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Hi Lights April 2016 PRINCIPAL’S MESSAGE
Hi Lights
April 2016
Mrs. Jennifer Russell, Principal
100 East Street, Pickerington, OH 43147
(614) 833-6385
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Dear Heritage Families,
As social media increasingly becomes part of our daily lives, parents and educators often struggle with how
to help our youth navigate the cyberworld. With that in mind I would like to share the following article with
you this month.
6 Expert Tips for Keeping Your Kids Safe on Social Media
Today's kids are more social media savvy than ever. A whopping 80% of teens online use some form of
social media, and they're sharing more information about themselves on social networks than they have in
the past. While growing up online has its benefits, it poses new risks. Between cyberbullying, oversharing
and giving into peer pressure, a child's misuse of a social network can turn into a serious problem.
For many parents, navigating their child's social media presence is not only worrisome, but also challenging.
But with the right approach, parents can set positive examples for their kids and teach them how to use
social media responsibly and respectfully.
Here are six tips from parenting experts to help you keep your kids safe on social media.
1. Educate yourself about social media.
Amy Morin, psychotherapist and parenting expert, recommends that parents take time to research and learn
about the different social networks their children are using. Familiarizing yourself with popular social
platforms will give you a better understanding of how each service works. You may also want to create your
own profile on these sites and apps to experience the networks firsthand. "It's important for parents to
understand the difference between Tumblr and Snapchat, because each social media platform has different
risks," Morin tells Mashable. Here some popular social networks kids are actively using:
Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Vine, YouTube, and Tumblr
2. Establish an age limit.
If you don't currently allow your children to use social media, it's a good idea to let them know at what age
they can start. "When kids feel ‘it's never going to happen,' they are more likely to set up their own, secret
profile," says Mark Loewen, parenting coach and owner of Launch Pad Counseling, a counseling practice
that specializes in working with parents and children.
When deciding what age you'll let your kids use social media, keep in mind that most social networks
require users to be 13 or older to create an account. The Children's Online Privacy Protection Act prevents
companies from collecting personal information about children under the age of 13 without their parents'
3. Talk to your kids about the dangers and consequences of social media.
Many kids don't realize the consequences that come with using social media. They tend to underestimate
how easily accessible their information is, and can forget that others are watching their online activity.
"Often, parents forget to talk about how pictures, comments and social interactions could impact their
[children's] future," Morin says.
She suggests discussing real-life situations in which social media can pose harm, like stories in the news
about kids being cyberbullied. She says it's important to make clear that your child can come to you with
questions or help. By talking to your kids about the danger signs of social media, they will more likely think
twice before posting a photo or sharing their locations with others online.
4. Keep the computer in a common area of your home.
Rather than keeping a computer in your child's bedroom, keep it in a centralized and open location in your
house. This way, you can easily keep an eye on your child's social media usage. Morin says kids are less
likely to engage in inappropriate behavior when they know their parents can look over their shoulder at any
5. Set guidelines or rules.
Establishing a set of guidelines or rules is a great way to instill positive social media habits in your child. For
example, set a time limit for how long your child spends on social media during the week. You could also set
specific times for you and your child to go online together and practice social media safety. But don't set rules that
are too rigid, Loewen advises. "Find a middle point where your child feels empowered to make good decisions
without having to hide from you," he says.
6. Check your child's privacy settings regularly.
Make a point to check your child's privacy settings on each social network consistently. Social networks are
constantly updating and changing their sites and apps, so you'll want to make sure your child's profile is as secure
as it can be.
This article can be found in its entirety at: http://mashable.com/2014/09/21/social-media-safety-kids/#uDJKcfjsYPqx
We will be having a “Digital Danger” talk with our fourth graders in May.
Jennifer Russell
3rd Grade KISS Luncheon 10:45-12:00
Book Fair at Heritage
Book Fair, Book Bingo & 8 Habits Night 5:30-8:00
Mr. Genson’s & Mr. Keane’s classes KISS Luncheon 10:30-12:00
Mr. Brinn’s & Miss Kennedy’s classes KISS Luncheon 10:30-12:00
No School –Professional Development Day
PTO Meeting 7:00pm
State AIR Testing: 3rd Grade ELA
State AIR Testing: 4th Grade ELA
State AIR Testing: 3rd Grade Math
State AIR Testing: 4th Grade Math
State AIR Testing: 4th Grade Social Studies
Just a few reminders regarding morning drop off for students. Students are allowed to enter the
building starting at 9:00 am each day but must go into the cafeteria or into the breakfast line. At
9:05, when the first bell rings, students may then make their way to their classrooms. If your student
is a parent drop off and you are arriving after 9:15, please make sure to park and sign your child in at
the office.
Please remember to call the attendance hotline to report your child absent if they will be missing
school. Ohio state law requires daily accounting of all students who are absent. This requires the
office to contact the parent/guardian by phone for each absence that is not reported. If we are
unable to reach you, we are required to call those listed on the emergency contact list until we can
verify your child’s absence. If you have a planned absence is it important to not only report the
absence in advance to the teacher but also to the school office.
If you want to request homework for your child for the day(s) they are out, the request must be called
in by 9:30 am. The homework is allowed to go home with a sibling or another child or the
homework can be picked up in the office. Homework can be picked up in the office between 2:00
and 4:00 pm. It is helpful to let the office know what time you plan to be here so we can assure it
will be ready.
While we all know that consistency is important in a child’s life, it may become necessary to change
your child’s dismissal plans. If you must change the way your child is to be dismissed, we ask that
you follow the following procedure:
1. Send a note in advance to your child’s teacher and the teacher will inform the office.
2. If you are picking your student up early, please allow enough time to come into the
building and sign your student out while we call your student to meet you in the
office. We cannot call students down to the office prior to your arrival here at school.
3. We ask that you do not call the school with changes to your child’s dismissal plans.
This causes many unnecessary interruptions to the classroom learning as we call the
class to notify the teacher and student of the change. We realize that emergency
changes do arise and yes, please call us in these cases and we will let you child know
of the change.
4. If we do not have information from a parent/guardian of a change in dismissal, your
child will go home according to their normal plan for that day.
We appreciate your understanding and thank you in advance for your cooperation with dismissal.
Please know our first and foremost concerns are the safety of your child and providing a positive and
conducive learning environment.
100 East Street
Pickerington, OH 43147
Mrs. Jennifer Russell, Principal
Grades 1-4
Kindergarten AM
Kindergarten PM
9:15 am to 3:40 pm
9:15 am to 12:00 pm
1:00 pm to 3:40 pm
Main Office:
Attendance Line:
Petermann Transportation:
District Office:
to 1:00
to 1:30
to 12:45
to 1:15
Morning Drop off:
9:00 am
Class Starts:
9:15 am
Homework request deadline: 9:30 am
Office Hours:
8:00 am to 4:00 pm
Birthday Book Club Form Due Date for March: 4/12/16
Forms for April, May, June, and July have gone home!
The week of March 7th thru March 11 was National School Breakfast week. The Theme was WAKE UP.... to
a Heritage Breakfast. This was a special week that included a coloring contest and also as our students came
through our breakfast line, A Wake Up alarm went off, the student present at the register received a coupon
to turn in for a free breakfast or lunch item of their choice.
Heritage serves breakfast daily at 9:00 a.m. $ 1.50 full pay, .30 reduced.
Below see our coloring contest winners..
3rd Grade. G Rex
2nd Grade N Golich
Runner up winners:
4 grade: D Chambers, C Pelletier, Z. Stammer
3rd grade: S Uhrig, J Bryant, C. Knapp
2nd grade: R Nelson, D MacDougall, Z Breaston
1st grade: D. Meade, B Rex
Thanks to all who participated
and Congratulations from Mrs. Conley,
Mrs. Bellestri and Mrs. Troyer.
Wake Up Breakfast ( free coupon) Winners:
Z Breaston, D Horne, A Frederick, J Bryant,
C McKee, A Cozart, L Fulton, F Abdi, D Pompey.
3rd and 4th Grade Luncheons are next week.
The Lunch Ladies and your children are looking
forward to sharing a school lunch with you.
See you next week
April 4, 3rd grade 10:34-12:00
April 6, 4th. Genson/Keane class 10:30-12:00
April 7, 4th. Brinn/ Kennedy class 10:30-12:00
Cafeteria Staff.
Nancy Conley
Head Cook
8:15 am to 1:45 pm
April Class Lessons: This month, we will continue to dig deeper in our
understanding of the 7 Habits by focusing on Habit 7: Sharpen the Saw! We feel
best when we have balance in our lives. Finding time to take care of our hearts,
minds, bodies, and souls helps us to have more enjoyable, fulfilling lives. Life is
busy and full of stressors that pull us in many different directions. Teaching children
strategies for “sharpening the saw” will empower them to make self-care a priority
and to feel balanced, even when life gets busy.
The Leader in Me
AIR Testing: Our 3rd and 4th graders will have the opportunity to demonstrate
what they have worked so hard to learn this year during end-of-the-year state
testing. The AIR test will be administered to all 3rd and 4th graders later in April. See
the schedule below for Heritage Elementary.
3rd Grade AIR Testing
Scheduled Date
Time Allowed
ELA- Part 1
90 minutes
ELA- Part 2
90 Minutes
Math- Parts 1 & 2
150 Minutes
4th Grade AIR Testing
Scheduled Date
Time Allowed
ELA- Parts 1 & 2
180 Minutes
Math- Parts 1 & 2
150 Minutes
Social Studies- Parts 1 & 2
150 Minutes
Testing Tips and Reminders- How to Prepare Your Child for Testing
Make sure your child gets 9-11 hours of sleep.
Make sure your child eats a healthy breakfast.
Maintain a pleasant home environment and avoid unnecessary conflicts on
testing days.
Make sure your child has taken any needed medication.
Ensure that your child is present during testing (children generally perform
better when taking tests in their regular setting rather than at a make-up
Arrive on time to school on the day of the test.
Encourage your child each morning of the test. Tell your child that he/she is
special and that you believe in him/her!
Remind your child the test is important. Encourage him/her to do his/her
Remind your child to listen carefully to the instructions from the teacher, to
read the directions carefully, and to read each question carefully.
Explain to your child the importance of using time wisely. If your child gets
stuck on a question, encourage him or her to make the best guess and move
on. If finished early, your child should review his/her answers.
Tell your child to attempt to answer all of the questions and not to leave
any blank.
Encourage your child to stay focused on the test, even if other students
finish early.
If your child is disappointed after a test, reassure him/her that there will be
plenty of opportunities to improve and succeed.
Sharpen the Saw
I take care of my body
by eating right,
exercising and getting
sleep. I spend time with
family and friends. I
learn in lots of places,
not just at school. I find
meaningful ways to help
Parents! Don’t forget to
print the bookmark for
you students!
Tessa Gossett, School Counselor
[email protected]
Community resources
Fairfield County 211
general assistance
(740) 687-0500
Hands on Central Ohio
(Franklin Co. 211)
(614) 221-6766
Pickerington Food Pantry
(614) 834-0079
Now that spring is here and the weather will be getting nice, bike riding is a
great way to spend time together as a family while getting fresh air and exercise.
Wearing a helmet when bicycle riding should not be an option for anyone in the
family even if it is for short distances in a safe area.
Helmets are important because most bicycle accidents involve head injuries that
could cause permanent brain damage or death. Each year in the United States,
about half a million kids are seriously injured in a bicycle-related accident. Most
of these injuries could have been avoided if a helmet was worn.
When choosing a bicycle helmet the main things to keep in mind are:
• Pick bright colors that are visible to motorist and other cyclists.
• Make sure the helmet is well ventilated.
• Make sure that the helmet has a CPSC or Snell sticker inside. These
indicate that the helmet meets standards set by the Consumer Product
Safety Commission (CPSC) or the Snell Memorial Foundation, a nonprofit
group that test helmet safety.
• Make sure your child’s helmet fits correctly and can be adjusted. If you
purchase your helmet at a bike store, you should be able to get assistance
with the fit and adjustment of it.
Be sure to replace any helmet made before 1999. If your child hits any surface
hard while wearing a helmet, replace it. Helmets lose their capacity to absorb
shock after taking serious hits.
Reference is from Nationwide Children’s Hospital.
Tami Tackett, RN, BSN
School Nurse
Toll Gate Elementary
Heritage Elementary
Toll Gate Middle
Reminders about Medications at School...
As we go into the spring season, I’d like to remind parents about the school district
policy for sending in medications to school. This policy states that a note from the parent
and/or doctor must accompany the medication. Below you will find information regarding the
Medication Policy for Prescription and Non-Prescription Medications.
PRESCRIPTION MEDICATION can be administered at school, if necessary, following all of
these steps:
1. Note from physician with: **
a. Name of medication
b. Dosage
c. Time to be administered
d. Side effects
e. Start/ End Date
f. Signature of the physician
2. Note from the parent giving permission to administer (with parent’s signature)
3. Medication must be in the original pharmacy labeled container.
** You may obtain a Request for Administration of Medication by School Personnel Grades K12 form in the school office or on the PLSD website.
NON-PRESCRIPTION MEDICATION (like cough drops, Tylenol, cough syrup) can be
administered, if necessary, and requires:
1. Note from parent with: ***
a. Name of student
b. Name of medication
c. Time to be administered
d. Dosage to be given
e. Signature of parent and date
2. Medication must be in the original container
3. Dosage must be age and weight appropriate for your child.
(i.e., We cannot administer medication to children under 12 if the label says: “Do not
administer to children under 12, except under the direction of a physician.” We need to have
a note from the doctor in order to give a dose of medication that is different than the dose
stated on the bottle.)
*** You may obtain an Administering Nonprescription Medication-Grades K-12 form in the
school office or on the PLSD website.
Any questions, please contact the School Nurse:
Tami Tackett, RN, BSN
Toll Gate Elementary
Heritage Elementary
Toll Gate Middle School
We are looking to do officer elections for the 2016-17 school year at the April PTO meeting. If you are
interested in any position, please contact Melissa Shafer. [email protected] She can discuss positions and add
your name to the ballot.
The PTO is still collecting photos for the yearbook. Please send in any photos you would like to include.
Submitting a photo is easy! Just email your best photos to:
[email protected]
Hassle-Free Fundraising!
Shoparoo is a free iPhone and Android app that turns pictures of your shopping receipts into donations to the
school or charity of your choice. Just take a quick moment to snap a quick picture of your receipt and voila,
you've made an instant cash donation to Heritage Elementary PTO. Visit the Shoparoo Website for more
Kroger Community Rewards®
Giving More Back to the Community!
Kroger is committed to helping our communities grow and prosper. Year after year, local schools, churches
and other nonprofit organizations will earn millions of dollars through Kroger Community Rewards®. Please
enroll today! You need to enroll every year.
Visit the Kroger Community Rewards Website
Log into your Kroger account (or create one for the first time with your Kroger Plus Card Information)
Click Enroll Now
Type in Heritage in the search box under Find Your Organization
Select Heritage Elementary PTO under Select Your Organization
Click Save under Save Your Selection
Click Save on the next page to register your selection
Did you know that the Heritage PTO has a Facebook Page? Please “Like” us on Facebook to stay up to date on
all Heritage events! Just search for Heritage PTO Pickerington
Heritage Elementary PTO...For up to date information on what is happening at the school and around the
Heritage Elementary Families...Brand new group for Heritage families only. This group can be used to post
things such as help with carpooling, babysitting, playdates, etc. This group is to give families of Heritage
Elementary, a place to share positive stories, photos, advice, referrals and support for members of our school
We are selling spirit wear and the deadline has been extended until 4/8/16!
I would like to ask everyone to please mark their calendars for our next PTO meeting on April 20th at 7:00
PM. We will have a special guest Dr. Valerie Browning-Thompson. Officer elections for 2016-17
Please follow us on Facebook and Twitter!
On Twitter @HeritagePTOPLSD
Questions? Please contact Julie Bechert, PTO President, at (614) 581-0961 or [email protected]
Kindergarten Registration
If you know of a family who will have a kindergarten student
attending a Pickerington school for the 2016-2017 school year,
please pass along this registration information:
Kindergarten Registration begins March 9th, 2016.
Click Here to Register on March 9th Online at:
(scroll down to the Kindergarten Registration section)
Help us spread the word so that each kindergartner is
registered in time to take their Bracken Kindergarten
Assessment: held April 25th, 26th & 28th
We need your photos!!
[email protected](
Thank you in advance for your help making Heritage Elementary School’s
2015-2016 Yearbook memorable!
From the desk of Mrs. Gossett, School Counselor
[email protected]
2015-2016 Heritage Elementary Group Counseling
Dear Parents/Guardians,
The counseling program at Heritage Elementary is designed to meet the personal/social and academic
needs of all students. One of the ways I serve students is by providing small group counseling. Many
students have participated in and benefited from small groups during previous years at Heritage.
Groups are offered throughout the school year. The purpose of the small group experience is to help
children realize that they are not alone in their situation, to learn more information about that situation,
and to develop strong coping skills.
If you express an interest in any of the groups, additional information will be sent home with your child
throughout the year as these groups are being formed. Please understand that it will take the entirety of the
school year for group requests to be implemented. Keep in mind also that your child may not be serviced in
a small group setting depending on the amount of student need and the level of distress indicated. If your
child is not serviced in the small group setting, I can also work with you and the classroom teacher to
implement classroom strategies that will help with the distress.
If you are interested in a small group, please fill out the survey on the back of this form. Your answers will
help in determining the issues that your child is experiencing.
Please don’t hesitate to contact me at 833-6385 if you have questions or concerns.
Tessa Gossett, School Counselor
Heritage Elementary School
Please return this form in a sealed envelope to Mrs. Gossett, School Counselor.
Heritage Elementary
Pickerington Local School District
100 East Street
Pickerington, OH 43147
(614) 833-6385
Have you seen a difference?
Are you seeing the 7 Habits in your child’s behavior outside of school?
Have you noticed a change in the daily routine in your household because of the 7 Habits?
Are they using the 7 Habits to problem-solve with siblings and friends?
We would love to hear about how you are seeing the 7 Habits outside of school. The staff of Heritage is so
proud of how the students are using the 7 Habits that we would like to showcase how these habits transfer
to other parts of their lives.
Please share what you are seeing with us! We want to add your feedback to our display in the office and
also highlighting these on our website. We want to show our community what Great Leaders we have here
at Heritage!
Join the Heritage Elementary Birthday Book Club!
Celebrate your birthday, or other special occasion, by donating a book to the
Heritage library. With a $14.00 donation, you can enjoy choosing one of the new
books to be added to the library’s collection. The book will be personalized with
your name and you will be the first student to check out the book and share it
with your family for two weeks. When the book is returned, it will become part of
the library’s permanent collection and will be enjoyed by students for years to
come. A photograph of you and your book will be taken and displayed with the
other Birthday Book Club Members. Thank you in advance for your support and
for helping to build a great Heritage Elementary School Library!
Heritage Birthday Book Club
Student’s Name
Birth Month & Day
Please return this form to your teacher with a $14.00
check payable to Heritage PTO. If you have any
questions, please contact April Fulton at
[email protected] or (740)862-6962.
Fly UP