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League/Conference Officers Meeting Summary
May 5, 2016
Stan Fryczynski
Tim Gillen
Sharon Hughes
Mike McGhee
Rusty Todd
Brad Bauer
Carl Weigner
Ann Clifton
Bill Librera
Al Stumpf
Bud Kowal
John Porcelli
Jerry Maietta
Rich Roche
Joe Sprague
Derryk Sellers
Jamy Thomas
Joe McColgan
Gus Kalikas
Steve Fortis
Tim Walsh
Steve Gazdak
Rich Harrison
Conference Topics
Stan Fryczynski – NJIC – “Wrestling Proposal” - Handout
The NJIC Conference would like to recommend to the NJSIAA and wrestling committee that the
4th place medalist’s in each region tournament qualify for our state wrestling tournament in
Atlantic City. Several committee members, including Steve Timko, agreed that this is a great
idea that should be brought to the attention of the Wrestling Committee. Jerry Maietta brought
up a topic of increasing the qualifying wrestling teams from 6 to 8. Most of the officers present
in the room appeared to agree with the concept of expanding the wrestling tournament to 8
teams and in this way all teams would have first round matches.
Sharon Hughes – BNC – County Facilities
There is a concern that county facilities may be charging the League & Conference to use their
facilities for tournaments. The cost could be very steep and have a negative financial effect on
the schools.
Steve Timko Report
Legislative Update by Paul Anzano (Handout)
Advisory Committee/Executive Proposed Legislation for 2016-2017-Presented by Jack DuBois
o i. West Jersey Football League Proposal to divide the non-public football schools into
Non-Public North A&B and Non-Public South A&B. If 2/3 of the votes are in favor they
will fast track this rule and implement it for the 2016 Football Season. If it does not pass
it will be voted on in December.
o ii. West Jersey Conference Alliance/Tri County Conference proposal to change NJSIAA
Rule 2: Section 8, Start of Regular Season by changing the state of regular spring season
from April 1 to March 25 for all spring sports. Defeated 14:9:3
o iii. Holy Spirit HS proposal to reclassify the two non-public groups in baseball and
basketball into four geographic sections that would mirror the public sectional
classifications of North I, North II, Central and South. Passed 22:9:3
o iv. NJSIAA proposal to divide public school enrollments into four groups every two years
rather than the current one year. Passed 34:0
o v. Tri County Conference proposal to increase the number of athletic directors on each
sport specific committee to five so each public and non-public section is presented by an
athletic director. A subcommittee will convene to review the proposal and make a
recommendation at the June Executive Meeting.
 The 2016-2017 List of Banned Substances has been approved by the Medical Advisory
Committee. The list can be found on the NJSIAA website under Important Documents titled
Banned Substances List.
 The 1st Reading of the Nomination of Officers for the 2016-2017 Executive Committee are as
follows: Elaine McGrath-President; Chuck Klaus-Vice President; Vincent Smith-2nd Vice President
 The 2016-2017 Executive Committee Dates have been approved for the following year. Please
note that the League & Conference Meetings will be held the Thursday after the Executive
Committee Meeting.
 Steve attended the NFHS Legal Meeting. The meeting was held in Indianapolis for Executive
Director’s and their attorneys. Ohio and New York are facing similar challenges as the State of
New Jersey. These states would like to get together with the NJSIAA to further discuss their
 The medical advisory committee has released a report by Jack Kripsak on opioid and
prescription drug abuse in teens. Kids are getting their hands on these dangerous substances
and it has become a major issue in all communities. Please pass this information along to your
 Co-op Uniforms- Several schools are not following the rules set forth in the Constitution. Two
school names are not permitted on the uniform. The name on the jersey is supposed to be the
LEA school. A discussion ensued as to why having two schools listed would be a concern and
how the parents bring this issue up at the meetings. It is clearly stated in the Constitution such
Cooperative Sports Programs will be based upon an agreement between the cooperating
schools whereby one of the two schools shall have the complete responsibility as the Local
Education Agency (LEA) for the conduct of the specific sport(s), which will be available to the
students at both schools.
 August 11, 2016 will be the next League & Conference Meeting. Have a great summer!
Kim DeGraw-Cole Report
A handout was provided for Boys Tennis, Girls Lacrosse and Softball Updates. Boys Tennis cut
off was on May 3, 2016 and the seeding will take place on May 9, 2016. Girls Lacrosse cutoff
date is May 13, 2016 and Seeding will take place on May 16, 2016. Softball seeding will take
place on May 17, 2016.
2016-2018 Tournament Dates were provided in a handout. An electronic copy of the schedule
will be posted on the forum.
Tournament Refusal forms for the Spring Season is up and running on the website.
Spring sports rules committee dates are posted under each sport. Kim will be sending out an AD
Forum message listing all the dates and requesting input to the appropriate NJSIAA director.
The executive committee in a first reading unanimously endorsed a softball tournament of
champions for 2017.
Bill Bruno Report
Cooperative Sports Program Applications Approval
A. Mount Olive HS / Hopatcong HS – Ice Hockey
B. Hopatcong HS / Mount Olive HS – Bowling
C. Manasquan HS / Point Pleasant Beach – B/G Swimming, Ice Hockey, Gymnastics and B/G
D. Lawrence HS / Ewing HS – Ice Hockey
E. Morris Catholic HS / DePaul Catholic HS – Ice Hockey
F. Ocean Twp HS / Shore Regional HS – Ice Hockey
G. Manasquan HS / Point Pleasant Beach HS – B/G Swimming, Ice Hockey, Gymnastics, B/G
Spring Track & Field Update was provided to the committee as a handout. The NFHS Network
will live stream the Meet of Champions and Group Meets.
Larry White Report
A handout was provided which provided the Baseball and Volleyball Updates. Baseball cutoff
date is Friday May 13, 2016 and Seeding will take place on Thursday May 19, 1016. Volleyball
cutoff date is May 12, 2016 and the Seeding will take place on May 17th, 2016.
A grid was provided with items that are needed by each Conference. We ask that all of these
items are sent to the NJSIAA no later than September 2016. If you have not provided the
Constitution & By-Laws to this office prior to our August 2016 meeting. Please bring a hard copy
with you.
Larry and Kim will continue to monitor the cut off dates for baseball and softball.
Jack DuBois Report
Workshops & Clinics Update – Detailed information on each clinic is posted on the NJSIAA
o Friday May 6, 2016- NJSCA 22nd Annual Wrestling Coaches Clinic at Princeton University
o Monday May 9, 2016- Legal Liability and Athletics-Inclusive Athletics and Physical
Education for ALL Students: Best Practices and Legal Requirements.
o Friday May 20, 2016- NJSIAA and Tri-County Orthopedics Evidence Base Practice
Continuing Education-Sports Emergency Care Training & Certification Presented by
Sports Medicine Concepts-at Tri-County Orthopedics in Cedar Knolls, NJ
NJSCA Hall of Fame – The 21st Hall of Fame Luncheon was held on April 10, 2016 at the Pines
Manor. 575 people attended the event. Thirty four new high school coaches and one athletic
trainer was inducted. Several coaches and officials were also honored by the National Federation.
Scholar Athlete - The 23rd Scholar Athlete Luncheon will be held on May 15, 2016 at the Pines
Manor. 333 Schools are attending the event. $182,000.00 in Scholarships will be provided to the
student athletes.
Boys Lacrosse Seeding will be held on May 16, 2016.
The Ice Hockey Committee Report set forth 3 changes. 1) It was recommended that a school
employee other than a coach or athletic trainer should serve as the site manager at all
interscholastic ice hockey contests. 2) Cory Robinson, the athletic director at Fair Lawn High
School was selected as the Ice Hockey Tournament Director. 3) A pilot program will be put in
place to allow 3 officials on the ice for the Gordon Division if both schools agree.
Colleen Maguire Report
Tournament seeding starts on May 9, 2016. Just a reminder that your school cannot be seeded
in the tournament if you have an outstanding balance. A list was provided to those Officers with
schools on the 90+ days past due outstanding list.
Final Winter Results – Net profit was approximately $2,000 under budget for the entire Winter
season. Earlier in the week, the Directors met with Rutgers and had a very positive conversation
regarding our relationship overall. The Association received $18,000 in net proceeds for the
boys basketball games held at the RAC…this is the contractual maximum amount. Everyone was
very pleased with this settlement.
The proposed 2016-2017 Budget has been endorsed by the Finance Committee. The budget will
be presented at the Executive Committee meeting in June for the formal approval and adoption.
On May 18, 2016 a NJSIAA Sports Cardiology Seminar will be held at the Robbinsville office. The
workshop will run from 9am to 10am. The workshop will be free and capped at the first 60
participants that respond. Anyone interested in attending should email Anne Marie Walters at
[email protected]
The NJSIAA has posted a new position for an Assistant Director to take charge of the Unified
Sports Program as well as other sports-related responsibilities within the Association. The cutoff
date to submit applications is May 20, 2016. Interviews will be held in June.
Mike Zapicchi Report
Compliance Update: Please continue to notify me of any new athletic director’s so that the
compliance officers are prepared for the following school year with up to date information.
NJDOE Study Group on Later School Start Times – Handout
The Department of Education recommends providing resources to schools that wish to
participate in a Pilot Program. They will also look at schools that currently have a start time of
8am or 8:30am. The program has to be passed on a local level for each school district. This will
not be a requirement state wide if it passes. If any of your conference schools currently have a
late start time could you please provide me with a list via email: [email protected]
Public/Non-Public Committee - We continue to examine changes to the transfer rules.
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