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 Counselor’s Corner
Welcome to the Counselor’s Corner!
Inside you will find important dates as
well as information to help your student
succeed at Lakeview Jr. High School!
September 2015 Important Dates
September 1 Student of the Month Reception September 2 Tutoring available to students from 2:30-­‐
3:30pm on Monday’s & Tuesday’ s in Room 501 starting 9/2 September 18 Teen Night 7-­‐9:30pm Congratulations to the August Students of the Month! Each month Lakeview Junior High students are recognized as Students of
the Month. These students are chosen for going above and beyond in
areas such as academics and citizenship, for contributions to the school
and community, and for being caring and respectful role models for other
students. This is an opportunity for teachers and staff alongside parents
to honor students demonstrating excellence in the areas of scholarship,
leadership, service, attitude, behavior, responsibility, and character.
Student of the Month names are listed on plaques and monthly pictures
are posted in the entrance hallway of Lakeview. Thank you to students,
parents, teachers, and staff for all you do to make Lakeview Junior High
an exceptional place to learn!
Pictured Above: FR: Rylee Jarvis, Gabby Hartman, Madison Hamilton, Kaylee Cavendish BR: Deja Smith, Isaiah Alfred, Kasey Charlton, Isabella Floyd, Tyler W alker Organization & Time Management: How to do what you need to do
so you have more time for what you want to do!
Tips for Junior High:
Use your student planner
Write down activities, assignments, deadlines, and tests/quizzes to
plan your time. Then work backwards: Break larger assignments
into smaller, more manageable tasks to avoid procrastination and
write down when you plan to study and for how long. Review your
weekly plan on Sunday evenings. New planners can be purchased
for $5 in the main office.
A place for everything and everything in it’s place
Choose a system that works for you: binder, folders, or accordion
files. Label each and include space for long-term assignments,
materials to turn in, papers that go home, and notes to keep handy.
Have a designated place at home to keep papers and a study station
with all the supplies you’d need to complete homework.
Organize again and again…
Organizing is a habit that takes time to learn. Clean out your
backpack, locker, and folders regularly so you can find your
homework easily. Studying at the same time and place helps
establish a routine that will become second nature.
Contacting your School Counselor Mrs. Sarah Geiger-­‐ 7th grade 614-­‐830-­‐2221 or [email protected] Ms. Amy Cowles-­‐ 8th grade 614-­‐830-­‐2222 or [email protected] What you need to know
at Lakeview:
Students are expected to
use their student planners
in each class.
Tip: Write down ‘none’
if there is no homework in
a class to stay in the habit
of writing each class
Parents/Guardians can
access Infinite Campus to
monitor student progress.
Tip: Check this with
your student and help
him/her set academic
goals for improvement and
keep track of progress.
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