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Film Project
Hoy es 2 de noviembre del 2015.
Warm Up : Espacio Cultural :
Please be ready to start working on our film
I will be giving the projects back to you and we
will go over the questions.
Project is due today at the end of the period.
We will review and answer the questions on our “Día de
los muertos “ project and turn it in today .
1.While watching the movie find elements related to
Hispanic culture.
Use those elements to create a vocabulary list.
Example: bullfighting, mariachis, calaveritas…
Provide 5 examples (3 points each).
*..regarding clothing
Que Dios le Bendiga
los churros:
los bandidos:
la bella muerte:
el general:
las soldaderas:
2. What is the meaning / purpose for the Hispanic celebration “Día de los
muertos” (day of the dead)?
Please provide an example / name of a celebration of the same meaning /
purpose carry on by a different cultural / ethnic group. (15 points).
The meaning is to remember the love ones who has
passed away.
“They believe that the gates of heaven are opened
at midnight on October 31, and the spirits of all
deceased children (angelitos) are allowed to reunite
with their families for 24 hours. On November 2,
the spirits of the adults come down to enjoy the
festivities that are prepared for them. – “
papel picado
mexican cowboys
mexican pastry
Using previous knowledge and scenes from
the film: What is the mariachi’s job?
In other words what do mariachis do for a
AY AY AY, Mariachis play music and sing!!!
Mariachi Flor de Toloache
First American-Mexican-Asian
Female Mariachi
What role does family and tradition play in Hispanic
life? Is it a central role?
Yes / No? Why? Provide an example from the movie to
support your response.
A basic feature of the Hispanic/Latino family is
the extended family, which plays a major role in
each family member's life.
• strong bonds and frequent interaction among a
wide range of kin.
• Grandparents, parents, and children may live in
the same household or nearby.
• visit one another frequently.
• cooperativeness
• placing the needs of the family ahead of
individual concerns.
What happened at the Bull Arena? Why does Manolo say “is
not ok to kill the bull”? Do you agree with Manolo’s decision?
During the middle-ages it was a diversion for the aristocracy
to torear on horse's back. That was called suerte de cañas. In
18th century this tradition was more or less abandoned and the
poorer population invented the bullfight by foot. Francisco
Romero was a key-figure in laying the rules for that
new sport.
Describe the setting in the Mexican “pueblito” shown in the
film (architecture, colors, people clothing)
Does it look like or is it similar to US small towns? Why? Why
List some of the food, rituals, decorations prepared
to celebrate el “Día de los Muertos” ( at least 3 )
• Calaveritas de azúcar (sugar skulls)
• Pan de muertos (Mexican sweet
• Altares con flores (Floral
The painted “calaveritas” you turned in last
week complete the 10 points to bring this
project up to a 100 %.
Hoy es 3 de noviembre del 2015.
Warm Up : Espacio Cultural : Nicaragua.(Economy)
Nicaragua’s economy is mainly focused on the agricultural
industry. However, as the poorest country in Central America
and the second poorest in the hemisphere, has widespread
underemployment and poverty.
Export commodities: Coffee, beef, shrimp and lobster, tobacco,
sugar, gold, peanuts, textiles, and apparel.
Import commodities: Consumer goods, machinery and equipment,
raw materials, and petroleum products.
1. What is Nicaragua’s economy mainly based on?
2. Name some of Nicaragua’s export commodities.
3. Name some of Nicaragua’s import commodities.
Hoy es 3 de noviembre del 2015.
Warm Up : Espacio Cultural :Dominican Republic
The Economy in the Dominican Republic.
The Dominican Republic has long been viewed
primarily as an exporter of sugar, coffee, and
tobacco, but in recent years the service sector
has overtaken agriculture as the economy's largest
employer, due to growth in telecommunications,
tourism, and free trade zones.
1.What does Dominican Republic export?
2.What sector has become bigger than
agriculture? Why?
La familia
El papá
El hermano
La Familia
In your notebook create a visual of your
family composition using a brace map.
Who is who?
Fly UP