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PHSC School Counseling Department
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Career Centers
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Department Chair
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Records and Transcripts
The following regulations shall be observed in the issuance of diplomas. 1. Only those students who have completed all requirements will participate in the ceremony and receive a diploma. 2. ​
Seniors who have school debts, work to be completed, or disciplinary requirements to be met may not participate in graduation ceremonies. 3. Seniors who have not earned the required credits as described in Board Policy and/or have not completed the Ohio Graduation Testing Program will not be permitted to participate in graduation ceremonies. The diplomas will not be issued until the deficiency has been completed. 4. Students whose eligibility for a diploma is questionable should contact their counselor prior to graduation to determine their final status. It may be impossible to notify students prior to final exams. 5. It is the student’s responsibility to keep parents/legal guardians informed as to their progress toward graduation. 6. It is the sole responsibility of the senior to be aware of and meet the requirements for graduation. 7. In order to preserve the integrity of the graduation ceremonies, students must dress appropriately in order to participate. Specific expectations regarding "appropriate dress” for the ceremonies will reflect the changes in fashion trends; however, girls are to wear a dress or dress slacks. Boys are to wear dress slacks and shirt. Jeans, shorts or athletic shoes (tennis shoes) will not be permitted. Students inappropriately dressed as described herein will not be permitted to participate in the ceremonies. I HAVE READ, UNDERSTAND, AND AGREE TO ABIDE BY ALL RULES AND GUIDELINES AS STATED ABOVE. I HAVE RECEIVED A COPY OF THE ABOVE REGULATIONS. Student’s Printed Name_______________________________ Student’s Signature___________________________________ ​
Email Address_______________________________________ GRADUATION REQUIREMENTS 2 Ohio Core Graduation Requirement Checklist Class of 2016 & 2017 DATE: _________________________
NAME: _______________________________________ CREDITS EARNED: _____________
(Honors, Honors Thematics, Dual Credit)​
: __________ (4) English 9 English 10 English 11 English 12 WORLD HISTORY ​
(Honors/AP) ​
__________ (1) ​
(Honors/AP/Dual Credit ​
__________ (1) ​
(AP) ​
__________ (.50) ​
__________ (.50) ​
(AP Government/Dual Credit American Government) MATH: ​
Algebra 1 Geometry Algebra 2 Additional Math (ONE CREDIT SHALL BE ALGEBRA II OR EQUIVALENT) _________ (4) ​
__________ (3) ​
Integrated Science (1) Biology (1) Advanced Study of Science (1) ​
__________________________ HEALTH ​
__________ (.50) ​
__________ (.50) ​
__________ (.25) __________(.25) *or 2 PE waivers with another elective for 0.50 credit *Students may not repeat the same PE class for credit FINE ARTS ​
__________ (1) ​
(1 credit from Art, Music, Photography or Theatre) ELECTIVES:
__________ (4) ​
*PE and Health credits,​
beyond what is required, will not count towards the 4 elective credits OGT TESTS PASSED: ​
The State Department of Education has designated that two types of diplomas will be awarded to graduates: 1. Standard Diploma To be awarded the standard diploma, the student shall be required to meet the following criteria: a. Meet all criteria established by the Pickerington Board of Education b. Meet all requirements established by the state of Ohio 2. Honors Diploma To be awarded an Honors Diploma, the student shall be required to meet at least 7 of the 8 criteria listed below in college preparatory or the vocational education curriculum. A student shall not be required to meet more than the specified number of criteria, nor shall any student be required to meet any one specific criterion. 1) Earn four credits of English. 2) Earn four credits of mathematics that include algebra I, geometry, algebra II, or equivalent and another higher​
level course​
or a four­year sequence of courses that contain equivalent content. 3) Earn four credits of science including ​
one credit of physics​
and ​
one credit of chemistry​
. 4) Earn ​
four credits​
of social studies. 5) ​
Earn either three credits of one foreign language or two credits each of two foreign languages 6) Earn one credit of fine arts. 7) Maintain an overall high school ​
unweighted grade point average of at least 3.5 on a 4.0 scale​
up to the last grading period of the senior year. 8) ​
Obtain a composite score of 27 on the American College Test (ACT) or an equivalent composite score of 1210 on the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) In order to be considered for the Honors Diploma, all students must apply. The application will be available in the Counseling Office after Spring Break. GPA Distinctions DECEM DÉCOR: Top Ten Students in the class OPTIMA SOPRA: Students with a GPA of 4.0 or higher DISTINGUISHED SCHOLAR: Students with a GPA of 3.75­3.99 GRADUATION Graduation ceremonies will be held at World Harvest Church on Saturday, May 21st. (Tentative time 12:00PM) ***GRADUATION PRACTICE IS MANDATORY FOR ALL SENIORS (Date and time to be determined)*** DIPLOMAS Diplomas will not be issued at the graduation ceremony. They may be picked up from your counselor immediately following the graduation ceremony. CAPS, GOWNS, AND ANNOUNCEMENTS The Herff Jones representative will visit Pickerington Central, Eastland and Fairfield Career Centers in October to take orders. Herff Jones will return in December during lunch periods to handle final graduation needs. Final orders can be made in December during lunch periods. If you have any questions, please contact Mr. Kirk Thompson at 740­357­2160 or 740­821­3109. You can also email Mr. Thompson at [email protected]​
. COLLEGE ATHLETIC ELIGIBILITY STANDARDS FOR STUDENT ATHLETES If you intend to participate in collegiate athletics you must register with the appropriate athletic eligibility 4 center. National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA)­www.eligibilitycenter.org National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA)­www.playnaia.org National Junior College Athletic Association (NJCAA)­www.njcaa.org Students will not be eligible to practice/participate in collegiate athletics unless they have met the requirements of the appropriate athletic eligibility center. Please make an appointment with Mrs. Dashner in the school counseling office if you have any questions. COLLEGE SPORTS ELIGIBILITY Any student wishing to play collegiate athletics must register with the appropriate athletic eligibility center. Students must also send their ACT/SAT scores directly to the eligibility center. Refer to the following testing codes when completing your test application. National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Testing Code­9999 National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA)­9876 National Junior College Athletic Association (NJCAA)­Testing code is not needed. Please make an appointment with Mrs. Dashner in the school counseling office if you have any questions. SCHOOL TEST CODE / CEEB NUMBER 5 Each high school and college is assigned a test code/CEEB number. Many times this code is requested on admissions applications and test applications. T
​he test code/CEEB number for Pickerington High School Central is ​
Make certain that you copy the number correctly. 2015­2016 TEST DATES AND DEADLINES ® ​
Late fee Test Date Registration Deadline October 3, 2015 September 13, 2015 September 18­22, 2015 November 7, 2015 October 9, 2015 October 23­27, 2015 December 5, 2015 November 5, 2014 November 20­23, 2015 January 23, 2016 December 28, 2015 January 8­12, 2016 March 5, 2016 February 5, 2016 February 19­23, 2016 May 7, 2016 April 8, 2016 April 22­26, 2016 June 4, 2016 May 5, 2015 May 20­26, 2016 applies www.actstudent.org Students should register for the ACT Plus Writing Test Date Registration Deadline Late fee applies September 12, 2015 August 7, 2015 August 8­21, 2015 October 24, 2015 September 18, 2015 September 19–October 2, 2015 December 12, 2015 November 6, 2015 November 7­20, 2015 February 6, 2016 January 8, 2016 January 9–15, 2016 April 9, 2016 March 4, 2016 March 5–8, 2016 June 11, 2016 May 6, 2016 May 7­20, 2016 All college­bound students should take both the ACT and the SAT one time in their junior year. A second testing in either or both exam is recommended in the junior year or early in the fall of the senior year. MILITARY INFORMATION All high schools are required to release directory information for juniors and seniors (name, address and phone number) to all branches of the military. This information is then used for recruitment purposes. The 6 law allows a student who is 18 years old or older to refuse the release of this information if the request is made in writing to the school principal. If a student is not yet 18 years old, the student’s parent must make the request. Your name, address and phone number will be released to all branches of the military on October 1st of your senior year, unless such a request addressed to the principal has been submitted to the counseling office. Applying to Academies Admission to the academies is extremely competitive. With the exception of the Coast Guard Academy, admission to an Armed Forces Academy requires an appointment by a congressman, senator, the vice­president, or the academy commandant. The student must also be accepted for admission to the academy. More specific information regarding the Armed Forces Academies can be obtained at the following numbers/web sites: U.S. Military Academy:
http://www.usma.edu/ U.S. Naval Academy:
http://www.usna.edu Air Force Academy:
http://www.usafa.af.mil/ Coast Guard Academy:
http://www.cga.edu/ Reserve Officer Training (ROTC) The ROTC Scholarship Program offers full and partial scholarship in two, three, and four­year increments at most major colleges and universities (over 1,500 nationwide). Full scholarships cover the entire cost of tuition and fees. More specific information regarding ROTC Scholarships can be obtained by calling any of the following numbers: Army:
1­800­USA­ROTC Navy:
1­800­USA­NAVY Marine Corp.: 1­800­MARINES Air Force:
1­800­423­USAF Selective Service Registration is the process of providing the Selective Service with name, address, phone number, and other related information about one’s self. It is a civic and legal responsibility. Even though no one is currently being drafted, men are required to register with Selective Service as soon as they reach 18. All male U.S. citizens and male aliens residing in the U.S. and its territories must register within the period starting 30 days before, and ending 30 days after, their 18th birthday. ​
You must register online at www.sss.gov. Recruiters for the 2015­2016 school year The following recruiters are working with our school this school year. Please see Mrs. Perez­Robertson for questions about the Military. 1. U.S. MARINE CORPS
3. U.S. NAVY Sergeant Showers
Nicholas Cope [email protected] [email protected] Office: 614­861­7902; Cell: 740­630­5769 Phone: 614­409­1862 Cell: 304­550­6982 2. U.S. ARMY
4. U.S. AIR FORCESSGT Valldares SGT First Class Lawrence Cole @usarec.army.mil
[email protected]
OFF: 614­863­0212; CELL: 614­638­1714­Office: j614­864­1241/9919; Cell​
614­512­7519 614­813­9481​
l 5. Ohio Army National Guard ​
Staff Sergeant Adam Dick Recruiting and Retention NCO Office: 614­376­5232 Email: ​
[email protected] Deny Permission Form 7 The Counseling Department will forward transcripts, grades, test scores and related information to the following: Colleges and Universities Trade/Business Schools Athletic Coaches Scholarship Committees National Award Companies Employers If you ​
do not​
want your records sent, please indicate below and return this form to the counseling office. ****************************************************************************************** WE ​
GIVE PERMISSION FOR THE COUNSELING DEPARTMENT TO SEND THE INFORMATION. ______________________________ ______________________________ Student Signature Date Parent Signature Date Pickerington High School Central Transcript Request Form *THIS REQUEST MUST BE MADE 10 SCHOOL DAYS BEFORE THE DEADLINE* 8 Name: ____________________________________________ Grade: __________________ E­mail Address: ______________________________________________________________ Cell Phone Number: __________________________Today’s Date: ____________________ *YOU MUST HAVE PARENT/GUARDIAN SIGNATURE BEFORE WE CAN PROCESS YOUR REQUEST The purpose of this Transcript Release is for me to: Apply to college or pursue higher education Apply for a scholarship Enlist in the armed forces Obtain employment Athletic Eligibility Centers (NCAA, NAIA, NJCAA) Other (please specify) _______________________________________________ Mid­Year Report/7th​
sem transcript Have your added this college to your Naviance College List? Yes No Have you applied to this college via the Common Application? Yes No
If so, have you matched your Common Application with your Naviance account? Yes No NOTE:​
We ​
cannot ​
process your application/transcript until you have added the college to your Naviance College List, completed your Common Application (if applicable), and matched your Common Application (if applicable) in your Naviance Account. When did you complete and submit your college application? Date ___________________ Permission is hereby granted for the release of a transcript of high school grades. It is to be sent to the following address: Name of College/Organization: ​
_________________________________________________ Address: ___________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ City: ________________________ State: ____________ Zip Code: ______________ Parent/Guardian Signature_________________________________________Date________________ Student’s Signature: _______________________________ Date: _______________ NEED A RECOMMENDATION? 9 PLEASE FOLLOW THESE INSTRUCTIONS: * Allow a minimum of ​
ten school days ​
for your recommendation to be completed! * Provide the person writing the recommendation with: 1. Ask for the recommendation in person (Teachers are not required to write a letter of recommendation.) 2. Your ​
name 3. Name and address of college or employer to which you are applying 4. Your intended major in college or position requested 5. Date your counselor/teacher needs the recommendation OR date you (student) are to receive the recommendation 6. Stamped and addressed envelope if teacher is to mail recommendation 7. Copy of updated vitae or resume 8. Any additional information for teacher/counselor writing recommendation 9. If you are applying via The Common Application, you will also request your teacher recommendation using Naviance Family Connections. ● Send a thank­you note after the recommendation has been written. College Visits 10 College visits are a great way to become familiar with the admissions process, what makes a school unique (traditions, academic strengths), and what campus life is like. Some college representatives will be visiting during lunch periods. The best kind of visit, however, is one that you and your parents make to the college campus. All of this information is very beneficial to juniors and seniors who are considering different Universities. Become informed and make informed decisions about your future, towards the fulfillment of your goals and dreams! Checklist for a College Visit ●
Call Admissions Office or check college websites to set up an appointment Meet with an Admission Counselor Verify admission requirements Determine actual college costs Ask about financial aid opportunities Take a campus tour Investigate your academic program(s) Attend a class Talk with students and faculty Discuss your chances for success Visit with coaches or activity advisors if desired LOCAL COLLEGE FAIRS PROGRAM NAME LOCATION DATE TIME FAIRFIELD COUNTY COLLEGE FAIR OHIO UNIVERSITY LANCASTER THURSDAY SEPTEMBER 24, 2015 6­8 PM COLUMBUS SUBURBAN COLLEGE FAIR CLEMENTS CENTER OTTERBEIN UNIVERSITY SUNDAY SEPTEMBER 20, 2015 1­3:30 PM THE COLUMBUS KIWANIS COLLEGE FAIR ALADDIN SHRINE CENTER MONDAY SEPTEMBER 21, 2015 6:00­8:00 PM LEARNING DIFFERENCES COLLEGE FAIR GAHANNA LINCOLN HIGH SCHOOL WEDNESDAY OCTOBER 4, 2015 6:30­8:00 PM COLUMBUS NATIONAL COLLEGE FAIR COLUMBUS CONVENTION CENTER SATURDAY APRIL 16, 2016 1:00­4:00 PM LICKING COUNTY COLLEGE FAIR GRANVILLE HIGH SCHOOL WEDNESDAY APRIL 20, 2016 6:00­7:30 PM Directions and Tips to Apply to College 11 Hopefully by now you have found a great list of colleges to which you plan to apply to. Listed below are the steps to take to apply to colleges, to have your test scores sent, and to have your transcripts and recommendations sent. ACTION 1: Have you built a great college list​
? ​
It’s not too late to start, but deadlines are approaching!​
Now is the time to attend college fairs (dates and locations above), research colleges on Naviance and other online sites, and visit college campuses. Do you have schools that you could see yourself attending? Do you have at least two SAFE schools that you are sure you will be admitted to? Most students apply to more than 1 college and we want you to have wonderful choices. **TIP:​​
Naviance has a great college search under the college tab that can help you begin your potential
ACTION 2: Check with the colleges to see how they want test scores sent!​
hese scores will be on your transcript but many colleges require test scores to come directly from the testing service. Please understand that this is your responsibility! You can do this from the web: ACT​
: ​
​CT will send only the score date you ask them to send. The fee to send a test score is $12. When you register for an ACT you will take this year, you will receive four free test score reports of that test sent to colleges. SAT: ​
SAT will send all of your SAT/SAT Subject Scores that you select to a college for a fee of $11.25 When you register for the SAT you will have the option of selecting four free score reports sent to colleges. **TIP: ​
If you have not taken the ACT or SAT yet, you need to register for the next available test
date! You may request four scores to be sent to colleges you are considering during the registration
process. This could you save you $40 or more.
If you are applying to a Test Score Optional school and choose NOT to report your test scores
you need let your counselor know not to send test scores on your transcript.
. ​
You can now apply to nearly all colleges online now and you will often find this an efficient way to apply. Use the Common Application if you can. You can find it at: www.commonapp.org​
. This is one college application that is good at 493 different colleges including Ohio State – Columbus Campus, Miami (OH), Denison, and many, many others. Many may require an additional supplement. An entire list is available at the Common App website. **TIP: ​
If you can use the Common Application – Do it! It will save you time and it will make applying
online much easier if the school accepts the Common App.​
**TIP: ​
You can request your transcript before you have completed your application. Beware of
DEADLINES. We recommend applying by October or November. DO NOT WAIT UNTIL THE LAST
**TIP: ​
When completing requested information for your school counselor, please use the following:
12 300 Opportunity Way Pickerington, OH 43147 614.548.1815 [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] Maria_Perez­[email protected] **TIP: ​
Please click on the​
Applying Via Common App​
tab at the top middle of the list of colleges and click Yes​
if you will apply using the Common Application and ​
if you will apply with the college’s own application. You will not need to do this unless you apply to a Common Application college. Step 4­ IN NAVIANCE Family Connections, add your intended colleges for applications. ​
Log into your Naviance account and go the ​
tab and click on it. Next, click on ​
Colleges I am Thinking About​
. ​
Add ALL colleges that you plan to apply to​
. ​
You will be able to add others later or delete if an application has not already been mailed. Step 5­ Complete a paper Transcript Request Form from the Counseling office. ​
Without a transcript request we will NOT be able to submit your transcripts and counselor recommendations because we will not know when or where to send your transcripts. The following will be sent electronically or in a few cases a small number of colleges still will only accept mailings: ● YOUR TRANSCRIPT ● OUR SCHOOL PROFILE ● COUNSELOR FORM COMPLETED BY YOUR COUNSELOR IF REQUIRED ● COUNSELOR LETTER OF RECOMMENDATION IF REQUESTED **TIP: ​
You will have 60 days from the time that your transcripts are sent to complete your college
application before the electronic transcript is deleted at the college.
Please request your transcripts at least ​
10 days​
prior to the deadline. STEP 6­ Request your Teacher Recommendation(s) if required or recommended. ​
Please talk directly to your teacher ​
! ​
Once you have received their agreement to write for you, enter Naviance Family Connections and go to the ​
tab. Click on ​
Colleges I am Applying To​
and go to the bottom of the page to electronically request for your teacher to send a recommendation. Use the pull down menu to select the teacher(s) you would like to write on your behalf. ​
See your teachers in person and give them AT LEAST 2 weeks notice for a recommendation
letter request.
STEP 7­ Watch Your Progress! ​
After you have submitted your paper transcript request, access Naviance Family Connections in the ​
tab. Click on ​
Colleges I am Applying To​
. ​
You will see a 13 list​
with your name, type of application, submissions, deadline, transcripts (pending or date sent). Please check this list regularly! See your school counselor if there is a problem of any type. **TIP: ​
Please be sure to access and keep your passcodes for each individual college’s application. Most
will also have tracking abilities online. Please check them to insure that your application has been
processed correctly at the college.
ACTION 4: REQUEST A TRANSCRIPT AND SUPPORTING DOCUMENTS FROM THE COUNSELING OFFICE. Step 1­ You Must have a valid, working Naviance Family Connections Student Account with a valid email address. ​
You will need to be able to access your Naviance account to process electronic transcripts. IF YOU HAVE LOST YOUR ACCOUNT INFORMATION OR WOULD LIKE ASSISTANCE, PLEASE SEE YOUR COUNSELOR. http://connection.naviance.com/phsc **TIP: ​
Students, share your login information with your parents or parents can request their own
Naviance account.
Step 2​
­ IF​
please register with the Common Application at ​
www.commonapp.org and note your User Name and Password – you will need it soon. **TIP: ​
If you are applying to a Common Application College, using the Common Application rather than
the UNIVERSITY’s own college application form, the online process will be much simpler for you.​
Step 3­ IN NAVIANCE Family Connections, complete the FERPA Waiver. ​
Once in Naviance go to the​
tab at the top and click on it. Next click on ​
Colleges I am Applying To​
. ​
Read and electronically sign the FERPA waiver choosing either Yes or No in the box. *​
*TIP: ​
I would suggest waiving your access to view the letter of recommendation. It makes you appear
more confident in your recommenders and at most colleges you would not be permitted to read the
letters until after you enroll if you retain that right.
: ​
is how the electronic transcripts get matched to Common Application schools.
14 SCHOLARSHIPS Where to find Scholarships 1.
Check with the college financial aid offices where you are applying first.​
This is where you could be offered the most money. Many colleges have scholarship grids that consider your GPA and ACT or SAT scores. For this reason, it is very important to keep your GPA high and prepare for the ACT/SAT. It is also important to find out when the deadline is to apply to the college in order to be considered for the college scholarships. Many colleges will have earlier application deadlines to be considered for the scholarship money. This includes having the ACT/SAT tests score and transcripts sent by the priority deadlines. Check Naviance’s Family Connection web site. https://connection.naviance.com/family­connection/auth/login/?hsid=phsc All local scholarships will be posted under the ​
college tab​
and then the ​
scholarship list link​
. Most scholarships listed are local and thus not nearly has competitive as the national scholarship contests. Register on scholarship web sites.​
Scholarships.com, FastWeb.com, Cappex.com are three excellent sites which ask you for your profile information and narrow the list of scholarships for you. Cappex even sends you email reminders of upcoming scholarship deadlines. Check with your church, your employer, your parent’s employers, clubs to which you being and civic associations​
to see if they offer scholarships. Avoid companies that charge to do the scholarship work for you. ​
Your money would be better spent on college tuition! Getting Ready to Apply 1. ​
Build your resume.​
Naviance’s Family Connection has a great tool to help you with this. Try to keep it to 2 pages or less but be more detailed than the vitae you created in English class. For example: Instead of simply listing volunteer for NHS, list the places you volunteered and what tasks you did as a volunteer. List and describe special awards, leadership positions or training, club and team memberships, special talents, and work experience. (Attached is a sample resume built on Naviance) 2. Be organized.​
Make a list of scholarships for which you qualify with the deadlines. Set reminders on your phone so that you don’t miss any deadlines. There will be no exceptions with the scholarship agencies for late applications and the applications must be complete with all parts delivered by the deadline. This includes transcripts and recommendations. 3. Ask for recommendations from people you know you well at least 2 weeks before you need it to be mailed or completed online. a. Ask at least 5­6 people who are not relatives. Different people will be able to talk about your different strengths and experiences. b. Give the recommender a copy of your resume.​
The more information they have about you, the better the letter of recommendation will be. c. Let them know when you need it by​
. If it needs to be mailed, provide them with a stamped envelope with the address on it. Ask them if they mind giving you a copy so that you can send it with other scholarships as well. d. Write them a thank you note ​
after they have written the recommendation. Applying for Scholarships 15 Apply for many!​
Statistics show that most students, who apply for scholarships (that they meet the requirements), will receive about 1 in every 10 scholarships for which they apply. 2. Don’t turn your nose up to small amounts. ​
Even $250 can be helpful during a semester of college to pay for books or fees. If you win several small scholarships, they will add up! 3. Don’t be discouraged by a financial need requirement. ​
You do not know who the other applicants will be. They may all have higher family incomes than your family does! 4. Follow the directions. ​
Pay attention to all details. Supply what they ask for; don’t send what is not requested. 5. Type the application if possible.​
There are ways to convert documents to fillable forms on the computer. 6. Be honest.​
Do not exaggerate or be dishonest. Most scholarship agencies will verify the information provided. They will revoke the scholarship if they find out you have not been truthful with your information. If they require that you have a certain major, you must plan on that major. If you change your major, you will need to let the scholarship agency know. 7. Write original essays. ​
Confessions of a Scholarship Winner,​
the author, Kristina Ellis, gives great tips for writing an essay that will allow the judges get to know you on a personal level. a. Take time to read the stories and essays from last year’s winners, if available. b. Understand the scholarship’s mission and show how you fit with that mission. c. Be proud of your accomplishments. This is one time where it is ok to brag! d. Remember who your audience is. Think about who the judges are likely to be and stress your qualities that you think they are looking for. e. Don’t be repetitive in your essay and write the same information that is already listed on the application elsewhere. f. Proofread and have others proofread for you. Your counselor and your English teachers are great resources to help you with this, but you can also ask others such as your employer, youth group leader, or other professional people you know. Never waiver from the topic. g. Make a strong impression. h. Make every word count. It may take you several times of reading and editing to narrow down to the word limit. Your teachers or counselor can help you with this, if you need it. 1.
What Scholarship Providers Look for in an Application ●
Is the application complete? All signatures, transcripts, financial information, recommendations, etc. are included. Is it neat? Legible? Typed? According to Mark Davis, President of Coca­Cola Scholars Fund, judges pay special attention to: o Leadership​
­Captain of a team? Usually the group leader in class? Class officer? All of these count as leadership experience. o Service​
­they want to know if you have been continuous in your volunteer efforts. Make sure to be specific about your volunteer work. o Creativity​
­Can you show a creative side? Do you have a special talent? Let the judges know if you have won awards. o Special Circumstances​
­If you have had to overcome any obstacles to achieve your goals, the judges want to know about it. Let them know what you have achieved in spite of the roadblocks you’ve encountered. Don’t be discouraged from applying if you have not had many obstacles in life. We all come from different backgrounds and experiences that have helped us grow in some way. Let the judges know your story. o Academics​
­it’s important to have competitive GPA but it’s not always the number one criteria. (We had several scholarship winners from our school last year with GPA’s just above and below a 3.0, but had other talents and experiences that were just as important as their academic record.) 16 Scholarship Myths Myth 1​
: Only students with high GPA’s win academic scholarships: Truth:​
Scholarships are awarded to students with many different talents, experiences, and interests. Myth 2:​
Scholarship applicants should seek to compile a long list of extracurricular activities. Truth​
: Winning a scholarship is about quality, not quantity. Most scholarship winners distinguish themselves by being devoted to a particular activity. Myth 3:​
Scholarship contests are conducted on a level playing field: Truth: ​
Each scholarship contest has its own biases. That doesn’t mean the judging isn’t fair, but that the judges are looking for particular qualities. Myth 4​
: Applying for a scholarship is just like applying for college. Truth:​
Scholarship contests are more competitive and directly compare individual students to each other. Students, who devise creative techniques and stand out from the crowd, have a distinct advantage. Myth 5:​
Scholarships are the biggest source of financial aid. Truth:​
When it comes to the financial aid package, private scholarship account for a very small part. Federal loans (which you must repay) make up most of the financial aid packages. Most scholarships are found at the college where you will attend. Myth 6:​
There is a special scholarship, just for me. Truth:​
There may be a special scholarship that matches your distinct qualifications, but there is a big difference between being eligible and winning. Myth 7​
: Millions of scholarship dollars go unclaimed every year. Truth:​
Computerized scholarship search companies who hope you will send them money probably make this claim. There may be a few scholarships that go unclaimed, but no one seems to be able to have concrete examples of these resources. Myth 8:​
You must have a very low income to apply for scholarships. Truth:​
Many scholarships do not ask you to report income and even the ones that do, may be competitive, meaning that the candidates with the lowest family income as well as meeting the other requirements win the scholarship. You do not know the income of others who will be applying. Scholarship Resources 17 Naviance’s Family Connection Confessions of a Scholarship Winner​
by Kristina Ellis Insider’s Guide to a Free Ride ​
by Marvis Burns Scholarship.com Cappex.com FastWeb.com Collegeninja.com Schoolsoup.com Local Scholarships Here is a ​
list of Central Ohio/Fairfield County/Pickerington Scholarships. For a complete list, requirements and applications go to Naviance’s Family Connection web site. https://connection.naviance.com/family­connection/auth/login/?hsid=phsc Click on the ​
College tab​
and the ​
Scholarship list​
link. •Kelly Thomas Memorial Scholarship (Soccer) •Columbus Blue Jackets (Community service) •OSU Alumni (Must attend OSU) •South Central Power (Two selected from Central to compete in county) •Charles Warren Memorial Scholarship (Diversity) •Sitterly Family Trusts (Community service, activities, financial need) •Fairfield County Foundation Scholarships (Many on the list include: major specific, financial need, community service, devotion to country, etc.) •Fairfield Medical Alliance (Medical related major) •Grant Monroe PNC Bank (Medical or ministerial major) •Rotary Club of Reynoldsburg/Pickerington (Community service) •Lancaster Business and Professional Women (Female, merit) •Violet Township Women’s League (Community service) •Pickerington Chamber of Commerce (Merit, Financial need) •We Are Pickerington PTO (Academic, well­rounded) •John Morrow Music Boosters (Participation in Central’s music program) •Pickerington Alumni (Must have attended PHSC for period of time, merit, financial need) •Jack and Carol Drugan (Engineering major, financial need) •Doug Barr Memorial Scholarship (Community Service) •PHSC Key Club (Club member and community service) FAFSA A completed FAFSA will be needed for most colleges by early February. Income tax returns for the year ending 2015 will need to be completed as soon as possible, as this information will be needed to complete the FAFSA. The FAFSA website is: ​
College Goal Sunday­​
Ohio College Goal Sunday will be held on Sunday, February 14, 2016. This is an event held at local colleges to help st​
udents and their parents complete the FAFSA. 18 19 20 21 22 Sample Resume #1 Name Address Cell Number Email Leadership •Sunny Side Up Member­ Chosen by teaching staff who nominated students. Sunny Side up leaders represents the top 1.5% of the students in regards to leadership, moral character, and citizenship. •Hugh O'Brien Leadership Conference­selected as the school representative at the 3­day leadership conference. •Church Deacon: Served as youth deacon, at Prince of Peace Presbyterian Church for 2012. Volunteer Service •I­Run for Jonah Organizer
May 2011,2012, 2013 Helped organize benefit run for local families with sick children. •Elementary School Volunteer
January 2013 to present Mrs. Sandy Kempf First Grade Teacher 3 Hours/Week Pickerington Elementary Helped 1st grade students with reading and math skills. •Mission trip worker
Summers 2009­ Jun 2012 Prince of Peace Presbyterian Church Traveled to various work camp sites with my church. Work included roofing, painting, dry wall, cleaning, and supervising children at a church camp. •Group Leader, Diley Middle School
September 2012­January 2013 Sunny Side Up Peer Leadership, led groups of middle school students through team building activities for an anti­bullying rally •Sycamore Creek Elementary School
September 2012 Helped to set up and work games and face painting at the elementary school carnival. •Pickerington Education Foundation October 2011 and 2012 Helped to set up and clean up for fashion show and luncheon for a fundraising event. • Youth Group Member
2007­present Prince of Peace Presbyterian Church Participated in youth group activities including Christmas caroling at Nursing homes, painting houses for elderly, collecting toys for a domestic violence shelter •Mid Ohio Food Bank Volunteer
Sep 2009 ­ Dec 2011 Sorted food to be distributed to Central Ohio food pantries. •OSU Concession Stand Worker
Sep 2009 ­ Sep 2012 To help raise money for choir, I worked the concession stand at Ohio Stadium for Buckeye football games. Worked serving food collecting money and making change. Extracurricular Activities •PHSC Student Council Class Treasurer
August 2009 ­ Present Elected as class treasurer all four years of high school. Participated in planning activities in the school and service projects in the community. •PHSC Varsity Cheerleader
August 2010­November 2012 Chosen as one of two sophomores as Varsity Cheerleader for Football and Basketball seasons. •PHSC Freshman Cheerleader
August 2009 – March 2010 Cheerleader for Football and Basketball season as well as Competition 23 •Drama Club
August 2012 – Present Attended local plays and musicals with other Drama Club members Music/Artistic Achievement •All County Chorus November 2012 Selected to participate in the All County Choir Concert held at Otterbein University. •All Ohio State Fair Youth Choir
August 2010, 2011, 2012
Sang in the All Ohio Youth Choir at the Ohio State Fair for 3 summers. Consisted of daily rehearsals and 85 concerts each year as well as a reunion concert in February each year. •PHSC Chorale
August 2012 – Present Select choir performing a variety of songs, in parts, and dancing in many concerts. •PHSC Symphonic Choir
August 2009­June 2012 Participated in choir and choir concerts and was selected as part of a selective girl's ensemble in 11th grade. •OMEA Solo and Ensemble Contest Sang in ensembles and solos. Received Superior Ratings. •Les Miserables Chorus Featured soloist
January 2013­April 2013 •Sylvie in the Odd Couple
September 2012 ­ December 2012 •Sound of Music/Actress, Singer
January 2012 ­ March 2012 Performed the part of Louisa, acting, singing, dancing •The Crucible/Actress
September 2011 ­ November 2011 Performed the part of Betty •A Christmas Carol/Singer, featured dancer September 2010 ­ October 2010 Chosen for a part in the play was a featured dancer and sang in the chorus. •Prince of Peace Presbyterian Church Choir
September 2009­ Present Sang in the church choir. •Voice Lessons
September 2011 – Present One hour per week. Awards/Certificates •Zonta Outstanding Young Women
January 2013 Nominated to represent PHSC in contest.
•Rocket Scholar Award, University of Toledo
January 2013 Awarded Academic Scholarship to University of Toledo •PHSC National Honors Society
April 2012 Member of the PHSC Chapter of the National Honors Society based on outstanding Academics, Leadership, and Character. •PHSC Distinguished Honor Roll Grades 9,10,11,12 Earned above a 3.75 GPA each 9 weeks from 9th grade to present. Work Experience •Babysitter
Jun 2008 ­ Present •Cleaning person
September 2011­present Mr. Clean's Cleaning Service Sweeping, emptying trash, dusting, mopping offices. 24 Sample Student Resume #2 First Name Last Name 6 Elm Avenue, Pickerington, OH 43147 Home: 111.111.1111 Cell: 614.444.4444 [email protected] OBJECTIVE Interested in a part time job working up to 15 hours per week. EDUCATION Pickerington High School Central, Pickerington OH High School Diploma anticipated in May 2014 Senior, GPA 3.84 Electives: Art, Culture & Foods, Independent Living, Family Advocacy Activities: Band and Stage Crew SPECIAL SKILLS & INTERESTS ●
Love to work with children ●
Can create attractive posters and flyers using graphic software ●
Able to follow written instructions ●
Good with Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint ●
Can do internet research using MS Explorer and FireFox ●
Enjoy biographies of famous people and plays ●
Travelling with family ●
Manage family recycling assignments VOLUNTEER & COMMUNITY SERVICE Nationwide Children’s Hospital, Columbus OH Ongoing Pediatric Ward Volunteer ●
Read, watch television or play games with children ●
Make sure the play area is neat and toys are put away after use ●
Run errands or do assignments from staff Pickerington Recreation Department, City of Pickerington Summer 2012 Volunteer Camp Counselor ●
Led arts, crafts, sports, games, camping and hobby workshops for groups of 8­10 year olds ●
Monitored groups of up to seven children on weekly field trips to the zoo, water parks and on walking tours ●
Made sure campers were dropped off and picked up safely GOALS Planning to study Psychology or Music as a major in college Join the Pep Squad in Senior year 25 
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