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League/Conference Officers Meeting Summary
November 14, 2013
Attendees –
Dan Uszaki (BCSL)
Denis Nelson (Big North)
Mike Gatley, Scott Lodgek and Dave Albertson (CAL)
Lou Raba (Colonial)
Bud Kowal (CVC)
Jeff DiCocco (GMC)
Rob Haraka and John DiColo (NJAC)
Stan Fryczynski (NJIC)
Tim Walsh and Erik Ball (OLY)
Joe Piro, John Porcelli, Lorenzo Sozio and Steve Jenkins (SEC)
Joe Montano and Keith Lister (Shore)
Carl Weigner, Tony Maselli and Al Stumpf (Skyland)
Jamy Thomas (TCC)
Steve Yesinko and Gus Kalikas (UCC)
Cardiac Screening Committee – Tony Maselli, AD at Montgomery HS, is the AD rep on the Department of
Education Cardiac Screening Committee. He updated the committee and answered questions regarding the
progress of his committee. After two years of meetings and nine recommendations, the Governor signed the
Safety Act which went into effect in November 2013. The act’s three main parts are outlined below:
1. Cardiac Screening Brochures were developed and should already be posted on schools’ websites and
hard copies distributed to all students. Parents must sign a form saying they received the brochure.
There were questions if it has to be physically handed out, or it can be online like many schools do
and parents sign off that they understand all the forms are online and they’re responsible for visiting
the website to read them. Tony will find out the answer and report back.
2. Physical Forms / Health History Questionnaire – This will be revamped and go into effect Fall 2014.
It’s not fully developed yet but the plan is for it to be completed by Spring 2014. The goal is to
obtain more health history of an athlete. The form being used now is still valid and will stay valid
into the 2014-15 year, expiring 365 days after the physical. Students do not have to get a new
physical until their physical expires. It was recommended to get health history questionnaire out as
soon as possible, even before the physical form is finalized. Tony will clarify this and report his
findings to Steve Timko.
Discussion also took place about when physicals expire. There is a change in the interpretation
though the writing hasn’t changed. If a physical expires in the middle of the season, the athlete must
get a new physical in order to be eligible to play. Steve Jenkins felt there needs to be a two-week
period because kids will not be approved by insurance to get physicals. Some schools offer free
physicals but they are not as comprehensive or thorough as family physicians and is not encouraged.
It was also recommended in this type situation to have athletes go to a medi-emergency clinic where
they’d only have to pay a co-pay instead of the full fee.
3. Professional Development of Doctors. This is the most difficult phase. In order to perform sports
physicals, doctors will be asked to take a 20—30 minute video course and print out a certificate to
become certified. Part of the training video will focus on what an abnormality in teenagers sound
like. The details on how this new certification requirement will be communicated to doctors and in a
timely fashion was discussed and is unknown at this time. This was a concern by many because
usually school doctors do not perform sports physicals. When a doctor becomes certified, (s)he will
be issued a number that they will need to put on the physical forms. School doctors are responsible
for checking that this number is indeed on the form. Concerns were also expressed about the timing
of this rollout and how it’s unfair to parents to have to find a certified doctor to perform their
physical in a limited amount of time. Or if the family doctor doesn’t want to get certified, parents
may have to pay out of pocket for a certified doctor. Though certification is free of charge, the law
can’t mandate doctors to take the course to get certified. The course only needs to be taken once;
certification does not expire. Rob Haraka suggested a two-phase rollout. First year – use the new
forms and second year – use certified doctors. Tony will bring all the concerns to the next cardiac
screening committee meeting.
The proximity and availability of AEDs was a topic of discussion, but that is a separate law, titled Janice Law,
which will go into effect in September 2014 and is not covered by the Safety Act. It was expressed that logistics
are an issue, but districts will need to purchase additional AEDs to cover the range. Options: Coaches can carry
the AEDs with them or there could be posts strategically placed to hold the AED, and all staff has a key to
unlock them. Steve also recommended reviewing the Emergency Action Plan, which Steve distributed a few
meetings ago.
In the meetings, insurance was discussed since insurance companies typically only approve one physical per
year. The committee was hoping for a separate coding for sports physicals but this never took place.
Sectional Meetings – These are completed but since there was such low attendance at the Central meeting (only
five people), this meeting will be moved to earlier in the year. The South sectional meeting will stay the same
corresponding date, since that is always well attended.
Annual Meeting - Will be held on Monday, December 2 at the Pines Manor at 9:30 am. Registration desk
opens at 8:15 am. If a school has not paid their annual dues, they cannot vote.
Ticket Prices – Fall ticket prices have been received from the Department of Education. NJSIAA is looking for
county tournament prices for the winter prices’ request submission.
Football Packets – These were mailed via UPS to the home schools and sent regular mail to the away schools.
Cooperative Sports LEA and Team Name – For legal reasons, both school names in a co-op are not allowed on
jerseys but rather only the name of the LEA should be printed. The only exception to this is if both schools are
in the same district and the district name is used. John DiColo expressed disagreement with this. He feels kids
should be able to represent their school.
Media Passes/Photographers – NJSIAA does not give media passes to yearbook photographers or school
photographers. The NJSIAA also has an official photographer of the NJSIAA – Oz Sports Photography.
Pictures from tennis, gymnastics and cross country are posted on the NJSIAA website.
Rules and Regulations, Page. 53, Section 14 – 2nd Reading – The Executive Committee approved allowing
videotaping for coaching purposes, but the videos cannot be used to challenge a referee’s decision. This rule
does not apply to all sports, only the ones approved in the NFHS sports rules. The membership can vote to
change or keep this in six months.
Gymnastics – Five sectional winners were announced: Ramapo (North I), Westfield (North II), Red Bank
Catholic (Central I), Bridgewater Raritan (Central II) and Brick Memorial (South). The five highest qualifying
scores/teams were Bishop Ahr, Hillsborough, Holmdel, Howell and Hunterdon Central. The state team finals
and individual finals will be at Montgomery HS on 11/14 and 11/16 respectively.
Volleyball – Sectional final matchups were distributed. The higher seed hosts. Group finals will be played at
William Paterson University on 11/16. The T of C outbracket and semi-final games will be 11/23 and the
championship game will be 11/24. Larry clarified some questions regarding championship games since there
was confusion about how the teams were broken into sections.
New Controversies Committee Members – The following people have agreed to serve on the NJSIAA
Controversies Committee: 1-Dave Suiter, AD at Salem HS, 2-Bill Bruno, AD at Brick Memorial and 3- Dr.
Matthew Jamison, Principal at Ocean City HS.
Football – The Executive Committee approved the special tournament structure format. If a state championship
is approved in December, there will be no deviation from the structure created by the special football
committee. The season will start the first weekend in September for the next two years. Discussion took place
over consolation games and putting additional information on football cards. Schools do NOT have to enter the
tournament if less than .500, but need to indicate this somewhere. There will be a check off on next year’s
playoff card. Also, next year Jack is going to recommend consolation games with lights take place on Thursday
or Saturday night, not Friday night.
Boy’s Soccer – Non-public sectional finals take place 11/14 and finals take place 11/18. Public sectional finals
take place 11/15 at the higher seed and all four group finals take place on 11/24.
Workshops – On 10/29, 43 attended HIB/Legal One workshop. It was very successful. Upcoming clinics:
Baseball on 12/12 at Jack Cust Baseball Academy and Tennis at Princeton University (venue change) on 1/11.
Corporate – Atlantic Health, NJSIAA’s official training and rehab partner, expanded their contract to include
Tennis - Winners were distributed. Millburn made tournament history when their first doubles team defeated
their second doubles team. This is the first time that one school had two of their teams competing in the finals.
Field Hockey - Tournament sites and dates were distributed.
Girls Soccer – Tournament sites and dates were distributed.
Swimming - Regulations are up. Kim is looking for input for the non-public tournament. Do people want the
sectionals to take place at neutral sites? NJSIAA would need to assess a facility fee of $200 to each non-public
swim team, same as in the public neutral site, in order to secure the site and make this possible. Dates would
need to change, necessitating the non-publics swimming on the Monday of President’s weekend.
Website - Kim asked officers to encourage schools to log in and go to School Manager and update their
information. Forums are not far away. User name is FirstnameLastname example –KimCole. When logging in
for the first time, you log in with your email address and request a new password. The link to set up a password
will be emailed. If you are a new AD or switched schools, you need to contact Don Danser so he can put you in
the system. In the calendar feature, if you click on events in a date, you will see many event-related
documents/details for the event that could be helpful.
Please encourage parents to go to our website to view the brackets.
NAGWS – The form to nominate a female student for the annual National Girls and Women in Sports Day is
posted on our website. The event will take place Sunday, February 9, 2014 at Seton Hall University. The theme
this year is "Passing the Torch, Blazing the Trail". Luncheon begins at 12:00 pm followed by complimentary
tickets to the Seton Hall University women's basketball game vs. Villanova University at 2:00 pm. Forms are
due January 10th.
Cross Country – The tournament has narrowed down to 2,700 runners. Chips will be utilized so runners must be
careful. There is an addition to the meet – a $1 fee will be charged to ride the bus to offset the $3,000 bus cost.
The $1 fee includes unlimited rides.
Approval of Cooperative Sports Program – A co-op program in ice hockey between Hamilton HS North and
Hamilton HS West was approved.
Outstanding Dues – There are 29 schools who still owe dues. If payment not received prior to annual meeting,
they will not be allowed to vote at the Business Meeting.
Outstanding Resolution Cards, Participation Forms and Affidavits – 30% of schools owe their fall participation
forms, 65 schools owe Principal Affidavits, 64 schools owe Coach’s Affidavits, and 43 schools owe their
Member Resolution Card. Winter participation forms are due 12/13 and can be found on our website.
Boys Lacrosse Classification Proposal – 1st Reading – The proposal to change the public school playoff format
from the newly established north/south groups that are based on geography and enrollment to the top eight
teams ranked highest in their overall group by LAX power regardless of their geographic location was not
pushed forward to the Executive Committee by the Program Review committee. Proposal was not approved.
Golf Early Opening Date – 1st Reading – A proposal to open golf regular season play on March 31 in 2014
instead of April 1st was tabled until January so schools can provide input for or against this early start date.
Proposal was drafted because March 31 is a Monday, and since most country clubs are closed to members on
Mondays, local high school teams are offered the courses for practices. It’ll also most likely prevent having to
play an extra match on a public course later on, which could save $200+. Conference officers should email
Steve Timko their conference’s position on this proposal.
L&C Officers’ Concerns / Discussions / Issues
Skyland Conference (Al Stumpf)
Seeding Process – In field hockey, there was a short turn around between finding out teams made the
tournament and the tournament start date. Cutoff was Wednesday, seeding was done on Friday, and the games
started Monday. It’s hard to secure buses and/or fields and game help set up on such short notice. A Tuesday
cutoff can be considered with Thursday seeding, but if schools don’t get games in, that is recorded as a loss, so
that needs to be considered before moving the cutoff date.
Can group assignments be done every two years instead of annually? – Don responded that if this is proposed to
Executive Committee, it can be considered and changed in two readings. Steve recommended this be submitted
in writing by March 15th.
Why does NJSIAA assign officials for some tournaments and not for others? – 1-The process comes through
the sport rules committees though in some situations, local assignors may not be capable of handling the
assignments. It was shared that officials will travel for NJSIAA games even if they are not paid travel money
because they consider it an honor to be asked by NJSIAA. If the school asks, it’s not received with the same
prestige. The NJSIAA is slowly moving in that direction of assigning officials for each sport. It’s easier to do
now that we have Arbiter. Al felt for state games, officials should be assigned by the State so Steve asked him
to put it in writing and submit.
Super Essex Conference (Lorenzo Sozio)
Power Points for Tennis Tournament – Verona was upset they won a state sectional title but two teams were
seeded ahead of them. Kim explained the challenge there is with tennis and picking a reasonable numbers of
matches since the seeding takes place early. Lorenzo will recommend that Verona put their concerns in writing
and forward to Kim.
Residual Points in Power Points – Lorenzo asked for clarification. If a team defeats another team twice, do they
get the residual points both times? The answer is yes. They get the residual points each time the teams meet, not
just the first time.
NJAC (Rob Haraka)
Tournaments and Charter Schools – Rob questioned if the tournaments are being watered down because charter
schools are moving Group 1 schools to Group 2? Don said this does not typically happen in sport specific
classification sports. And if enrollment numbers are under 150, they don’t count. Jamy Thomas feels it happens
in field hockey and if there are not 16 teams, there should be smaller brackets.
TCC (Jamy Thomas)
Dropping a Game in Football – Jamy questioned the procedure of schools not including one game for power
points calculations. He felt this hurts some schools such as a team that is 8-0 vs. a team that is 7-1. Changes to
the process must be first reviewed by the football rules committee.
Next meeting - Thursday, January 9, 2013
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