I failed a Geometry test. Now what? Integrated Geometry Mrs. French

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I failed a Geometry test. Now what? Integrated Geometry Mrs. French
Integrated Geometry
Test Failure Requirements
Mrs. French
I failed a Geometry test. Now what?
When I get the test back in class:
I will pay close attention to all questions reviewed in class, even if it’s one I answered correctly.
If a question I answered incorrectly is reviewed, I will write down the correct answer in a margin or
different color so I have it to look at later.
In addition to my regular homework for the night, I will re-do any questions which were not 100%
correct on separate paper using any review guidance given in class and my notes from the chapter.
In the morning:
 I will attend one extra help session within the next 3 days to check my new answers.
 If my new answers are correct, I will let Mrs. French know that I’ve learned from my
 If my new answers are not correct, I will work with Mrs. French to correct my
mistakes and learn the proper way to solve the questions.
 If I am not available during H-period because of another class, I will set an
appointment with Mrs. French after class today or by email.
In the future:
I will spend some time thinking about whether I should switch to paper notes for this course.
I will spend more time each night re-reading my notes, studying and completing my homework in a
way that helps me learn.
Any time a topic or homework assignment seems confusing, I will attend extra help the next
morning. (Tuesday – Friday, 7:45, Room E-012)
I will do all review sheets for future tests.
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