help you complete the review. This will be checked on... bolded and underlined

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help you complete the review. This will be checked on... bolded and underlined
Directions: Complete the review listed below. You may use the review book, pages 159- 167, 179-198 to
help you complete the review. This will be checked on Friday, May 22 . All bolded and underlined words
are the vocabulary that you should know for the exam.
What were the MAIN causes of WW I?
What event launched the First World War?
What made this different from all other wars that came before?
What is propaganda?
What new weaponry and technology are used in this war?
What event got the U.S. involved in the war?
Why did the Lusitania most likely blow up so easily?
*remember that there are four other merchant ships that are blown up as well
What is "Freedom of the Seas?"
What were the two groups that are tied together to fight the war (name for the groupings of
nations that are fighting the war together?
10. How was the u-boat used?
11. How long was the U.S. actually at war?
12. What was the role of women at this time and how will this lead to reforms when men return home
from war?
13. What are the Espionage and Sedition Acts?
14. Describe Schenck v. U.S.
15. What was the Red Scare? What were we afraid of?
16. What is the experience of the soldier like?
17. Explain trench warfare, trench foot and the new uses of chemical warfare.
18. What wash Wilson's plan to get us out of war?
19. Explain the treaty of Versailles.
20. What was the main idea of the Fourteen Points?
21. What was the League of Nations?
22. What is the teapot dome scandal?
23. Who did not benefit during the boom of the Roaring Twenties? Three main minority groups.
24. Explain the concepts of mass consumption and how it related to production.
25. What does the stock market do throughout the 1920's?
26. What are the new values, compared to that of the traditional values?
27. Who are the key players of the Harlem Renaissance?
28. What occurred during the Harlem Renaissance? Music, literature, culture.
29. Why is this also called the Jazz Age?
30. Who were the flappers? What did they do?
31. What did jobs for women look like at this time? College degrees? Women Only positions?
32. Explain the how the Red Scare, Sacco and Vanzetti and the KKK threatened civil liberties and
increased nativist sentiments/feelings?
33. What is the Eighteenth Amendment and how is it related to the Twenty-First Amendment?
Instead of reducing alcoholism and domestic violence, what did it do?
34. What occurred during the Scopes Trial? What did it signify?
The Great Depression
35. What is the name given to the day when the market crashed in the 1920’s?
36. What were the causes of the sudden drop in the market? Overproduction/under consumption,
Uneven Distribution of Wealth, Buying Stocks on Margin, Buying on Credit
37. What types of things did people purchase on credit?
38. Explain how the fears of a recession locked money up and caused the companies to lay people
39. What did Hoover do to help the people? What was his trickle-down theory?
40. What is a run on a bank?
41. What was the dust bowl and how did people cause it?
42. What were some of the nicknames for the experience during the Great Depression that were
given using Hoover’s name?
43. Why is Roosevelt seen as a savior to many?
44. What plan did he develop in order to save the people? New Deal - explain
45. What were the three R’s of his plan? What is the difference between each?
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