PT Asuransi Allianz Life Indonesia successfully establishes an in-house

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PT Asuransi Allianz Life Indonesia successfully establishes an in-house
PT Asuransi Allianz Life Indonesia
successfully establishes an in-house
multi-vendor test management Center
“I think TCS did an excellent job. The outcome was anticipated;
the documented findings, recommendations, action and training
plans and next steps well documented. TCS has laid the
foundation for a successful implementation in the upcoming
phases. I am very pleased with the outcomes of your mission.”
Mike Sutton,
Chief Information Officer, PT Asuransi Allianz Life Indonesia
Allianz Indonesia operates in a maturing market, and needs to
rapidly respond to market dynamics through a rich portfolio of
products and services. In order to improve the quality of delivered
software they partnered with Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) to
establish rigorous test processes and build the platform for the
eventual objective – a comprehensive in-house test center. TCS
facilitated the formation of a fully functional test unit to align with
the enterprise goals, improving the organization's test maturity
model to drive near-zero User Acceptance Testing (UAT) defects.
PT Asuransi Allianz Life
Testing Center of
Excellence (TCOE)
About the Client
Allianz Group is one of the largest global providers of insurance and asset management, and operates in more than
seventy countries all over the world. In 1989, it established PT Asuransi Allianz Utama Indonesia, a general insurance
company, followed by PT Asuransi Allianz Life Indonesia, a life insurance company, in 1996. Today, Allianz Indonesia
provides the entire spectrum of insurance solutions to more than two million policy holders comprising both
individual and corporate customers.
Business Challenge
Insurance, as an industry, is still maturing in Indonesia.
Allianz Indonesia faced a challenging operating
environment, on account of rising operational costs,
losses from catastrophic events, fluctuating demand,
and low investment yields. To address rapidly changing
customer requirements and comply with evolving
regulatory guidelines, Allianz Indonesia needed to
demonstrate agility and responsiveness in delivering
defect-free products.
From an organizational perspective, Allianz Indonesia's
objective was to build a test management center with
focus on developing in-house capabilities and designing
a sustainable governance process. They chose to partner
with TCS for this key engagement, based on proven
assurance capabilities for insurance sector specific
TCS’ Solution
Since the inception of this engagement in November,
2012, TCS worked closely with the Allianz Indonesia
team to drive the project's primary goal- enabling the
in-house team to implement a test center that could
ultimately be operated by the Allianz team. This entailed
assessing and defining enterprise test process to build a
platform for the test organization with the right
competency mapping and training program and
knowledge management capabilities.
To ensure we comprehensively addressed the objectives
of this initiative, the TCS team initiated the test process
analysis and definition phase. Through this phase, TCS
completed detailed gap analysis, and defined a
roadmap to close these gaps. Some of the gaps
identified included
Absence of proper documentation in most of the
Allianz IT records
There was a dearth of training to make the team
aware of new technology
We created a test framework to address these gaps,
implemented the recommendations of the assessment
and rolled out the framework. With the solution in place,
Allianz Indonesia was able to establish a fully functional
test organization that supported multiple vendors.
We initially the TCS Mastercraft Application Lifecycle
Manager (ALM) to support integrated end to end test
management and operational Quality Assurance (QA)
activities. The TCS Tools team efficiently rolled out the
TCS MasterCraft ALM tool while our Assurance Academy
delivered customized training materials to Allianz.
Additionally, based on our industry knowledge and
assurance expertise, the TCS team instituted several best
practices in organizational IT QA, such as:
Improved test coverage at lower costs through
Early involvement of the QA team
Increased operational efficiencies as a result of
Implementation of quality gates in key projects
A modular approach to test case design
Automation re-usability in future releases
Establishment of an effective review mechanism
QA status reporting
Implementation of a Transparent Governance Model
An unstable test environment and a lack of
established test processes
Quantitative test management with 100%
allocation and utilization
Inadequate testing knowledge and awareness of
new technologies
A metrics driven program with clearly defined
SLAs and KPIs
Low co-ordination and collaboration between the
relevant stakeholders
Launch of weekly stakeholder reviews
Experience certainty
True certainty of success comes from working with a partner you trust to provide
the insight, support and expertise that will propel your business forward. Experiencing
certainty with TCS means you can count on results, partnership and leadership.
Institutionalization of a continued learning program
Facilitating continuous improvement through
cross project training modules
With this engagement, TCS established a first of its kind
Test Center of Excellence (TCOE) in Asia Pacific, based on
the Create, Execute and Govern (CEG) model to be
managed by Allianz team. To improve quality and
customer satisfaction, TCS helped Allianz's IT QA drive
activities independently across the multi-vendor team,
in line with the organization's objectives.
TCS successfully partnered with the Allianz Indonesia
team to assess and define the enterprise test process,
build the platform for the test organization with the
right competency mapping, and deliver training
programs and knowledge management. By
implementing the recommendations of the assessment,
we established a fully functional test set-up with
multiple vendors undertaking various test functions
aligned to the enterprise goals.
Allianz Indonesia has realized several quantifiable
benefits including:
Near-zero UAT defects
An improved test maturity model that adopts a
managed rather than reactive approach
Standardized, metrics-based management across
Constantly updated competency skills and
knowledge management systems
100% utilization of the team
Automation reusability of 30%
Allianz Indonesia has realized several intangible benefits
through this engagement. We leveraged the collective
knowledge of TCS experts to deliver business insights
for the enhancement application.
Through extensive training and renewed focus on
quality awareness, the QA team at Allianz has witnessed
significant growth in its assurance competency breadth
and depth. This competency growth is closely reflected
in the corresponding improvement in software quality,
thereby reducing business risks.
Today, Allianz Indonesia has an empowered QA function
that effectively manages multiple vendors to drive
testing efficiency and effectiveness. With the
corresponding improvement in product quality, Allianz
Indonesia is better positioned to drive growth and
customer retention in the fast maturing Indonesian
insurance market.
About the Unit
TCS' Assurance Services Unit (ASU) is the enterprise testing arm of TCS primed to render
independent validation and verification (IV&V) services for global customers. With emphasis on
the twin pillars of process and product quality, ASU seeks to straddle the full spectrum of
assurance ranging from prevention to detection. With over 20,000+ test professionals spanning
a gamut of consulting, domain, functional and non-functional test competencies and the
experience of having setup over 55+ dedicated test centers for our customers, ASU brings to
bear a combination of expertise and experience that will benefit you.
As an independent business unit with executive accountability to the senior management of
TCS, ASU offers an unmatched array of independent test capabilities deployable in flexible and
agile rendition models suiting the business, IT and procurement imperatives of an enterprise
such as yours. Ongoing investments in innovation (in collaboration with the office of the CTO,
TCS and our partners) and research (instrumented through TCS's independent research facilities,
Labs and strong academic interfaces) serve to position us at the cutting edge of achieving
measurable and continually improving end-business quality objectives.
For more information about TCS' assurance services, please contact
[email protected]
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