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Mobile Web Solutions
Mobile Web Solutions
The growth of powerful, affordable, function-rich, and data-centric Smartphone devices empowers
employees today – enabling them to stay up-to-date and make the right decisions using the latest
information. The focus, therefore, is on expanding web applications for mobile devices used by the mobile
workforce. Such applications help scale operational efficiency by providing real-time visibility into critical
customer and supply chain information, sales pipelines, and pricing insights – anytime, anywhere.
Recognizing these trends, Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) offers Mobile Web Solutions to improve the
business capability of a Smartphone-empowered workforce. The mobile web enablement improves
information availability from enterprise systems to the mobile workforce, resulting in improved productivity
and operational efficiencies. Our offering uses your existing web-oriented infrastructure to reduce the
overall cost of deployment. Our solution is also backed by a standards-based development, enabling an
intuitive and adaptive user experience, reduced Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), flexibility, speed, and
improved time-to-market.
Smartphones are revolutionizing the way enterprise workforces
interact with customers today. The availability of mobile web
applications significantly contribute to business by enabling
employees to touch customers and stakeholders anytime, anywhere,
and in an informed manner. A web mobile application also enables
companies to expand global reach, eliminate operational and IT
costs, and improve operational efficiency by providing real-time
access to customer and critical supply chain information. A robust
mobile web solution also eases the handling of mobile devices and
platforms, and seeks to re-use existing web infrastructure to
capitalize on mobility opportunities.
Our holistic Mobile Web Solution helps you mobile-enable the
existing enterprise applications, along with selection of the right
channel for mobile application access. The solution allows seamless
enterprise adoption of mobile web applications, helping you extend
the global reach of your business beyond organizational boundaries.
Our solution defines the ‘as-is’ state with respect to your enterprise’s
mobility readiness, and recommends the ‘to-be’ state for adoption.
We then define the best-fit mobile web enablement framework and
system integration approach.
Our solution also offers you the ability to adopt touch-enabled
mobile applications and mobile business applications on featurerich devices. We also exploit the strength of emerging mobile
devices, platforms, and frameworks. Through our solution, you gain
from our:
Enterprise Mobile Application Platform Framework (EMAP);
Criteria enlistment, Rank, Evaluate, Assess strength, Tag
evaluation rating, and Evaluation (CREATE) Methodology;
Resource Selection Framework;
Mobility Assessment Framework.
Our mobility solution brings you a platform- and device-agnostic
cross-browser solution on the web, and has an interactive and fluid
UI with self-service capabilities. The key benefits that you gain from
mobile web enablement are an empowered mobile worker, as well
Real-time access to customer and critical supply chain
information for better decision-making;
A rich user experience on the mobile device that is fully
integrated with backend applications such as SAP, CRM etc;
Faster response to customer needs and queries, and better
customer service;
Enhanced operational efficiency and improved mobile workforce
productivity by 40 per cent to 60 per cent;
Significant web oriented infrastructure cost savings by re-using
web services architecture (40 per cent to 70 per cent);
Easy maintenance and low TCO through standards-based
Seamless user experience across platforms and devices.
We bring with us, deep experience in mobile web computing and
consultants trained on different technologies and platforms. We also
have experience and competency across different mobile platforms
and use the unique ‘thin-client, rich-client’ approach, keeping heavy
processing for downstream logic on the server side. We also
differentiate the engagement with our:
Solution accelerators and enablers. Our solution accelerators
include the Enterprise Mobile Application Platform (EMAP)
reusable components and web services, and CREATE
methodology for middleware evaluation. We also bring you our
mobile dashboard solution, re-usable components, and tools to
achieve higher productivity and drive down the overall cost.
Delivery of a rich user experience. This is enabled by our
dedicated user experience lab spread across locations. We have
also made investments focused on emerging technologies and
vertical solution accelerators, as well as developed solution
accelerators for different verticals.
Strong alliance eco-system. Our solution is supported by our
global footprint, strong alliance, and partner ecosystem with
leading enterprise system software providers and device
platform vendors. Our global scale includes mobile software
development capabilities located onsite, onshore, near-shore, or
Rich Mobile
Browser centric integration
Mobile VAS (Value Added
User Profiling
Contextual computing & search
Web Sites
Extend/Enable existing
website on mobile devices
Cross platform and cross
browser support
An overview of our Mobile Web Solution
Innovation network. We leverage the TCS Innovation Labs and
Co-Innovation Network™ (COIN™). Together, these help you to
achieve a competitive advantage over competitors.
To know more about TCS’ Mobile Web Solutions, contact
[email protected]
About Tata Consultancy Services (TCS)
Tata Consultancy Services is an IT services, consulting and business
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TCS offers a consulting-led, integrated portfolio of IT and IT-enabled
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the benchmark of excellence in software development. A part of the
Tata Group, India’s largest industrial conglomerate, TCS has a global
footprint and is listed on the National Stock Exchange and Bombay
Stock Exchange in India.
For more information, visit us at www.tcs.com
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