Research & Development Internship Details

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Research & Development Internship Details
Research & Development Internship Details
We, at TCS, host some of the best graduate / postgraduate / doctoral students from academic institutions in
India and abroad as research interns in our many innovation labs. These internships provide students with the
opportunity to work in an industrial R&D environment, get access to industry-scale problems and data, and
interact with researchers at TCS. These are generally short (6-8 weeks) or long internships (16-18 weeks), with
an option of tailoring the duration for exceptional candidates.
We seek exceptional and highly motivated MS / MTech / PhD students and final year BE / BTech students with
research aptitude in all areas of computer science.
If you have a top-flight academic record and a passion for R&D, come join us!
Role Purpose:
To conduct research in an industrial R&D environment and solve industry-scale problems under supervision of
senior researchers
Job Responsibility
Creation of R&D related assets:
Design solutions for industrial research problems
Develop prototype solutions and apply at industry-scale data
Publish research papers in top-tier conference and journals
Research Execution:
Understand and define research problems
Perform literature survey and identify opportunities and challenges
Design a solution to the research problem
Develop a prototype and execute proof of concept (PoCs)
Contribute to the development of tools and products, as required
Continuous Learning:
Track emerging trends and technologies in industrial research
Perform comprehensive survey to broaden the understanding of the problem domain
Personal Development:
Learn the challenges involved in applied research
Learn to clearly articulate research problems and systematically design solutions
Learn to develop industry-quality solution prototypes
Learn to write top-quality research papers
Interested candidates may email us at [email protected], with “Research Careers” in the subject line.
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