Atlas of Genetics and Cytogenetics in Oncology and Haematology

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Atlas of Genetics and Cytogenetics in Oncology and Haematology
Atlas of Genetics and Cytogenetics
in Oncology and Haematology
Editor, Editorial Board and Publisher
Editor Jean-Loup Huret (Poitiers, France)
Editorial Board
Sreeparna Banerjee (Ankara, Turkey) Solid Tumours Section
Alessandro Beghini (Milan, Italy) Genes Section
Anne von Bergh (Rotterdam, The Netherlands) Genes / Leukaemia Sections
Judith Bovée (Leiden, The Netherlands) Solid Tumours Section
Vasantha Brito-Babapulle (London, UK) Leukaemia Section
Charles Buys (Groningen, The Netherlands) Deep Insights Section
Antonio Cuneo (Ferrara, Italy) Leukaemia Section
Paola Dal Cin (Boston, Massachussetts) Genes / Solid Tumours Section
Brigitte Debuire (Villejuif, France) Deep Insights Section
Marc De Braekeleer (Brest, France) Genes / Leukaemia Sections
François Desangles (Paris, France) Leukaemia / Solid Tumours Sections
Enric Domingo-Villanueva (London, UK) Solid Tumours Section
Ayse Erson (Ankara, Turkey) Solid Tumours Section
Richard Gatti (Los Angeles, California) Cancer-Prone Diseases / Deep Insights Sections
Ad Geurts van Kessel (Nijmegen, The Netherlands) Cancer-Prone Diseases Section
Oskar Haas (Vienna, Austria) Genes / Leukaemia Sections
Anne Hagemeijer (Leuven, Belgium) Deep Insights Section
Nyla Heerema (Colombus, Ohio) Leukaemia Section
Jim Heighway (Liverpool, UK) Genes / Deep Insights Sections
Sakari Knuutila (Helsinki, Finland) Deep Insights Section
Lidia Larizza (Milano, Italy) Solid Tumours Section
Lisa Lee-Jones (Newcastle, UK) Solid Tumours Section
Edmond Ma (Hong Kong, China) Leukaemia Section
Roderick McLeod (Braunschweig, Germany) Deep Insights / Education Sections
Cristina Mecucci (Perugia, Italy) Genes / Leukaemia Sections
Fredrik Mertens (Lund, Sweden) Solid Tumours Section
Konstantin Miller (Hannover, Germany) Education Section
Felix Mitelman (Lund, Sweden) Deep Insights Section
Hossain Mossafa (Cergy Pontoise, France) Leukaemia Section
Stefan Nagel (Braunschweig, Germany) Deep Insights / Education Sections
Florence Pedeutour (Nice, France) Genes / Solid Tumours Sections
Elizabeth Petty (Ann Harbor, Michigan) Deep Insights Section
Susana Raimondi (Memphis, Tennesse) Genes / Leukaemia Section
Mariano Rocchi (Bari, Italy) Genes Section
Alain Sarasin (Villejuif, France) Cancer-Prone Diseases Section
Albert Schinzel (Schwerzenbach, Switzerland) Education Section
Clelia Storlazzi (Bari, Italy) Genes Section
Sabine Strehl (Vienna, Austria) Genes / Leukaemia Sections
Nancy Uhrhammer (Clermont Ferrand, France) Genes / Cancer-Prone Diseases Sections
Dan Van Dyke (Rochester, Minnesota) Education Section
Roberta Vanni (Montserrato, Italy) Solid Tumours Section
Franck Viguié (Paris, France) Leukaemia Section
José Luis Vizmanos (Pamplona, Spain) Leukaemia Section
Thomas Wan (Hong Kong, China) Genes / Leukaemia Sections
Adriana Zamecnikova (Kuwait) Leukaemia Section
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Atlas of Genetics and Cytogenetics
in Oncology and Haematology
Editorial Independence
The Atlas adopts the International Committee of Medical Editors' (ICMJE) recommendation on
editorial freedom.
The editor-in-chief has full authority over the editorial content of the journal. The printer should not
interfere in editorial decisions (see http://www.icmje.org , section: Supplements, Theme Issues, and
Special Series, which stipulates also that "Because funding sources can bias the content (...) journals
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source related to content considered (...) should be clearly stated (...). Advertising (...) should follow
the same policies (...). Journal (...) editors must not accept personal favors or direct remuneration
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Editorial Correspondance
Jean-Loup Huret, MD, PhD,
Medical Genetics, INSERM U 935,
Dept Medical Information, University Hospital,
phone +33 5 49 44 45 46
[email protected] or [email protected]
Mohammad Ahmad, Mélanie Arsaban, Vanessa Le Berre, Anne Malo, Carol Moreau, Catherine
Morel-Pair, Laurent Rassinoux.
Philippe Dessen is the Database Director (Gustave Roussy Institute - Villejuif - France).
The Atlas of Genetics and Cytogenetics in Oncology and Haematology (ISSN 1768-3262) is published
12 times a year by ARMGHM, a non profit organisation, and by the INstitute for Scientific and
Technical Information of the French National Center for Scientific Research (INIST-CNRS
http://www.inist.fr ) since 2008.
The Atlas is hosted by INIST-CNRS at the following URL: http://irevues.inist.fr/atlasgeneticsoncology
The I-Revues at INIST-CNRS uses the DSpace software suite for publishing and archiving articles of
ATLAS. DSpace is an open source repository software package widely used by academic communities
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open access. It is based on tanks of digital objects (text, images, videos …) described by a set of
standardized metadata in XML format (Dublin Core qualified) and a standard uniform identifier (CNRI
DSpace supports the common interoperability standards used in the Institutional repository domain,
such as Open Archives Initiative Protocol for Metadata Harvesting (OAI-PMH protocol).
Publisher Contact:
Mailing Address: Catherine Morel, 2, Allée du Parc de Brabois, CS 10130, 54519 Vandoeuvre-lèsNancy France.
Email Address: [email protected]
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XML format and freely harvestable.
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http://www.crossref.org/ is assigned to each article. The DOI is a unique alpha-numeric character
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