Malaysia Airlines transforms its IT operations delivery with the help of TCS

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Malaysia Airlines transforms its IT operations delivery with the help of TCS
Client Experience
Malaysia Airlines transforms its
IT operations delivery
with the help of TCS
The airline industry today operates in a highly competitive
environment. Airlines around the world are focused on
creating a differentiated customer experience and lowering
the cost of operations, in order to thrive in a challenging
business environment. Changing business models have
resulted in the need for large scale transformations in IT and
To thrive in a highly competitive and challenging business
environment, Malaysia Airlines Systems Berhad (MAS) decided
to transform its IT operations to deliver the required results.
MAS engaged Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) to provide a
scalable and flexible solution, based on an ITIL-compliant and
SLA-based support model aligned with MAS’ business needs.
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Client Experience
About the Client
Malaysia Airlines (www.malaysiaairlines.com), the national carrier of Malaysia and one of
Asia's largest, flies nearly 50,000 passengers daily to some 100 destinations worldwide
across 6 continents. The distinctive Malaysia Airlines brand is an extension of the special
culture of warmth and friendliness unique to Malaysians. This inimitable Malaysian sense
of graciousness is branded as “Malaysian Hospitality” and symbolized by the acronym MH
which is also the airline’s flight code. The national carrier of Malaysia has been recognized
many times for its outstanding service, and its cabin crew has been voted the world’s best
on numerous occasions.
Malaysia Airlines’ Group IT vision is to become the Valued IT Partner. In line with BTP2,
revitalisation of IT Services is based on three trusts – Serve Customers, Make Money and
Save Money in a secured environment. Group IT aims to provide IT leadership in business
transformation, enable the business process transformation through innovation use of IT
and business advisory, deliver effective and cost efficient IT services as well as always
provide quick decision making and solution.
Business Context
With growing competition, tight margins, high cost and
demand cyclicality in the airline industry, MAS realised
that transformational initiatives were essential to
reduce cost and improve the quality of customer
service. They decided to streamline its IT operations
while at the same time maintain the existing SLAs and
the seamless operational integration between the
Group IT and business users and the existing MAS IT
The following are the main objectives of this project:
Transforming MAS IT operations delivery and
outsourcing non-core activities, to allow its own
employees to concentrate on core initiatives.
Lower the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) by
focussing MAS’ outsourcing strategy on cost
To standardize the processes across cross-functional
Transform the MAS IT from a silo view to an
integrated service view of the company at
operational, tactical and strategic levels for continual
process improvement, and deliver a seamless
internal customer experience.
To build Enterprise Service Management processes
within the company.
In short, MAS wanted to fine-tune its IT outsourcing
strategy to build a robust and highly scalable IT
infrastructure operation over multiple geographies.
MAS therefore looked for a partner who could help it
achieve its transformation plan and lower its IT TCO.
TCS’ proven track record with other leading global
airlines made it the logical choice as partner.
Client Experience
TCS' Solution
TCS’ strong governance and service delivery model with
focus on outcomes, transparency, transformation and
innovation, was designed to meet the future business
needs of MAS.
Following are the key highlights of the solution:
TCS completed the transition three months ahead of
schedule, and have been providing a seamless
customer service ever since, consistently achieving and
exceeding SLA targets since steady state.
The engagement with TCS provided MAS with the
following benefits:
IT IS – Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 support for Wintel,
UNIX, Database, Storage and Middleware datacenter
ESM – activities developed on a Build, Operate and
Transfer model.
Increased automation and continuous process
improvements that meet and exceed SLAs.
Network services Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 support
for the entire MAS Network.
Reduction in alerts by 50% across database,
midrange, backup and Wintel.
Design and building of service management
framework for ITIL Process deployment for MAS.
Seamless operational integration with existing MAS
IT vendors.
Redundant MPLS connectivity between MAS Data
Centre and TCS Offshore with VPN back up.
Maximized remote management of IT IS operations.
Providing transparent solutions to top management
by implementing Netasthra – the service
management dashboard.
Efficient utilization of resources due to consolidation
and streamlining of IT services.
Compliance to process and accountability within IT
support staff.
Improved productivity due to better workflow with
the new instance of the ESM portal.
Improved service delivery and reduction in service
disruptions due to the proactive monitoring of the IT
infrastructure. Monitoring has increased from 40% to
90% for all the IT components.
Standard processes across cross functional towers
through Business Service Management (BSM).
Seamless integration of new hardware procured
under technology refresh and subsequent migration
of servers and storage to the new infrastructure.
The engagement leverages our Global Network Delivery
Model (GNDM™) in an onsite/offshore mode. The IT IS
provisioning team and the ESM team operates out of
two different locations.
To provide MAS with an integrated service view of the IT
operations, we have utilized the TCS proprietary tool
Netasthra. This tool is based on the ITIL framework and
provides a unified interface and a single touch-point,
which encompasses all functions relevant for the dayto-day management of the IT environment.
Netasthra is used for effective monitoring of the MAS
environment. The monitoring helps in proactive
reduction of incidents and enhances MAS experience.
The tool is also integrated with the Enterprise Service
Management tool, thus giving the user the live data of
the status of any particular issue. The tool is also being
used to track changes using the Change Management
module. Netasthra is used to report to Group IT on the
capacity and utilization too.
TCS offers innovative value proposition to enable us to
meet our requirements. The proven track record of TCS with
other leading global airlines made them a logical choice to be
our partner.
- Faridah Abdul Rahman
MAS Chief Information Officer,
To know more about TCS' expertise, contact [email protected]
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