Exploring the world of Short Film Making

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Exploring the world of Short Film Making
Exploring the world of Short Film Making
With a view to enhance the production skills of media students, a two-day
workshop on Short Film Making was organised on 15th – 16th September, 2015.
Eminent editor Mr.Lenin felicitated the occasion with his presence. Students were
divided into groups and were assigned individual mentors. These Mentors assigned
projects to students which were later appreciated at length. They gave a perfect
outline of the workshop to the students regarding all the three stages of film
making (pre-production, production and post-production).
Two days were set aside for the post-production work on sound (Dubbing, Sound
Mixing, BGM, etc.) at JAEL Studios.
After Editing, students were provided with specific slots to use the JAEL studio for
post-production (Sound) Dubbing, Sound Mixing, BGM and other processes were
also done.
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