Welcome to mock trial

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Welcome to mock trial
Welcome to mock trial
Mock trial is an exciting club in which we put on cases in front of real
lawyers and judges. Each September, the State of New Jersey puts
out the current case. We analyze witness statements, create crosses
and directs for each witness as well as openings and closings. Each
side consists of 2 lawyers and 3 witnesses. On a Saturday sometime
at the end of January or beginning of February, we compete against
other county schools to win the county championship. The
winning team goes to New Brunswick to try their case against
other teams.
Advisor: Ms. Kathy Manz
Contact information: 908-638-2199 (ext. 2021) or [email protected]
When we meet: to be determined, but we typically meet on day after
school from 3-5 and one day from 5-7
Meetings take place in room 330
Our goal for this club is to give students a working knowledge of the
law, public speaking skills and debate skills.
Voorhees has won the county championship the last 3 years and we are
hoping to continue that streak!
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