Sample: Letter of Financial Support for London

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Sample: Letter of Financial Support for London
Sample: Letter of Financial Support for London
If your proof of finances will come from an account that you share with a parent, or if the
account is in a parent’s name only, your parent(s) should provide you with a letter of support
based on the following model. You will also need to present an original (or certified copy) of a
birth or adoption certificate that shows proof of the parental relationship.
Immigration Officer
Port of Entry
Dear Sir/Madam:
(Student's name) is a U.S. citizen born (month/day/year), in (city), (state). [NOTE: If not a
U.S. citizen, provide correct citizenship)
This letter is written to advise you that my son/daughter, named above, is a participant in an
academic program operated in London by Ithaca College, Ithaca, New York, where he/she is
a full-time student in good academic standing. The program begins with an orientation
on_______*_______, and the academic program runs from_______*_______.
* Fill in the appropriate dates in the blank above:
For summer:
• Orientation: May 17; program runs: May 18-July 4, 2016
For fall:
• Regular program: Orientation: August 16; program runs: August 22December 10, 2016
• If going to Edinburgh, use this exact wording: “Program begins on
August 12 with a field trip to Edinburgh. The students will return to
London for orientation on August 16, and the academic program runs
from August 22-December 10, 2016.”
During my son's/daughter's stay in the United Kingdom, I will provide monthly financial
support of at least £1265 per month, as recommended by the British Government for my
son’s/daughter’s living expenses.
Parent’s signature
Parent’s name
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