North Hunterdon HS – College Athletic Commitment Day

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North Hunterdon HS – College Athletic Commitment Day
North Hunterdon HS – College Athletic Commitment Day
1. The NHHS Athletic Department decided to do away with the National Letter of Intent
Day and just recognize all athletes playing a sport at a college and calling our event
NHHS College Athletic Commitment Day.
2. The rationale for not having a National Letter of Intent Day was due to many student
not fulfilling the NCAA guidelines and NLI guidelines where athletes must agree to
attend the institution for one year in exchange for the institution's promise, in writing,
to provide athletics financial aid for the entire academic year. Having a College
Commitment Day allows for any athlete, receiving finances or not to be recognized.
3. The Coaches Committee/Athletic Department will run this event one time in March. A
cake will be ordered as well.
4. The Coaches Committee/Athletic Department will confirm student athlete college
athletic commitments approximately 2 weeks prior to group picture. They will also have
their athletes notify their parents.
5. The event will involve, Athletes, Parents, Coaches and Administration. There will be a
group picture of the athletes only and the athlete’s names along with their college
choice will be noted in the Principals Newsletter.
6. The picture will be done in the Athletic Conference room, Main gym or the Girls Gym,
depending on the size of the group. The event will occur during C&I time 2:25-3:10pm.
7. The event will occur on a day when the Activity busses are available on a Monday,
Wednesday or Thursday.
8. If athletes or parents require an individual NLI picture for their college, this can be setup
anytime individually with their head coach along with the athlete and parents.
9. Christmas City will be notified of the event information and take a picture for the
10. The Athletic department will email the picture to all the local newspapers.
11. The Athletic Department will post the picture on the NHHS athletic website.
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