Welcome to London Orientation!

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Welcome to London Orientation!
Welcome to London Orientation!
Come up front to pick up your
packet and sign in (parents, we
have packets for you, too). Have
some breakfast and we’ll get
started soon!
If you haven’t already joined
our Facebook groups…
do it now!!
Spring 2016
Ithaca College London Center
Other Orientations:
Visa Drop-in Q&A Sessions
Tuesday, 10/13, 10:00-11:30, Job 206
Tuesday, 10/20, 12:10-1:00, Textor 102
Make-up London Center Orientation
Wednesday, 10/21, 6:00-9:00 p.m., Textor 103
Health, Safety and Security
• Property & Health Insurance
• Medical Needs & Health
Care in London
• British Laws
• Safety in London
• Safety while traveling
• Study abroad in 2016
• Respecting Cultural Norms
• Culture Shock
Property Insurance
• You may want to consider insuring the personal items you bring to
London, such as laptops, digital cameras, and iPods.
• You can purchase property insurance from Haylor, Freyer & Coon
that will cover your items while at IC and abroad
• On-line enrollment and policy information available at
• $2,000 coverage costs $65/yr, additional
Health Insurance
• You will be covered by Ithaca College’s international health
insurance plan while in London. The cost is approx. $175
• Refer to orientation packet for details.
• Information available at
Medical Needs
• The London Center can assist you in getting any
medical care you need while in London.
– You are strongly encouraged to inform OIP & the London Center of
any conditions that you may have prior to your departure for London.
– The UnitedHealthcare Global Assistance network is also a good
resource for finding health care in London and scheduling
• Have a physical exam and a dental check-up before
you leave for London
• Bring along an adequate supply of any prescription
medication you take (UHG can help with this)
• Bring an extra pair of glasses or contact lenses
British Law
• The possession, use, purchase, distribution or sale of
illegal drugs is prohibited.
• Possession or use of mace or pepper spray is illegal - do
not bring these to London
• The U.S. Embassy in London will not intervene with the
British government on behalf of U.S. students arrested
for drugs or other serious infractions.
• You are permitted to drink alcohol at age 18 in the U.K.
Be moderate!
– Drinking to excess will make you more vulnerable to crime.
Safety in London
• Be careful crossing the street!
– Traffic moves in the opposite direction in the U.K.
• Be aware of pickpockets.
– Keep valuables in the safe at the London Center
– Carry passport only when needed
• Always be certain to lock the doors/windows of your flat.
• It is advisable to travel in pairs or small groups,
especially at night.
• Dress and behavior:
– Be aware that your dress and behavior may be communicating a
different message than you intend to convey when viewed from
another culture’s norms.
Safety while traveling
• Keep London Center staff informed of your travel plans.
– Alert London Center if plans change while traveling.
• Always carry your passport, credit cards, traveler's checks
and extra cash in a money belt or pouch while traveling
– Never keep valuables in a backpack or back pocket.
• Be aware of your surroundings.
– Do not be an oblivious tourist (or an obvious tourist), especially
while sightseeing and taking photographs.
• Try not to stand out as a group or an individual
– Standing out as an American can make you a target.
– Certain types of clothing will identify you as an American,
even from a distance.
Study abroad in 2016
• OIP and the London Center keep in contact with the U.S.
Dept. of State, U.S. Embassy in London, and other U.S.
study abroad programs in London to keep informed of
current security information.
• Maintain high level of awareness of your surroundings and
what is happening around you
– Keep a low profile/try not to stand out
• Take time to learn about current events
– Europeans tend to be very knowledgeable about current events, and
will want to discuss with you the role of the U.S. in world events.
• You may feel that you are “held responsible” for U.S. policy/actions.
It is helpful to have a good understanding of current events so that you
can express and defend your position on the issues.
Respecting Cultural Norms
• Expectations and standards of behavior are not
always the same in other countries
– You are the “foreigner”, and the burden of respecting and
adapting to such behavioral and cultural differences will be
your responsibility.
– Be sensitive and observant of the people around you, and
follow local customs concerning respect, etiquette, and
– Listen and observe before you speak and act.
Culture Shock
• Four stages:
Honeymoon period
• Dealing with Culture shock:
– Remember it’s a natural reaction - everyone goes through some
degree of culture shock, regardless of how similar or different the
new culture is from what you are used to.
– Don’t feel like you have to understand everything, right away.
Give yourself time to adjust
– Try to meet local people
– Learn about the host country before you leave
– Use resources the London Center offers you.
15 minute
Cost Comparison
Semester at Ithaca
• Costs at IC:
Wa ter tow n
O sw ego
Tuition: $20,329
Meal Plan: $1,354-$3,741
On-campus housing: $3,389-$5,781
Books: $768.50
Personal: $964.50
(Insurance: $577.50)
Erie C a na l
R ocheste r
S ch ene ctady
Buffa lo
A lbany
Total Basic Cost:
$26,715 - $32,162
Itha ca
Bingham ton
Hu d so n
87 Rive r
N ew York C ity
Budgeting for London
• Costs in London
– Tuition: $20,329
– Rent: $2,370-$5,504
– Food: $1,500-$3,000
– Books: $0-$150
– Personal: $2,000
– Travel & Hotel: $1,679
– Student visa(if needed): ~$500
– Health Insurance: $578 + $175
– Total Basic Cost: $28,053 - $33,915
Exchange Rates
• As of October 10, 2015:
£1.00 = $1.53
rates fluctuate!
For updated rates, go to:
Budgeting in London
• Make a budget before you leave, including entertainment
and travel.
• Find a flat with a group that has a similar budget.
• Try to eat most of your meals at your flat, and bring your
lunch. Restaurants in London are often quite expensive!
• Look for free things to do and student discounts.
• Plan your travels early, and make sure they fit into your
• Remember that pubbing, clubbing, and drinking are very
expensive in London!
• Take some time to figure out what is most important to you
(travel, shopping, theater, clubbing, entertainment, etc.),
and plan accordingly.
Bringing Money to
your m
Trav. Cheques:
Credit Cards
Visaor M
. Express
Financial Aid
• All aid is applicable to the cost of the London
Center program
– This includes Ithaca College scholarships/grants,
federal aid, and NYS aid.
• The office of Student Financial Services will be
supplied with a list of all ICLC participants
• Consult with SFS if you need to access some of
your excess aid before leaving for London
• Three scholarships available for the spring:
– Fred Camden London Assistance Grant -2-3 awards of
~$500-$1000 each
– Studin Sisters London Center Scholarship – one award,
– Wendy Bahlav ‘78 London Center Scholarship – one award,
to be given to a business major, $1,000
• You will be contacted soon by someone in
Development with information about applying.
Working in London
• Work-Study
– If you currently have work-study as part of your financial
package at IC, you are eligible to do work-study in London if
you apply for and receive a student visa.
– Cannot guarantee certain number of hours…very limited
work-study funding is available for the next year.
• Part-time work outside of ICLC
– If you apply for and receive a student visa, you can work
part-time (up to 20 hours per week).
– The money earned may equal less than the cost of the visa.
– If you would like to work, but you missed
internship/immigration orientation contact the ICLC
Student visas
Do you need a visa? The answer is “yes” if…
You will do an internship in London
You want to work part-time (including work study)
while in London
You want to do the Community Service Project, or any
other volunteer work.
You will be in London more than 6 months
You are a “visa national” (your country of citizenship is
something other than the US or a country in the European
Union, in general)
• More info will be reviewed at end of session
for those who need/want it.
Documents you will need for visa
• Passport (with sufficient validity i.e.: six months after your date of
return to the U.S.
• Two photos (official passport-type photos)
• Financial documentation to prove you have access to approximately
$7,765 (£5,060) for living expenses.
• Letter from parent stating they will support you
• Official bank statement (in your name or parent’s name)
• Must be a letter on bank letterhead, or an original copy of a bank statement (not
printed by you) that is signed and stamped by a bank official on each page.
Letterhead should be full color (not black & white).
• If you receive financial aid that can be used for living expenses, this will be
reflected on your CAS (Certificate of Acceptance for Study), issued by the
London Center and can be deducted from the total amount of funds needed.
Birth certificate (if using parental bank account)
Biometrics confirmation page
Copy of online application, with your signature
CAS number from London (to be provided shortly)
Steps to acquiring a Tier 4 Visa
1. Arrange to hold appropriate funds for 28 days if those funds
are not already being held
2. Collect the information you will need: passport, passport
number, parents’ dates of birth, your birth certificate, bank
details and documentation, letter from parent(s) stating they
will support you, 2 photos, etc.
3. Online application - go to www.visa4uk.fco.gov.uk, follow
the ICLC template, pay with credit/debit card, book a
biometrics appointment, print your application & sign it.
4. Go to biometrics appointment, then immediately afterwards,
mail all required documentation by secure delivery to the
NYC British Consulate.
Registering for Classes
• London spring classes:
– Registration will occur towards the very end of
the semester, in the first week or two of
– You’ll receive further information once the
schedule has been finalized. Don’t register
now…courses don’t have times/days assigned
to them!
Course registration
• OIP can usually help you with prerequisite/capacity overrides if needed.
• Additional fees apply to ticket classes. These are
charged to your student account when you register.
Interrelationships $250
London Theatre Immersion $225
DLT $175
Shakespeare $125
British Pop $100
Music in London $100
SPUK $100
• Be sure you can manage to transport all of the luggage
you bring, all at the same time!!
• Be careful taking any aerosols, liquids or gels in your
carry on. You may only bring containers that are 3 oz. or
less, and these must all fit in one quart-size, ziploc plastic
bag that can be scanned separately from your carry-on.
• Large backpacks, suitcases with wheels and retractable
handles are easiest to carry.
• Think about your plans while packing: will you be
travelling, going to clubs, doing an internship? This may
influence what you need to bring.
• Electrical voltage is 220v in Europe, as opposed to 110v
in the US. Electrical plugs are shaped differently in the
UK, and in the rest of Europe. Purchase electrical items
there or bring a converter and/or an adapter.
• Bring enough prescription and over-the-counter
medication to last the entire time you will be abroad.
Group Flight &
Hotel Arrangements
• Group travel arranged by Frosch Student Travel:
– Participation in the group travel arrangements is optional.
You may make your own travel plans, if you prefer.
– Flight only: $1,199 (w/ transfer from airport)
– Hotel only: $450 (no transfer)
– Flight & Hotel package: $1,679 (w/transfer to hotel)
– Frosch can arrange connecting flights at student discount
rates from all over the country.
– Complete online form by Friday, Oct. 23 to sign up for
group travel. Completing form commits you to purchasing
the travel arrangements you indicate on the form.
• If you do not yet have a passport, is essential that you apply
for one immediately. If you have one, and it expires before
October 30, 2016, you must renew it. Passport processing can
take up to 10 weeks.
• If you will be getting a visa and don’t yet have a passport, you
must expedite the passport processing. This costs an
additional $60 + overnight delivery of the application and
You will need to bring with you:
2 passport pictures
Original birth certificate (or old passport if renewing)
Driver’s license
$135 in fees ($110 application fee, $25 processing fee)
Arrival in London
• You must have the following documents on
you when going through passport control at
the London airport:
– Passport open to visa page
– Acceptance letter (included in packet)
– Proof of finances documentation (see handout)
– Passport
– Proof of finances documentation (see handout)
– Acceptance Letter (included in packet)
– Letter from London Center (to be provided later)
• This applies anytime you enter the UK, not
just your first arrival!
• Semester overnight excursions have included locations such as
Bath, Stratford-upon-Avon, Liverpool and Edinburgh.
• 10-day spring break, long weekends
• Budget airlines (RyanAir; EasyJet) & rail passes
• ISIC card may help you get discounts all over Europe
*Let’s Go or Rough Guide Books
*Start thinking about where you want
to go early in the semester. Do
some research to learn about
your intended destination(s).
*There are many places you can
travel to over the weekend, but
don’t forget to spend time in
London, too!
• The first week in London is dedicated
to orientation & flat hunting. First 5
nights are spent in hotel.
• Options include:
– Traditional “flat hunt” (find housing
during first week in London, w/ help of
– Pre-arranged housing (more specifics will
be provided very soon)
• Residence hall
• Flats
• Homestays
Flat-finding Tips
• Normal cost range: £90 - £200 per person, per week
• ($138-$306 per person, per week / $593-$1316 per person, per
month / $2372-$5264 for the semester)
• Find a place that is clean, safe, and liveable for one
semester…you’ll only be there 4 months!
• Area around London Center is very expensive. Living a
bit further from the Center will save you money.
• Larger groups can be less expensive.
• You will likely share bedroom with at least one other
person. Flats are smaller in London.
• Students who make the most of their time in London
don’t spend a lot of time in their flats!
Have a great time in London!
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