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Stockley’s Drug Interactions Edition 11 Edited by
Stockley’s Drug
Edition 11
Edited by
Claire L Preston
The indispensable and authoritative
international source of drug interactions
– now in a new print edition
Based upon thousands of published clinical papers and reports, Stockley’s Drug
Interactions provides you with nearly 4,500 detailed yet concise monographs,
designed for quick and easy reference.
Each monograph contains a summary, clinical evidence for the interaction under
discussion, its probable mechanism, clinical importance, and management.
Also available online via MedicinesComplete
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Stockley’s Drug
Edition 11
Edited by Claire L Preston
New to this edition
More than 350 new monographs – bringing the total to almost 4,500
New, revalidated and updated interactions advice
Comprehensive update and restructure of the chapter on
Antidiabetic drugs
New advice regarding the concurrent use of aliskiren, ACE inhibitors,
and angiotensin-ll receptor antagonists
An updated list of drugs that have a risk of prolonging the QT interval
The addition of many new drugs, including apixaban, apremilast,
canaglifozin, dapaglifozin, dolutegravir, empaglifozin, lomitapide, the
NS5A and NS5B inhibitors, and telavancin
How Stockley’s Drug Interactions will help you
Leads you quickly and easily to the drug information you need,
providing a concise summary of published work
Provides answers to practical questions such as:
- Are the drugs in question known to interact, or is the interaction
only theoretical and speculative?
- If they do interact, how serious is it?
- Are all patients affected or only a few?
- Is it best to avoid these drugs altogether, or can the interaction
be accommodated in some way?
- What alternative and safer drugs can be used instead?
Key coverage includes:
Interactions between therapeutic drugs, proprietary medicines, some
commonly used herbal medicines, foods, drinks, pesticides, and drugs
of abuse
Comprehensive and fully-referenced discussion of the available clinical
evidence for interactions, an assessment of their clinical importance, and
clear practical guidance on how to manage the interaction
Clinically relevant, evaluated and evidence-based content with a depth of
critical information often missing from more general works
Global coverage – includes drugs used worldwide
From the reviews of previous editions:
“…well written and heavily referenced. Students would find the introduction very
helpful to understanding the concepts of drug interactions…a great reference for drug
information departments and pharmacists…”
Annals of Pharmacotherapy
“…comprehensive in its scope…presents a thorough overview of the varied possible
drug interactions that exist… a well-organized reference text.”
Journal of the Medical Library Association
“This is an extremely useful book. The information is thorough, concise, clinically
relevant, and referenced to the primary literature.”
Doody Enterprises, Inc.
Not only does Stockley’s Drug Interactions include information on clinically
relevant interactions, but it also summarises the literature where clinically relevant
interactions do not occur. If you are a pharmacist, doctor, nurse or other health
professional, you’ll find it an essential resource in your daily work.
Also available online via MedicinesComplete
If you prefer your information online, Stockley’s Drug Interactions is available via
MedicinesComplete – the globally trusted online resource for authoritative drug
You’ll find fast, easy access across multiple devices, with content updated every
quarter. Plus, you can take advantage of the Stockley’s Interactions Checker (updated
monthly) – perfect for when you are busy and need an answer quickly. It provides you
with a description of the interaction, guidance on managing the interaction, and a
rating symbol.
“The Stockley’s Interactions Checker is superb! Checking multiple interactions at the click
of a button… far easier than using hard copies. Results presented very clearly and easy
to comprehend.”
Daniela, Pharmacist, Boots UK, September 2015
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