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notes- tocar and parecer - Blair Community Schools
 TOCAR AND PARECER * Use like Gustar* 1. To say what you have to do, what your duties are, or whose turn it is to do something use the verb tocar, followed by an infinitive. me toca (n) nos toca (n) te toca (n) os toca (n) le toca (n) les toca (n) *Remember emphasis = A mí , A tí… etc. Ex. A ti te toca sacar la basura. It’s your turn to take out the trash. A mí? No. Hoy le toca a fernando. My turn? No, Today it’s Fernando’s turn. 2.The verb parecer mean to seem. It is commonly used when asking for and giving opinions. Me parece (n) nos parece (n) te parece (n) os parece (n) le parece (n) les parece (n) Ex. A mi hermano le parece una lata cortar el césped pero a mi me gusta mucho. My brother thinks cutting the grass in a pain, but I like it a lot. 
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