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Document 1167755
Characteristic of Gifted Learners Bright Students versus Gifted Students Webb, Meckstroth, and Tolan (1994) identified several common characteristics that may appear in gifted children: Typical Intellectual Characteristics of Gifted Children • Unusually large vocabularies for their age • Ability to read earlier than most children, often before entering school • Greater comprehension for the subtleties of language • Longer attention span, persistence and intense concentration • Ability to learn basic skills more quickly and with less practice • Wide range of interests • Interest in experimenting and doing things differently • Tendency to put ideas or things together in ways that are unusual and not obvious (divergent thinking) • Ability to retain a great deal of information • Unusual sense of humor The following comparison by Janice Szabos appeared in Challenge Magazine (1989): Giftedness does not discriminate. Gifted children come from all races, ethnicities, socioeconomic classes, and backgrounds. Furthermore, giftedness may also be identified in students with a variety of disabilities. For example, gifted children may also have learning disabilities, autism or ADHD. Care must be taken to ensure that gifted children from special populations are not overlooked in the identification process (Davis & Rimm, 2004) 
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