TCS assist HP Inc (webOS GBU) and customer relationships

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TCS assist HP Inc (webOS GBU) and customer relationships
TCS assist HP Inc (webOS GBU)
to gain insights into its developer
and customer relationships
“TCS helped us create Salesforce Sales and marketing cloud instances that went
beyond our expectations and which now allows us to work more efficiently and
with more transparency. The Sales instance has been altered and custom built to
meet the needs of the specific business process. Overall, we are very pleased with TCS
work and could not have asked for a better implementation partner.”
- Naga Vinnakota,
Sr. IT Manager,
Hewlett-Packard, Inc
The growth of the smartphone industry has unleashed a new
market for application development, and smartphone
manufacturers like Palm wished to nurture this development
community and forge long-term relationships with both
developers and customers. The company therefore decided to
implement an on-demand CRM system from Salesforce and turned
to TCS for assistance in this engagement. TCS’ solution helped the
company streamline its lead and campaign management
processes, thus increasing campaign effectiveness and resulting in
more lead conversions.
HP Inc (webOS GBU)
Customer Relationship
About the Client
HP Inc (webOS GBU) is a provider of mobile products for individual users and business customers worldwide.
The company’s products for consumers, mobile professionals and businesses include Palm® Treo™ and Centro™
smartphones and HP Inc (webOS GBU) hand held computers, as well as software, services and accessories. Its product
line focuses on the Pre and Pixi wireless devices, which use Palm's webOS mobile operating system software.
Business Challenge
TCS’ Solution
Despite the widespread economic downturn, the
global smartphone industry has witnessed high
growth due to a host of factors, including lower
product cost, the expansion of global mobile email
and browsing services, the emergence of 3G and 4G
network technologies and the standardization and
upgrades of operating systems. Riding on the tail of
this industry, the retail market for mobile Internet
applications is expanding greatly through the
combined efforts of software providers, device
vendors and mobile operators. There has been a
rapid proliferation of mobile applications stores,
many of which revolve around a specific smartphone
device, operating system community or service
TCS provided a secure, cost-effective, easily
maintainable and realisable technology platform and
CRM system for Palm.
HP Inc (webOS GBU) recognized that the key to
stability in today's dynamic smartphone marketplace
was forging long-term relationships with both its
developers and its customers. It therefore wished to
install a CRM system to assist both the Developer
Relationship Management (DRM) and the HP Inc
(webOS GBU) Sales Team. For DRM, it wanted to
provide an application to help plan, track and
manage campaigns aimed at improving developer
relationships, and to track applications developed by
the different developer accounts at their different
stages of progress. With regard to Sales, the company
wanted to track its various accounts and contacts and
the related opportunities in the pipeline, to assist the
sales force in increasing sales conversion.
HP Inc (webOS GBU) wanted to reduce the upfront
investment in a CRM system by opting for a pay-peruse (subscription) model, which would reduce the
overheads involved in installing, maintaining and
upgrading hardware and software. It decided to use
the (salesforce) CRM to track its campaigns aimed at
the developer community. With regard to HP Inc
(webOS GBU) Sales, the same system could also track
sales accounts, contacts and opportunities as well as
the activities directed towards sales conversions.
Given TCS’ vast experience in installing CRM systems
and its strategic partnership with salesforce.com, TCS
was Palm’s natural partner of choice for this
HP Inc (webOS GBU) DRM
The CRM solution for HP Inc (webOS GBU) DRM
included the implementation and customization of
the following:
Salesforce Marketing module
Salesforce Accounts and Contact Management
Lead Management
Opportunity Management
Lead Conversion process customization
Campaign management
Campaign member management
Custom objects for tracking Developer
Reports and Dashboards
HP Inc (webOS GBU) Sales
The CRM solution for HP Inc (webOS GBU) Sales
included the implementation and customization of
the following:
Salesforce Sales module
Microsoft Outlook integration
Activity management through different record
Customized reports and dashboard foranalytical
Usage of Visual force pages and apex classes for
easy interfaces for Opportunity and Activity
TCS utilized its Global Network Delivery Model
(GNDM™) to deliver the solution in an onsite/offshore
mode. Resources in Sunnyvale, CA, USA, worked
seamlessly with resources at the TCS HP Inc (webOS
GBU) ODC, Bengaluru, India. TCS Data migration
methodology helped the team to extract, transform
and migrate the data without any problems.
Experience certainty
True certainty of success comes from working with a partner you trust to provide
the insight, support and expertise that will propel your business forward. Experiencing
certainty with TCS means you can count on results, partnership and leadership.
Thus, TCS helped HP Inc (webOS GBU) streamline its
lead management and campaign management
processes by utilising the salesforce.com CRM solution,
thus increasing campaign effectiveness and resulting in
more lead conversions.
The engagement with TCS provided HP Inc (webOS
GBU) with the following benefits:
Ability to track the various applications being
developed by the community on its WebOS
platform, enabling the company to track and provide
support to the apps and thus enhance device sales
Better lead management resulting in greater number
of conversions
An easy-to-use system that helped users create and
manage their activities with minimal training
Lower costs due to the use of
an on-demand solution
the onsite/offshore GNDM™ model
Ability to monitor campaign effectiveness
Better utilisation of company resources on core
Improvement in productivity by providing a fast and
easy-to-use system
About High Tech Solutions Unit
In today’s fast paced world, characterized by dynamic technological evolution, High Tech
enterprises are coping with challenges such as reduced time-to-market, technological
obsolescence and constant pressure to control IT costs. TCS’ High Tech solutions help you
realize operational excellence and achieve greater profitability.
We provide optimal, customized and comprehensive solutions across varied industry
segments such as computer platform and services companies, software firms, electronics
and semiconductor companies, and professional services firms.
We create value for your organization with the following:
Complete services model: Our comprehensive service portfolio of IT solutions,
business consulting, product engineering services, infrastructure services and business
process outsourcing enables you to focus on core competencies, lower operational cost
and drive global service standards.
Partnerships and Alliances: We leverage mutually exclusive capabilities that ensure
successful “go-to-market” initiatives, enhanced product performance and effective
industry and segment-specific solutions.
Focus on innovation: Dedicated innovation labs, infrastructure support and the Tata
Research Development and Design Center (TRDDC) provide access to leading edge
technologies, advanced systems engineering methodologies, storage optimization, and
convergence and embedded printer solutions.
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