention. ● Make up work for absences: ○ Students are expected to make arrangements to stay after school for help sessions to make up any work that they have missed from absences. Students are given two days for every day that they were absent to make up their missed work. ○ ​
No work will be given prior to an absence. ● ​
Dress Code: ○ Please refer to the planner for general dress code. ○ No Writing/drawing on your skin, you will be asked to wash it off ○ Ladies: make sure that both the front and back of your shirt are modest, i.e no lace or sheer without full shirt underneath, or low cut shirts. Skirts/Dresses must come to the knee, if there is a slit it cannot come above the knee. Leggings cannot be worn as pants. ○ Gentlemen: make sure that you don’t have any visible piercings, and that no undergarments can be seen, i.e. pants should not sag below the waist. ○ When a student is not in compliance with dress code they will be sent to the nurse's office until they can be brought into compliance. ● ​
: ○ Detentions will be held after school on pre­scheduled days from 2:30­3:30. Students will be given a detention slip by the teacher and will be expected to return it the following day with a parent signature. Failure to return a detention slip will result in an additional detention. ○ Detentions can be assigned for homework, planner signature, behavior, or failure to follow campus guidelines. ○ ​
Homework detentions: Students who fail to complete three assignments will be assigned a detention. After the first detention any missed assignments will result in an additional detention. ○ ​
Students are expected to work silently during detentions. ● Help Sessions: ○ Will be available after school from 2:30­3:30. We will post the available help session schedule each Monday per teacher. Students must sign up for a help session prior to the end of the day. If students show up to a help session without signing up they will be sent to the office. ○ Students that attend a help session will receive a stamp in their planner indicating that they attended. ○ Students may make arrangements to attend two help sessions on the same day, but must get it preapproved by both teachers. ● Checking grades/upcoming due dates: ○ ​
It is expected that students will monitor their grades by checking their portal. Students should make sure that if an assignment is labeled as missing that they check the no name bin for their work ASAP. Missing work will not be accepted unless it is found in the no name bin, meaning the student did the assignment and turned it in on time. ○ Please look on each class calendar to make sure you are staying on top of assignments, homework, and studying for tests. ● ​
Planners: ○ Students are expected to fill out their planner every day, on Fridays students will receive a yes or no in three categories (appropriate behavior, class work completed, and homework completed) from their teachers. Students are required to get their planner signed by a parent/guardian over the weekend. On Monday planners will be checked in homeroom. Planners that are not signed will result in a detention for that student. __________________________________________________________________________ Please read, sign, and date this page of the Social Studies procedures, indicating that you will follow them. Please keep these procedures and refer back to them as needed. Cut and return this last page to Ms. Long by Monday, August 17th, 2015. Student Name: ________________________ Signature: _____________________ Date: ________ (Print) Parent Name: _________________________Signature: ______________________Date: ________ (Print) 
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