Religion 10: Reflection on Morality

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Religion 10: Reflection on Morality
Religion 10: Reflection on Morality
A reflection is a process of self-examination. When you reflect, you look
back at something that happened in your life and you try to learn how that
experience changed you. Through reflection, you can get to better
understand yourself and how you should act in your life based on the lessons
you learn from your experiences.
Directions: Write the reflection by answering all of the following sections of
questions. Each question should get its own paragraph. There is no required
length, but the reflection should show solid effort. The assignment must be
The assignment will be graded on the following factors:
 Completion and Coverage – how well you discussed and covered the
questions in each section.
 Depth of thought – how specific and detailed your explanations are.
 Grammar and writing – how clearly you write with limited mistakes.
 Effort and attention to guidelines
Writing Guidelines:
 The assignment should be written in 12 point font with standard
margins. Writing should have 1.5 or double line spacing.
 Each number should have its own paragraph. Do not number your
paragraphs in your writing.
 Do attach a report recover or separate title page.
 For your heading, simply include your name, the period of your
religion class, my name. If you have a title, simply call it morality
1. Introduction – What are two values are really important for you
and how have they helped to shape your life? How well do you
live out these values? What kind of role does your faith play in
your decision-making? Who has been someone that has had a
profound effect in helping you to be better person? How has this
person really influenced you?
2. Write about a recent experience within the past 2 years when you
made an important moral choice that helped you become a better
person. What was the decision? What was going on at the time
when you made the choice? What influenced you either positively
or negatively to make the choice? How did it help you become a
better person? How did your faith play a role or not play a role in
your decision? Is there anything you can learn from this choice
looking back on it now?
3. Write about a recent experience within the past 2 years when you
made a significant immoral choice that caused you to become a
worse person or had harmful effects. What was the decision?
What was going on that the time? How did you come to that
decision or what influenced you? What were the negative effects
of the decision either personally or on your relationships with
others? Looking at this decision now, is there anything you can
learn from this?
4. Conclusion: Being a moral high-school aged person in modern
society is very difficult since there are so many challenges and
negative influences. What are two challenges in society that you
have seen or heard about that make it difficult to be a faithful or
good person? What would be an effective way to overcome or
deal with each challenge?
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