NetApp improves product reliability by partnering with TCS

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NetApp improves product reliability by partnering with TCS
NetApp improves
product reliability
by partnering with TCS
NetApp is a global leader in data storage systems and solutions.
To retain its leadership position in an increasingly competitive
environment, NetApp releases up-to-date and frequent upgrades
and new versions of its product that require rigorous testing before
it reaches the market. The company decided to team up with a
strategic partner with excellent quality assurance capabilities, and
turned to TCS for support.
We provide quality assurance services to NetApp for its flagship
product, covering the entire gamut of data storage related
functional areas. Using an innovative output-based pricing model
from TCS,the company pays only for successful outputs; this, along
with a predominantly offshore delivery model, has helped reduce
operational costs considerably. In addition, NetApp no longer has
to maintain a large testing team of its own to deal with the cyclical
resource requirements typical of testing activities, and can utilize its
in house resources for more strategic initiatives.
About the Client
NetApp is a provider of innovative unified storage solutions to help customers around the
world to store, manage, protect and retain one of their most precious corporate assets:
their data. NetApp is a leading innovator in networked storage systems, storage and data
management and scale-out technologies.
Data Storage and
management industry
Assurance Services
Business Context
TCS’ Solution
With the volume of data being captured by enterprises
rising exponentially, storage of data has become a
critical challenge. Data storage is therefore among the
fastest growing industries today, with rising demand for
more efficient and cost-effective storage, as well as a
growing interest in virtualization. Data storage
companies are under increasing pressure to devise new
products and enhance existing products quickly. This
translates to the need for shorter product development
lifecycles, better quality assurance and superior testing
practices to ensure the product is ‘right first time.’
We provide quality assurance services to NetApp across
the entire gamut of functional areas including File
system, RAID, High Availability, Networking,
Virtualization, NAS, SAN, Data Protection, Platform and
Storage Hardware. The services we provide include test
case and test script development and maintenance,
manual and automated test execution, regression suite
execution and defect verification as well as system
testing. The salient highlights of our solution are:
NetApp is the world’s second largest data storage
company, and has maintained its competitive edge
through early and frequent product releases. It releases
and maintains two or three versions of its products, and
aims for a predictable release quality and frequency.
NetApp was looking for a partner who could take over
the quality assurance (QA) services for sustaining
releases, while the company’s core technical team
focused on new product releases. It felt that a partner
with strong technical abilities, and the ability to ramp up
or down as necessary, would also solve the problem of
varying resource requirements due to the cyclical
pattern of software testing.
TCS fulfilled NetApp’s requirements and was selected as
the vendor of choice to provide sustaining QA services.
Managed, output-based model based on metrics
Division of work items, e.g. manual and automated
execution assembly line, test case development and
automation assembly line, test case and test script
sustenance assembly line
Ability to manage the peaks and lows of work
Planning and monitoring test progress with tools as
applicable, with weekly auditing of testing integrity
Core and flexi staffing model, using core staff for
knowledge intensive tasks like test case
development, test automation and triaging complex
failures, and flexi staff for repetitive execution related
We use our Global Network Delivery Model (GNDM™) to
manage the engagement in a predominantly offshore
mode, reducing operational costs for NetApp
considerably. We also draw on the expertise of the TCS
Storage Centre of Excellence (CoE) and the Assurance
CoE to strengthen competencies in domain-specific
topics and assess process maturity.
We leveraged NetApp’s NATE automation framework for
automation and execution. In addition, our team
developed a filer power tool consisting of 10 tools and
utilities, for improved productivity and efficiency. We
also leverage the internal knowledge of NetApp
products within TCS, garnered from our long-standing
global strategic alliance with NetApp.
“It was a first time that such a critical release was
managed out of India and the TCS team partnered with
the in-house NetApp team to deliver the release
Mr. Vikram Shah
Vice President and General Manager, NetAppIndia
Experience certainty
True certainty of success comes from working with a partner you trust to provide
the insight, support and expertise that will propel your business forward. Experiencing
certainty with TCS means you can count on results, partnership and leadership.
The engagement with TCS provided NetApp with the
following benefits:
15% savings due to the use of the pay-per-use model
Better utilization of in-house resources
Scalable and flexible resourcing, providing the ability
to tide over the peaks and valleys in the workload
without the necessity of a large team
Improved processes and operational efficiency due to
the use of value-adds and best practices utilized by
TCS during the engagement
About Assurance Services Unit (ASU)
TCS’ Assurance Services Unit (ASU) is the enterprise testing arm of TCS primed to render
independent validation and verification (IV&V) services for global customers. With emphasis
on the twin pillars of process and product quality, ASU seeks to straddle the full spectrum of
assurance ranging from prevention to detection. With over 15,000+ test professionals
spanning a gamut of consulting, domain, functional and non-functional test competencies
and the experience of having setup over 45+ dedicated test centers for our customers, ASU
brings to bear a combination of expertise and experience that will benefit you.
As an independent business unit with executive accountability to the senior management of
TCS, ASU offers an unmatched array of independent test capabilities deployable in flexible
and agile rendition models suiting the business, IT and procurement imperatives of an
enterprise such as yours. Ongoing investments in innovation (in collaboration with the office
of the CTO, TCS and our partners) and research (instrumented through TCS’s independent
research facilities, Labs and strong academic interfaces) serve to position us at the cutting
edge of achieving measurable and continually improving end-business quality objectives.
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