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BNF 71
BNF 71 – the brand new March
edition of the British National
Formulary – is out now.
• Consulted more than 3 million
times a week in the UK alone
• Relied upon by healthcare
professionals in 68 countries
throughout the world
• The primary UK prescribing
resource for 4 out of 5 NHS
• Includes more than 1,500 drug
BNF continues to be the safe, authoritative and preferred
resource for the drug management of common diseases.
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Also available online via MedicinesComplete
What’s new in BNF 71?
This is the second edition of BNF
in its new format, restructured to
give you faster, easier access to the
information you need.
BNF 71 has been revised and
updated to reflect the latest
changes in product availability,
emerging safety concerns and shifts
in clinical practice.
Significant new content updates include:
• New safety information, including:
o very low risk of subacute cutaneous lupus erythematosus with proton pump
o risk of severe bradycardia and heart block when hepatitis C drugs taken with
amiodarone hydrochloride
o risk of diabetic ketoacidosis with sodium glucose co-transporter 2 (SGLT2)
o increased reports of eye irritation since reformulation of latanoprost (Xalatan®)
• Updated advice for further measures to minimise risk of osteonecrosis of the jaw
associated with use of denosumab and intravenous bisphosphonates
• Updated safety information on risk factors for uterine perforation associated
with the use of Intra-uterine contraception (intra-uterine contraceptive devices
(copper) and levonorgestrel)
• Inclusion of monitoring recommendations for risks of cardiac failure with crizotinib
• Updates to immunisation schedule (Summer 2015): meningococcal group B
vaccine, meningococcal groups A, C, W135 and Y vaccine, and influenza vaccine
• Addition of new preparations including Otezla® (apremilast), Kengrexal®
(cangrelor), Velphoro® (sucroferric oxyhydroxide), and more
• Significant dose changes including avanafil, colistimethate sodium (Promixin®),
oseltamivir, and more
In addition, the dose statements from the previous edition have been completely
revalidated by an independent team, so you can be confident the information you rely
upon is correct.
Invaluable help from the BNF
Online BNF Publications content was viewed more than 6.5 million times in the past year, and
over half a million copies were distributed to health professionals. There were more than 4.5
million uses of the BNF and BNFC app.
BNF really is your undisputed first port of call for prescribing, monitoring, dispensing and
administering medicines.
• All the information about a drug is gathered together in one place within its drug
monograph – making it quicker and easier to find the answers you need
• Helps you select safe and effective medicines for your patients, quickly and effectively
• Provides guidance on the choice of medicines for a given condition and the clinical
properties of specific medicines
Improvements in the new edition
Since the launch of the new format BNF we have actively sought your comments and feedback,
and as a result have made a number of improvements to the March edition.
These include:
• The second colour on the book pages has changed back to the blue you prefer
• We’ve addressed many of your issues with preparations
• We’ve completely reviewed the indexing, including many new entries to make locating
content easier
• More information included in ‘prescribing and dispensing’, helping you select products
more easily
• A number of design features have been added and improved to aid navigation
around pages
All you need to know about the BNF at bnf.org
bnf.org is the site for all things BNF. You’ll find information about the different ways you
can access the BNF, how to use the BNF, and access to the free eNewsletter. bnf.org also
has the latest information on corrections and clarifications, and hosts consultations on
BNF content. This enables us to gather feedback on specific issues prior to publication.
Visit www.bnf.org
Also available online via MedicinesComplete
If you prefer your information online, the BNF is available via MedicinesComplete – the
globally trusted online resource for authoritative drug information.
You’ll find fast, easy access across multiple devices, with content updated every month.
Improvements as a result of the redevelopment include:
• A drug-centric and treatment-centric structure – delivering swifter searches and
one drug result
• A new left-hand floating navigation panel – helping you jump to any section you
want on a monograph
• Evidence-grading to reflect the strength of the recommendation
• Refreshed font and page layout – making the text clearer and easier to read
Find out more at www.medicinescomplete.com
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