2015/2016 Pay-to-Participate Fee Information

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2015/2016 Pay-to-Participate Fee Information
Pay-to-Participate Fee Information
Please refer to Board of Education Policy IGD and IGD-REG-1 for
more information.
1. Payments may be made by check, money order, cash or credit
card. Make checks payable to Pickerington Local School District (or
PLSD.) Payments may be made in one or two installments (see
schedule at bottom). School buildings will announce the times and
places to make payments.
2. All school fees from previous years must be paid in full in order to
participate in the next sport/activity.
3. A returned (NSF) check or non-payment will render the student
ineligible to participate (including practice) until the fee is paid in full.
An additional fee of $25.00 will be assessed for a returned check.
Payments made after any returned checks, must be made by money
order, cash or credit card.
4. Students participating in athletics, co-curricular activities, theatre
and music may not participate in practice, contests or even
scrimmages until the payment is received or arrangements for
payment have been made.
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